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love them hogs 09-12-2004 11:41 AM

nfl on demand for comcast
I just found out that the nfl network on comcast has an on demand function.You can replay any football game from the current week and all the b.s is edited out.

Also there is a local feature that has super bowl 22 and 26 in edited form wich I watched last night to get myself pumped up about the Bucs game today.Also there is a nfl films special on George Allen and the 71 skins.It follows them from the training camp through the playoffs.There is not a lot of game footage but more of a personal view of the team.George Allen is mic'ed up most of the time and you get to hear all the behind the scenes stuff.That is untill Allen starts to freak out about having the mic on in a philly game.Its crazy, he just starts to loose it,calling the mic a jinx and running off the field to rip it off.Anyone who lives in the D.C or Baltimore area and has comcast digital cable MUST check this out.Just go to the on demand channel and look under sports then the nfl network and you will find it.

That Guy 09-12-2004 12:13 PM

dude, digitize it and start up some torrents ;) i wish i got comcast.

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