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PennSkinsFan 02-20-2009 03:17 PM

2004 Salary Dump Leads to Cap Success

As you can tell by the overflowing crowds at the Verizon Center, the remarkable rise in sell outs, and the huge increase in TV ratings for the Washington Capitals, these are good days for the Washington Capitals. There are three factors that I attribute this resurgence in popularity of hockey in DC and love for these Washington Capitals.

FIRST, many older or previous Washington Capitals fans that went to the wayside because of [URL="http://dcprosportsreport.com/Ovie2.jpg"][IMG]http://dcprosportsreport.com/assets_c/2009/02/Ovie2-thumb-175x175-10652.jpg[/IMG][/URL]the lockout of 2005 or lost interest because of the poor performance of the franchise from 2003 through 2006, are returning to the fold. Many are returning. Or shall we even say --- many are climbing back aboard the the bandwagon. And that is fine, because we love to fill the bandwagon.

SECOND, Great 8 has inspired --- inspired men, inspired youth, inspired women, inspired many. He IS the best hockey player in the world and he is the face of the franchise and the best of Washington, DC. He is the new face of the NHL, the best of the NHL, and droves of fans pack arenas around the nation when Great 8 visits.

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