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hooskins 04-27-2009 03:03 PM

Swine Flu
I don't know if you guys have been keeping up with this. I hope it doesn't cause a panic but Mexico is thinking about shutting down Mexico City, which is crazy.

A handful of cases in the US, but no deaths. Quite a bit in Mexico.

MTK 04-27-2009 03:08 PM

Re: Swine Flu
[URL="http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2009/04/27/2009-04-27_20_new_cases_of_swine_flu_confirmed_in_new_york_city_brings_total_to_28.html"]20 new cases of swine flu confirmed in New York City, brings total to 28[/URL]

mredskins 04-27-2009 03:09 PM

Re: Swine Flu
Wow what is up with the "Live Topic" feature, pretty cool!

dmek25 04-27-2009 03:35 PM

Re: Swine Flu
no more cheddar brats? im pissed

CRedskinsRule 04-27-2009 03:43 PM

Re: Swine Flu
Those Pigs!!

ArtMonkDrillz 04-27-2009 03:54 PM

Re: Swine Flu
People need to stop making sweet sweet love to pigs. This is getting serious!

CRedskinsRule 04-27-2009 03:57 PM

Re: Swine Flu
What does this mean for the Hoggettes?!?!?!?

70Chip 04-27-2009 06:20 PM

Re: Swine Flu
This is absurd. Pig's can't fly.

MTK 04-27-2009 10:53 PM

Re: Swine Flu
here we go yet again

GMScud 04-27-2009 11:07 PM

Re: Swine Flu
[quote=Mattyk72;552231]here we go yet again[/quote]

It's officially impossible to discuss anything on this site other than football without politics forcing their way in. Sheesh.

Damn Democrats. How dare they not have the foresight to restrict immigration just in case a random global swine flu pandemic breaks out? What a bunch of idiots.

(I'm a Republican, but turning this into politics is lame as hell).

Trample the Elderly 04-27-2009 11:08 PM

Re: Swine Flu
[quote=firstdown;552222]Why are the Mexican's freaking out but we still let them run in an out of the US every day? I'm not talking about illegals but Mexican's who cross the boarder everyday for work. The goverment knows they have a major problem but its wide open doors for them to cross as they please. You stop the spread of something from its source. I guess to many voted for Obama for him to cute them off at our expience.[/quote]

What? You don't want Mexican influenza? I heard the Spanish influenza was just peachy! Add in some pigs and add some Aztecs and bamo, you've got Mexican influenza. Anyone who doesn't want the Mexican flu must be doing so because they're right-wing, militia, bigots. :spank: Why I ate Carnitas this weekend just so I could get it. I want to be the first kid on my block to spread the plague.

jamf 04-27-2009 11:46 PM

Re: Swine Flu

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