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skinsfanthru&thru 09-25-2004 01:19 AM

Star Wars DVDs
Did anyone else get the trilogy and if so what did u think of the touch ups and additions/changes? I just got finished watching them all tonight and was just wondering what anyone else thought about it and if they got the same goose bumps they got while watching it as a kid. While I still don't like the addition of the scene they did a much better job on the han solo/jaba the hutt scene in episode IV and I also like how they changed the ghost of anakin at the end of episode VI? I know the past 2 prequels haven't lived up to expectations for the majority of people(except seeing yoda fight which kicked ass), but I'm stoked to see the actual transformation of Anakin to Vader and that big fight between O.W. and A.S. should be freakin sweet. plus I also wanna see how samuel l. jackson gets whacked, lol.

That Guy 09-25-2004 02:19 AM

i can't even compare the prequels, i think they're just awful... 90 minutes of a horrible horrible love story (with no chemistry or whatever, it was stale) and then 30 minutes of watchable stuff...

episode 1 was just too awful to bother b#$ching about :(

here's hoping #3 isn't so dreadful... he'll get my money either way, which really sucks...

MTK 09-25-2004 11:54 AM

Let's hope Episode III kicks much ass, if it does it would go a long way in rescuing the prequels. Episode I was alright, but Episode II was horrible.

I haven't picked up the original trilogy on DVD yet, I might put it on my x-mas list though, Santa will hook me up ;)

Beemnseven 10-01-2004 09:51 AM

Yeah, the more I watch Episode II, the more I dislike it. The love story sucked and it was really cliched. The battle scenes were good, but the lightsaber battle between Obi-wan, Anakin, and Darth Tyrannus wasn't long enough and didn't capture my attention the way Episode I's was with Darth Maul -- that battle kicked ass and was the best of the entire saga.

I'll get the original trilogy, but I was hoping for more deleted scenes than apparently was offered.

But I will [B]NEVER[/B] forgive George Lucas for the Special Edition alteration between Han Solo and Greedo in the Cantina. That was sacreligeous if you ask me.

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