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Gmanc711 03-07-2004 08:03 PM

Washington Redskins: The Album
I posted this in one of the off chatter sections, but I wasent getting much feedback, I just figure people dont check those out as much( except for my man dasel). So I decided to post it here.

If anyone remebers, about a month before the old site went down, I asked for ideas of songs to put on a cd that I can play around the games next year, TD Celebrations, ect.... Well heres what I came up with, I still havent made it so if any suggestions are still welcome....

( In no perticular order yet)
The Coors Light "Football Song"
Eminem - Till I Collapse
Eminem - Lose Yourself
Florida State Fight Song
Queen- Another one bites the dust
Tina Turner - Simply the Best ( for when we win the superbowl)
ESPN- Jock Jams Remix
Eye Of the Tiger
Jock Jams - Pump Up The Jam
The Hey Song
Kool and the Gang - Celebration
Jock Jams - Whoop There it is
Monday Night Football Theme
ESPN Sportscenter Calls (funny)
Whintey Houstons Star Spangled Banner
Queen- We Will Rock You/ We Are the Champions
Ricky Martin - The Cup Of Life
Todd Rundgren - Bang on the Drums all Day

any comments, concerns or suggestions?

Ghost 03-07-2004 09:49 PM

Gmanc ... You're going to get feedback as varied as the wide-ranging musical tastes represented on this forum. For example, I have serious reservations about Ricky Martin, Whitney Houston, Survivor, and any music associated with Coors Lite. If you want to get pumped up for football, I suggest Black Sabbath, Public Enemy, Bad Brains, the Ramones... ANYTHING but "Whoop There It Is." But whatever floats your boat.

EEich 03-07-2004 09:51 PM

This is the album that I listen to when getting cranked up for a game:

The Power And The Glory:

It's from NFL films... all the early NFL themes with dialogue by John Facenda.
If this doesn't get you up for slobber-knocker football... you're already dead. Trust me on this one.

"Celebration" and "Whoop There It Is" actually get you up for a game? Really?

Scott 03-07-2004 10:09 PM

yeah, definitely no whoop there it is...

Gmanc711 03-07-2004 10:13 PM

Well, I have been a lifelong fan of whoop there it is lol. The Cd isnt so much to get me pumped up for the game, but it kinda goes liek " Throughout the game " is my real idea. For Example, I would get the whitney houston Star Spangled Banner (best rendition EVER) before the game, with maybe those eminem songs, Al Pachino Speech, stuff like that.... DURING the game, follwing a TD or somthing like that, I would play " the hey song " or somthing like " bang on the drums all day" Then Post game, some of the songs like Simply the Best, Celebration, things like that are what I would play. My idea for the cd was to kinda so it would take you throughout the game, ya know what I mean?

Ghost 03-08-2004 01:09 AM

All that would just distract me from what I do best: screaming and cursing at my television.

SittingBull 03-08-2004 02:58 AM

You gotta add that money song that plays on the intro of Trump's Apprentice. Also Ricky Martin belongs on the Dallas soundtrack.

Gmanc711 03-08-2004 06:50 AM

[QUOTE=Ghost]All that would just distract me from what I do best: screaming and cursing at my television.[/QUOTE]

Yea I dont assume ill be using it much if were getting whooped at all, lol. Wait, should I make 4 or 5 copies, since it will get so much use?? Btw, due to the outcry, R.Martin is gone, ill burn it to a cd and give it to my brother(cowboyfan)

johnnyredskin63 03-08-2004 04:01 PM

please gman,forget about those whitney houston,ricky martin,eminem,and whoop there it is songs and hurl them violently towards neptune.how about
aerosmith's-"just push play",black sabbath-"paranoid"or"ironman"led zeppelin's
-"rock and roll"rush's"limelight"pat benatar-"hit me with your best shot" and last but not least"working for a living"by huey lewis &the news.

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