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Dirtbag59 09-02-2009 03:02 PM

Some Old Notes From 2006
So I was looking at how beautiful my Facebook Page had become and I stumbled across a long forgotten treasure. My notes from the first four weeks of the 2006 season, done on a week by week basis. Of course being afraid of commitment I only was able to get in four weeks. Heres what I wrote.

Week 4 Rant

Tuesday, October 3, 2006 at 11:50pm |
- The real heros of the Redskins-Jaguars game were a group of men called the Dirtbags. Thanks to them the Redskins were able to score 36 points against one of the best defenses in the league. Don't believe me then consider this; the Colts scored 21 points against them the previous week. So heres to John, Randy, Casey, Derrick, and Chris. Cheers.

- The Redskins offense has gained 976 the past two weeks. Not bad.

- Maybe now people will start to consider the other Moss an elite Reciever.

- Man I missed Clinton Portis.

- The Chargers threw 1 pass in the 3rd Quarter of their loss to the Ravens. Marty ball is back in full force.

- Maybe the Bengals arent' that good after all.

- Thank God the Browns beat the Raiders.

- Man the 46 year old man can kick.

- Karl Malone done be upset that Saints lose in Carolina. Sometime Karl Malone like to think Drew Brees like John Stockton.

- The Bears are currently the only team that has looked like a Super Bowl contender week in and week out and to think, just this past summer the Bear's fans wanted Brian Griese to start.

- The Falcons might be missing TJ Ducket more than they think.

- Subliminal Message: retrams uoy ekam stnar ym.

- The Titans currently have the league leading tackler. Unfortunatly that player is saftey Chris Hope.

- Mario Williams made up for lost time this past week by getting 1.5 sacks. Do that for a few more weeks Mario and I will appologize with my foot in my mouth. Ironically I have tremendous respect for players that prove me wrong.

- If the season were to end today the Defensive Player of the Year would be Ravens Linebacker.....Bart Scott. The man currently has 5 sacks, 33 tackles, and 1 int.

- Braylon Edwards is starting to look like one of those players. Yes Chris, you read right.

- Who is Trent Cole? This guy currently is tied for the league lead in sacks.

- Sorry Chris, but how the hell did the Dolphins lose to the Texans?

- Matt Leinart is about to find out what its like to get hit 200 times a game.

- How 'bout them Redskins.

- Ironically if New England didn't draft Marooney then the Colts would be the odds on Super Bowl favorite.

- Cudos to a Bills team that beat a repectable Vikings team.

- Chad Pennington and L. Coles are still the leading canidates for comeback player of the year. However in case of a tie Pennington will get the nod.

- The Cardinals offense is gaining less than 3 yards per rush. This is why a quality O-Line is so important.

- The Saints are loving them some Drew Brees.

- There is no excuse for what Albert Haynesworth did. Yes, I understand that the football field is a very violent place but when that whistle blows the play is over. I will go on record to say however that his apology did appear sincere. Ironically my friend Chris and I saw the apology before the play and were ready to forgive the guy. This is why jumping to conclusions is bad.

- Does anyone else realize that the league leaders in QB rating are David Carr and Damon Huard? (Rhetorical Question)

- How come every Tight End from Miami is outspoken?

Week 4 Ball Players - Drew Brees, Clinton Portis, Mark Brunell, The Dirtbags, Chris Cooley, Mario Williams, Morten Anderson, Santana Moss, Steve McNair, Bart Scott, David Carr, Damon Huard, The Jets for that cool play with all the laterals, L. Maroney, Da Bills, Da Bears Defense, Rex Grossman, Steve Smith, Roy Williams, Lamont Jordan, Braylon Edwards, Todd Heap

Week 4 Non-Ball Players - The Miami O-Line, Oakland Raiders, Albert Haynesworth, Albert Haynesworth, Albert Haynesworth, 49ers Defense, Alex Smith, Arizona O-Line.

CRedskinsRule 09-02-2009 03:09 PM

Re: Some Old Notes From 2006
Your rants made me smarter.

Dirtbag59 09-02-2009 03:10 PM

Re: Some Old Notes From 2006
Week 3 Rant

Tuesday, September 26, 2006 at 10:32pm
- Biggest surprise of the Saints victory over the Falcons...A Saints defense that held the high-octane Falcon offense to 3 points. The secret, using 3 safties to contain Michael Vick. It'll be intresting to see if future Falcon opponents use more 3 safety looks.

- Now I won't go into detail about the importance of the Super Dome reopening but I have to give the people of New Orleans credit, the Saints fan did an excellent job of providing a high energy enviornment, cudos.

- Part of the Falcons offensive woes were due to dropped passes. The most costly one came when Alge Crumpler dropped a wide open touchdown reception.

- Mark Brunell threw for an NFL record 22 consecutive completions in a game. Now I know the Texans suck but thats still hard to do against NFL competition.

- Nevertheless I can't help but be disappointed in the lack of touches for Moss, Llyod, and Cooley. If the Redskins want to have the offense their capable of then these guys are going to have to get involved.

- Which brings me to my favorite topic. The Texans. Now I know I keep giving this guy a hard time but Mario Williams still hasn't gotten his first sack. Its ridicoulous, here the Saints are sitting on top of their division 3-0 while the Texans are still looking for their first win. Nevertheless I think its fair to say that Williams has gone up against 3 quality O-Lines in the Colts, Eagles, and Redskins, but thats why they drafted him. To make an impact no matter whos blocking him. Ironically I'm rooting for Mario but I can't help but kick myself when I think back to the draft..."With the first pick in the NFL Draft the Houston Texans select Mario Williams.." Oh well I guess ignorance is bliss.

- All right enough Texan bashing.

- The Falcons are really starting to miss John Abraham.

- Even though their 1

-2 the Bills are still competing. Personally this team is almost as surprising as 3-0 Saints and I can only hope that they can keep up the good work. I'll admit I have a soft spot in my heart for teams that come to play despite being the odds on favorite to lose every other week.

- The Jets are 2-1 but without a ground game they'll only go so far. Still pretty good for a team thats suppose to be in rebuilding mode.

- Where are all the Super Bowl contenders? So far no team has set itself ahead of the pack. Here lets observe:
- Colts - No running game
- Ravens - Good offense but 15 points vs the Browns isn't going to cut it
- Chargers - Philip Rivers hasn't faced a good defense yet.
- Bears - Best team they've faced is the Vikings, we'll need to see more
- Seahawks - Please see Colts
- Bengals - Players keep getting arrested

- Good job Odell.

- So far Matt Hasselback, Drew Brees, and Donovan McNabb are looking like the early favorites to represent the NFC in the Pro-Bowl.
- How the hell did the Dolphins only score 13 points agains the Titans?

- Also why is Seattle leaving players in when their up 35-3. They almost lost Hasselback as well as Alexander.

- The Giants are the best 4th quarter team in football, now if they could only play that way the other 3 quarters then they'd be unstoppable. Wait I'm a Redskins fan, scratch that.

- By the way, why is everyone outside of fantasy football making such a big deal about the loss of Shaun Alexander. If anything his injury is a blessing, now he'll get a chance to heal and hopefully come back as strong as ever. Look just because he dresses up doesn't mean hes going to rush for over 100 yards.

- The worst play in football happened this past weekend during the 49ers-Eagles game. At the goal line with a chance to get back in the game the 49ers handed the ball off to Gore, however Gore fumbled and watched the ball get ran back by a very large man. To make matters worse, 49ers impact rookie Vernon Davis broke his leg on the play and is expected to miss 4 weeks while Gore was left with an Ab strain. I guess bad things do come in 3's.

Week 3 Ballplayers - Mike Holmgren, Saints Defense, Mark Brunell, Clinton Portis, Ladell Betts, Donovan McNabb, Matt Hasselback, Brian Westbrook, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Tatum Bell,Willis McGahee, Roy Williams (Lions), Brett Farve, Reggie Brown, Chris Simms.

Week 3 Non-Ballplayers - Mike Holmgren, Texans Defense, Falcons Recievers, Kurt Warner, New England ground game, New York Giants, I would put Big Ben but he admitted he didn't play well so I'll give him a break, Odell Thurman, and the Miami Offense.

Dirtbag59 09-02-2009 03:14 PM

Re: Some Old Notes From 2006
Week 2 Rant

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 at 4:47pm

- Cudos to the Buffalo Bills. I thought this team was going to be worse than the 91 Colts. However in light of two inspired performances, including their recent victory over Miami, they have earned my respect.

- Who knew the Bears could be so effective through the air?

- Not so fast my friend. After last year the Redskins were declared the winner of the Coles-Moss swap. However as of now Coles has over 250 yards through the air. Now I'm not saying that the trade is ready to be declared a win-win just yet but if Coles continues to play at the level he's at right now....well use your imagination.

- Which brings me to my next order of business. Poor Patrick Ramsey, will he ever find his place in the league? The resurgence of Chad Pennington and the drafting of Kellen Clemons all but guarantees that Patrick will not be in a Jets uniform in 2007.

- What a horrible year for pirate based teams. The Buc's and Raiders look like they'll be competing for a higher top 5 pick in next years draft. Oh well at least the Buc's still have a chance of turning their season around. The Raiders...well their pretty much done.

- Obviously Art Shell didn't read Joe Gibbs latest book, "The Art of the Comeback." Chapter 1 - Get coaches who know what their doing. Art’s book on the other hand will probably start out like this, Chapter 1 – My Offensive Coordinator ran a bed and breakfast for the last 7 years.
- Someone needs to tell the Texans that the season has started. Not only does it appear that the Texans drafted the wrong player (taking Williams over Bush) but it also would appear that they didn't even draft the best Defensive Lineman at NC State. Now I know its only been two games and Williams has plenty of time to prove me wrong but lets observe..
Manny Lawson so far has 9 tackles and 2 sacks. Williams has 5 tackles and 0 sacks.

- By the way, I wonder if someone bribed the Texans to pass on Bush. Maybe it was part of some conspiracy to revive the Saints franchise by giving them a guy that can sell tickets.

- The Texans running game is awesome.

- I think its safe to say that Peyton Manning owns the Texans.

- Fox is the smartest network I've ever seen. Instead of showing a second game like CBS they broadcasted a Rodeo. Screw football I want to watch cowboys riding bulls.

- Redskins….no comment……

- Roy Williams (Lions)….no comment

- Good job Chris Gamble.

- Hopefully Rudi Johnson will finally get some respect. So far he's the leagues second leading rusher behind Warrick Dunn with 241 yards.

- Dear Giants,
Thanks for preventing the Eagles from going 2-0. See you soon.

- Kellen Winslow good player, horrible PR rep.

- Norv Turner might be the best thing to happen Alex Smith.

- Ironically Chad Pennington and Laveranues Coles are early favorites to win Comeback Player of the Year.

- Cudos to the Saints, not only are they 2-0 but their also keeping both running backs happy. Now all they need is a defense.

- Let the record show that I predict the Falcons will run away with the NFC South.

- Chad Johnson said that the hit by Brian Russell that led to his concussion was the hardest he's ever taken.

- Ryan Longwell became the second player ever to throw a game tying touchdown pass and kick a game winning field goal in the same contest. The last and only other player to do it was George Blanda.

Week 2 Ballplayers – Big Ben for playing with a 104* fever in Jacksonville, Bills special teams, Drew Brees, Mike Vick, Rex Grossman, Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning again, Jacksonville Defense, Chad Pennington, Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Antonio Bryant, Chargers Offense, Bears O-Line, Warrick Dunn, Ryan Longwell, L. Coles, Rasheen Mathis, New York Jets (effort), McNabb, Eli Manning, Colts O-Line

Week 2 Non-Ballplayers – Big Ben for playing with a 104* fever in Jacksonville, Roy Williams, Roy Williams again, Chris Gamble, Chris Simms, Houston Texans, Houston Texans, Houston Texans again, The Raiders, Kellen Winslow, Mario Williams, Raiders O-Line, John Fox

Dirtbag59 09-02-2009 03:17 PM

Re: Some Old Notes From 2006
[quote=CRedskinsRule;583217]Your rants made me smarter.[/quote]

I try.

Dirtbag59 09-02-2009 08:41 PM

Re: Some Old Notes From 2006
[quote=firstdown;583288]So are these Rants just random and go out to no body.[/quote]

Pretty much. I thought they served as a nice time capsule.

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