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elamin24 11-09-2009 02:22 PM

Skins can't seem to get out of own way
O.k. I know its been a tough season and I know the last thing we need is another negative thread but hear me out. Watching the games these past few years have shown me one, undeniable fact. The redskins cant seem to
win more consistently or blow out teams because we cant get out of our own way. Obvious examples would be Randel El still being on punt returns. Orakpo still being a lb in any situation etc. So here are a few things I have noticed recently. Feel free to add any.

-Jason Campbell not getting any practice reps with starters in Brunell starters. I knew then and see now we were in trouble when I heard on a broadcast that JC had only thrown a few passes to any starters before
he was made starter. Joe Gibbs refused to prepare Campbell correctly
and we are reaping what he sew.

-Back to Orakpo. I heard from Jerry Gray that the reason they Play Orakpo on D line exclusively is that they don't want him to wear down
during the season and They dont want offenses to be able to Key on him.
Multiple line packages would be a cure for both problems. Why not use
our positions with the most depth?

-Landry being on our team is one. Him playing out of position is two.
I wanted Peterson over him then and now. To those who said we had portis then remember we ST21 too. I remember reading an article in a draft magazine calling him fake tough, Overated. Jackass is more like it.

-Not adressing O line depth is obvious.

-What receiver on the depth chart would Santana Moss be on any other team. He would be better than Wes Welker in the slot.

-Owner player babying is bad for any team. Dan Snyder has it down to a science. There will always be favoritism but Snyder undermines his
coaching staff.

-No GM. Nuff said

-Mike Williams at any position other than team chef.(sorry low blow)

-Rock on kick returns was a good stop gap but you couldnt have thought that was a permanent solution.

-Running Portis up the middle for four years. I give Portis credit, i would have quit playing for Joe Gibbs. He was and still isn't a big back. Joe thought he was John Riggins.

I'll leave a few for you guys. HTTR!

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