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BrudLee 03-09-2004 07:16 AM

Major Madden 2005 issue
Well, not major.

Has anyone given thought to the idea of playing with a left-handed quarterback in the game? The scrambling is different, I'll have to watch a different blindside...

I wish someone had consulted me before making this deal.

MTK 03-09-2004 09:36 AM

I've used Vick here and there and having a lefty takes a little getting used to.

BrudLee 03-09-2004 10:24 AM

If, for the purpose of authenticity I start Brunell, it's going to affect my awesomeness. I demand answers from Cerrato!

ChounsMan 03-10-2004 02:00 PM

I've been playing Madden 2004 since Nov. 03 & I've just started my 4th season. So many players have retired, moved on, or just got to pricey.

Skins still on the team:

QB - Ramsey
HB - none
FB - Bryan Johnson, ROCK!
TE - none

O-Line - Samuels, Dockery, Jansen

D-Line - Zellner, Upshaw
D-Back - Bailey, Smoots, Ohalete, Bowen, Bauman, & Arrington.

Key F/A signings:

QB - Brad Banks (great speed with his feet, poor strength in his arm)

HB - Travis Henry, Dominick Davis (Traded Trung & a 2nd rd pick for Henry, got Henry at his rookie low price salary. Resigning is gonna be impossible ($30 mil 6 yr asking. So I drafted a HB (Pleasant) with my other 2nd rd pick I collected in another veteran move.)

WR - Calico (It's his 1st season in DC & in Preseason he really turned some heads with his blazing speed & great hands..!) Otherwise, I have kept the same WR that OBC assebled. Jacobs has developed nicely, & Mccants has become my slot monster. Coles burns almost any DB on a post. Usually run him on curls & slants, LB can't cover his cuts.

O-Line - Woody (He's was a tough player to acquire, but he's been worth the price. I was just about to deal him off after 2 seasons, but I realized I had no real backup to fill his position, so I drafted a true center with my 3rd pick in the draft & when Woodys' contract is up 'Lopps' will replace him, thus saving money & cutting cap costs.

D-line - no one really special (3-4 D only requires 1 DT)

D-Backs - Trotter was dealt due to salary cap issues, so I picked up Al Wilson who has been incredible against the pass, against the run he's been okay. Armstead was released this last offseason & replaced by a 2nd year player Lee Robinson (Madden 2004 generated player) Robinson has talent, but is still developing. His ability as a run stopper thrusted him into my starting line up. So far he's living up to his abilities.

K - Hall (he just gets better season after season :) Thanks Jets)

P - Hanson (I brought him in during F/A signings & he's great, but age has started to deplete his power & accuracy.)

There's my Madden 2004 experience so far, loving every min, hour, & day my wife doesn't bitch at me to shut that damn game off..!! LOL

Questions I have:
Has anyone had to deal with major HoldOuts yet...? (I have had a few & they have really screwed up my cap usage.)

Also, has anyone had to deal with Cap penalties yet...?
I screwed up last season & got nailed with a 5.24 mil cap penaly. OUCH!! Luckily I was rebuilding a few positions so I was signing backs & rookies, so the blow caused only minimal damage. I'll have to wait till next season to sign a F/A 5 star DT.

To be cont......

DA Hogs 03-10-2004 10:04 PM

Just to throw this out... Who do you think will be the lucky player to get the cover of Madden 2005 and be out for the season this year ?

Daseal 03-10-2004 10:15 PM

haha, 'lucky'

Lets just hope it isnt a redskin!

AnonEmouse 03-11-2004 11:50 AM

With any luck it will be Champ Bailey! :)

ChounsMan 03-11-2004 12:41 PM

Better not be Portis.

Maybe it will be Jamal Lewis..? Oh wait, the picture will be taken behind bars..! LOL

skinsfanthru&thru 03-11-2004 08:02 PM

I bet it's either manning or ahman green.

MTK 03-11-2004 11:31 PM

It won't be Manning, he has a deal with that xbox NFL game

skinsfanthru&thru 03-12-2004 01:34 AM

what about Ray Lewis or has he been the cover player before or how about tom brady? I bet there is a slight chance though that it might be Portis 2 unfortunately.

SmootSmack 03-12-2004 01:47 PM

Yeah. I've been hearing Lewis or unfortunately maybe even Portis. Gil Brandt of NFL.com says that Larry Fitzgerald has been offered a bunch of money to be in the game, [url]http://www.nfl.com/draft/story/7104324[/url], but I don't think he means on the cover itself?

What about McNair?

skinsfanthru&thru 03-12-2004 02:40 PM

wasn't mcnair on the cover a few years ago? I know eddie george was and thought mcnair has been as well.

skinsfanthru&thru 03-12-2004 02:43 PM

does anyone else who has played or owns madden 2004 hope they make signing players more flexible? where as players are willing to restructure contracts or contracts that r back loaded, you can't do any of that in madden. plus some of the crappier players demand starter money especially qbs, rbs, and wrs.

DA Hogs 03-12-2004 11:02 PM

5 :1 it will be tom brady

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