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Redskin Warrior 01-02-2010 11:46 AM

2010 Free Agents
[B]Kyle Orton, Denver Broncos (27)[/B]
Losing Orton for the second half against the Redskins and having him forced off the bench against San Diego showed Orton’s real value to Denver, as the offense became anemic with Chris Simms. Without his efficient passing, the Broncos really struggle to put points on the board. It’s surprising the Broncos haven’t already looked to extend Orton who just does a great job leading the offense to long scoring drives. Maybe they’re hoping to get a little more leverage should the CBA fall through, which could allow the Broncos to keep Orton on a restricted tender. If he’s allowed to hit the open market, all hell could break loose. Orton doesn’t carry the aura of a franchise quarterback, but has now managed two different offenses to winning records.

[B]Jason Campbell, Washington Redskins (28)[/B]
A big week of 367 yards and 3 touchdowns in the heartbreaker against the Saints a couple weeks back showed Campbell's potential. His numbers are actually improved across the board everywhere from a season ago, except interceptions where his total has doubled in three less games. Campbell has played better over the second half of the season, but it seems like he’s played his way out of Washington, who seems ready to gamble for an elite quarterback than stick with the so-so Campbell. With a number of talented quarterbacks possibly lining up to enter the 2010 NFL Draft, in a best case scenario, Campbell could possibly get a 1-2 year deal to compete as the starter on a quarterback-starved team.

[B]Chad Pennington, Miami Dolphins (34) [/B]
Pennington wasn’t finding the same success this year as he had in last year’s great campaign, even before suffering another season-ending injury. His shoulder injury luckily showed no damage to his rotator cuff which has already been operated on twice. He should be able to start throwing again in January, but is unlikely to be retained by the Dolphins where Chad Henne has shown promise as one of the league’s best young quarterbacks. Henne has the arm strength to stretch the defense, something Pennington has always been heavily criticized for lacking. A 33 year-old Chad Pennington coming off a third shoulder injury won’t garner much excitement in free agency, but may have the opportunity to compete for a one-year job on a needy team. Pennington doesn’t have age on his side, the arm strength, or the durability to be considered anything more than a stop-gap solution at this point in his career.

[B]Tarvaris Jackson, Minnesota Vikings (27)[/B]
It’ll be interesting to see how a season behind Brett Favre will have changed Tarvaris Jackson. He looked like a player showing gradual improvement with the potential to finally turn the corner this year. Favre’s retirement decision will likely come down to the last moment again and will depend on he and his team’s play down the stretch of the season. If a new CBA isn’t agreed upon, Jackson will become a Restricted Free Agent in which Minnesota will most likely retain him. If not, his decision to stay or leave Minnesota could very well come down to how Favre’s decision turns out, or he could stick it out and go the Aaron Rodgers patience route. Regardless, in the sparing time he’s gotten this year in blowout wins over the Rams and Seahawks, Jackson has completed a high percent and has a 124.0 QB Rating on the year through 15 attempts. Keep in mind he was coming of a preseason rating of 118.4. In limited playing time, the numbers game heavily favors Jackson over the last year.

[B]Kellen Clemens, New York Jets (27)[/B]
Drafting Mark Sanchez spelled the end of Kellen Clemens’ future in New York. He was rather disappointing in his duty as a starter, making little progress before this season. If Clemens is satisfied as a career back-up, he could decide to accept a small contract to play behind Sanchez. When he finally got the chance to play in Buffalo, after Sanchez’s injury, Clemens took 3 sacks, threw 2 passes, and ran twice against a tough Bills pass defense in 22 snaps. Against a below average Buccaneers defense, he was only able to muster 111 yards through the air, minimizing mistakes and allowing his defense and running game do the brunt of the work. Clemens didn’t have a particularly great game, but could compete for a starting position on one of the league’s lesser teams if the Jets let him walk.

Other Notable Free Agents:

Charlie Batch, Pittsburgh Steelers (35)
Kyle Boller, St. Louis Rams (29)
David Carr, New York Giants (31)
Brodie Croyle, Kansas City Chiefs (27)
Daunte Culpepper, Detroit Lions (33)
Rex Grossman, Houston Texans (30)
Joey Harrington, New Orleans Saints (31)
Jon Kitna, Dallas Cowboys (37)
Matt Moore, Carolina Panthers (26) – Restricted FA
Chris Redman, Atlanta Falcons (33)
Brett Ratliff, Cleveland Browns (25) – Exclusive Rights FA
Troy Smith, Baltimore Ravens (26) – Restricted FA

[B]Ronnie Brown, Miami Dolphins (28) – Restricted FA[/B]
Ronnie Brown had been the key to the Dolphins offense which had run through him and the Wildcat. Prior to his second season-ending injury in three years (foot this year), Brown had returned to form to look like one of the league’s more talented backs. Brown’s combination of size, wiggle, instincts, and speed is elite. His top-end production and efficiency (4.4 average, 8 touchdowns) prior to the injury would have been enough incentive for Miami to extend Brown for another 3-4 years. However, now the Dolphins will likely wait to see if his contract expires this year and work from there. He’s most likely to miss OTA’s next summer, but will be ready for the start of the 2010 season. Keep in mind Brown has an interesting option built into his contract. If the owners and the NFL Players Association reach a new deal before the deadline, a $5 million 2010 option will kick in taking him off the market, but otherwise Brown will become a Restricted Free Agent.

[B]Pierre Thomas, New Orleans Saints (25) – Restricted FA[/B]
After returning from injury that cost him a couple early games, Thomas has continued to be an effective and efficient part time runner for the Saints. Though he’s only logged 5 official starts and split time with Mike Bell, he’s a perfect fit for the Saints offense because of his hands, vision, and cutting ability. On 15 touches, Thomas averages 5.7 yards per play with 7 total touchdowns in 11 games. He’s a nice compliment to Mike Bell, Brees, and the passing game. With a rumor looming of Reggie Bush’s departure this offseason due to an enormous cap number, the Saints should have more than enough money to re-sign the one time starter over Rashard Mendenhall at Illinois to a long deal. If talks fall through, the Saints will have the ability to offer him a restricted tender in which the Saints will at least have the option between matching or receiving heavy compensation if another team shows heavy interest.

[B]Cadillac Williams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (28)[/B]
Like his college teammate Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams has had a rebirth of sorts after a couple injury-plagued seasons. He’s reclaimed the starting gig in Tampa Bay and done about as well as you can expect in Tampa while sharing carries in a deep backfield. If he can make it through the year healthy, the Buccaneers should look to re-sign him to a mid-level contract, with plenty of cap space available. He has played a lot better than his volume production indicates because the offense has been unable to stay on the field for extended periods. Looking at his career numbers, he excels as the game rolls into the third quarter and beyond, particularly on carries 11 to 15. He’s reached that upper bound only four times this season. If the Bucs can generate continuity on offense and have the ability to remain balanced, Williams’ numbers should also increase.

[B]Darren Sproles, San Diego Chargers (27)[/B]
It’s very difficult to measure the importance of Darren Sproles because his greatest value isn’t as a traditional runner. With Tomlinson also struggling to get the running game moving, Sproles’ lack of success pounding the ball can be partially attributed to a below average run blocking unit. Still, Sproles is best when put on a touch count and given most of his work on screens and the return game. He won’t make $6.6 million a year, like he’s making on his franchise tender, but will get a good mid-level contract rewarding him for his explosiveness and unique contributions. Sproles is one of the league’s best back-up or change-of-pace backs. As an unrestricted free agent, I have the hunch that other teams will overpay for his services, while the Chargers will rely on their history of drafting successful running backs to keep the running game alive. It could be fullback Mike Tolbert who sees his share of touches increase.

[B]Mike Bell, New Orleans Saints (27)[/B]
Splitting time with Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell has been an effective inside power-runner for the Saints as he was for the Broncos in his rookie season. Both Bell and Thomas provide a simple, but effective running game. If New Orleans unloads Reggie Bush’s $13.5 million cap charge by next season, they’ll have plenty of room to return Bell and Thomas, back to The Big Easy, while still having plenty of money left over.

[B]LenDale White, Tennessee Titans (25)[/B]
With the explosion of Chris Johnson as the league’s best running back this season, White has seen his carries scaled back big time. Over the last 5 games, White has been given a total of 11 carries, less than his average per game last year. According to the Nashville Tennessean, White has gone on the record saying, “I don’t want to sit here and play backup to nobody. I refuse. I don’t want to.” This is a good sign that White is as good as gone next year, putting a decent goal line, power back on the market. It’s his attitude and questionable work ethic that potential suitors will have to explore.

[B]Leon Washington, New York Jets (28)[/B]
It’s always unfortunate to see any player get injured, but it’s all the more painful to see them go down on a contract year. The broken leg should heal in a couple months, but it will most likely eat into what could have been a big payday. Washington is similar to Sproles, but a better pure runner. Washington has the speed to turn the corner and be the great complementary back. He has added value as a kick returner where he’s among the NFL’s most feared. This summer, he turned down a number of contract offers in hopes of a huge payday in free agency, so we’ll see if he drops his asking price. If his asking price remains high, he would also risk playing for just a Restricted Free Agent contract if a new CBA isn’t reached.

[B]Jerious Norwood, Atlanta Falcons (27)[/B]
Norwood has been largely unproductive this season thanks to injuries, but returned to the field in Week 12. With Michael Turner also battling some injuries, Norwood should get the opportunity to display his talents despite a productive Jason Snelling also pleading his case. Norwood can’t be counted on as an every down back, but will sign a contract indicative of his role as it’s been in Atlanta. He’s a back-up with plenty speed to put a scare into defenses.

[B]Chester Taylor, Minnesota Vikings (30)[/B]
Running behind Adrian Peterson, Taylor hasn’t gotten nearly the amount of touches he could be elsewhere. You do have to tip your hat to the Vikings coaching staff though for using him to the best of his abilities. His rushing numbers are the worst of his career, but his true value comes as a 3rd down back and in his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. Even with his age, Taylor will continue to be an effective back for several years in a Kevin Faulk type role. If the Vikings don’t try hard to retain him, he could move to another contender and have success elsewhere. Taylor appears to be peaking at just the right time, averaging 6.1 yards per carry over the last four weeks.

[B]Willie Parker, Pittsburgh Steelers (29)[/B]
Since being sidelined in Week 4, Parker has averaged only 4 carries per game in 7 games since. The run game now belongs to first-round pick Rashard Mendenhall who has done a great job since being given the starting job. Parker has been virtually non-existent and unproductive this season. After this season, there won’t be much interest in Parker, but the Steelers may be willing to keep him around on an incentive-based deal based upon his career accomplishments in Pittsburgh to serve as the full-time backup to Mendenhall. Parker could just as easily try moving on to look for a bigger role.

Other Notable Free Agents:

Kenneth Darby, St. Louis Rams (27)
Kevin Faulk, New England Patriots (34)
Jerome Harrison, Cleveland Browns (27)
Le’Ron McClain, Baltimore Ravens (25) – Restricted FA
Adrian Peterson, Chicago Bears (31)
Kolby Smith, Kansas City Chiefs (25) – Restricted FA
Jason Snelling, Atlanta Falcons (26) – Restricted FA
DeShawn Wynn, Green Bay Packers (26) – Restricted FA
Justin Griffith, Seattle Seahawks (30) – Fullback
John Kuhn, Green Bay Packers (27) – Fullback
Tony Richardson, New York Jets (38) – Fullback
Naufahu Tahi, Minnesota Vikings (28) – Fullback
Mike Tolbert, San Diego Chargers (24) – Fullback – Exclusive Rights FA
Leonard Weaver, Philadelphia Eagles (27) – Fullback

[B]Brandon Marshall, Denver Broncos (26)[/B]
Even after a sluggish start to the beginning of the season, Marshall has rebounded well and increased his production over the recent weeks to put over 1000 yards and 9 touchdowns on the year with 86 catches. 200 yards and 2 touchdowns came on his record-setting 21 catches against the Colts in Week 14. Marshall has proven that no matter whose throwing him the ball, he’s one of the premier possession wideouts in the league. If he can maintain a good work ethic and stay clean off the field, Marshall has everything going for him. Because of some of those off the field issues, it’ll be interesting to see how much he actually makes because the Broncos don’t seem to be ready to cut him loose.

[B]Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers (27)[/B]
After getting off to a sizzling start, Jackson had cooled off over a 4 week stretch (Week 10 through 13), totaling only 9 receptions for less than 150 yards and no touchdowns. Jackson redeveloped that deadly connection with Philip Rivers beating the Cowboys for 120 yards on 17 yards per catch. Jackson still has the size advantage to stretch the field vertically and become one of the premier wideouts in the league. His ability to out-jump and out-muscle defenders on high passes makes him a real red zone and deep ball threat. Jackson will see a big raise from his mid-round rookie contract, but if he can produce at an elite level again down the stretch and in the playoffs, like he did against the Cowboys, he can still attach a couple more million to his next contract. The Chargers do have a number of key contracts expiring at season’s end and could really use the relief of an uncapped year to retain all or most of them. With the chemistry he and Rivers have developed, Jackson should be at the top of the Chargers’ priority and it would be shocking to see him become an unrestricted free agent.

[B]Miles Austin, Dallas Cowboys (26)[/B]
With the season nearing an end, the Cowboys made a smart non-move in not extending Austin a mid-season offer, but will see his price substantially increase in the offseason. Austin has developed in the Cowboys go-to wide receiver and is about the only player capable of seriously stretching the field for the offense. Austin is looking at finishing with over 1200 yards and 12 touchdowns on his current pace, which includes four games in which he totaled only 80-some yards. If Roy Williams can develop into the player the Cowboys expected to get when they traded away a first round selection for him, Romo will have a pair of weapons to even further improve the offense that is already at franchise-record level in yards per game this year.

[B]Braylon Edwards, New York Jets(27)[/B]
Edwards’ size brings a unique skill set to the Jets’ receiving corps opposite Jericho Cotchery, but has struggled with concentration and dropping balls as he did in Cleveland. The Jets gave up a considerable amount to land Braylon Edwards so it would be startling if they didn’t extend his stay in New York. Edwards has a winning combination working for him in New York with a promising young quarterback delivering him balls, a charismatic coach, and a team dedicated to winning ball games right now. If Edwards continues posting pedestrian numbers, the Jets will most likely look toward a more incentive-based deal.

[B]Terrell Owens, Buffalo Bills (36)[/B]
Owens is as good as gone after this year. He’s kept quiet despite having a type of year (individually and collectively) that he’s been accustomed to. If TO can stay under the radar the rest of the year, he could open up more landing spots for this offseason, with a more competitive team. With Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, Owen’s numbers have gone up and he’s shown that he can still be productive. Owens keeps himself in great shape and should still be able to produce given a healthy quarterback option, but it’s all the baggage that comes with this star WR that make teams shy away. So far, he’s done all of the right things this year off the field. He hasn’t ruled out a return to Buffalo and would also be open to returning to San Francisco where his career began.

[B]Antonio Bryant, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29)[/B]
Bryant may have cashed in a big check last year, but as I predicted, he hasn’t been able to give a repeat performance – not that it’s all Bryant’s fault with a lack of consistency from the quarterback and an arrhythmic offense in general. The Buccaneers have enough money to re-sign him and should be able to get a fair market price for him this season if he is open to a return to a team that is at the bottom of the league. With Josh Freeman in the lineup, Bryant’s numbers have improved and if he finishes the season strong, he could make a case for strong number two receiver contract.

[B]Derrick Mason, Baltimore Ravens (36)[/B]
Mason is the consummate pro and as reliable a receiver as any in the league. He’s been a consistent 1000 yard receiver for his entire career and continues to hold that pace for this year at 35. If Mason decides that this year will not be his last, he’ll have an offer to re-sign with the Ravens who have struggled to match his production from any other receiver over the past seasons. If he has any place where he’s always wanted to play, this could be the offseason where he readies for his last hurrah.

[B]Steve Breaston, Arizona Cardinals (27) – Restricted FA[/B]
Breaston won’t reach 1000 yards again this year, but has been productive out of the slot yet again behind Fitzgerald and Boldin. The Cardinals will look to keep him for at least this year under a restricted free agent contract. If he continues his impressive performance it could potentially signal the end of Boldin’s career in Arizona once they find an offer worthy of allowing the semi-disgruntled receiver to walk. Breaston is also a dangerous return man for the Cardinals.

[B]Malcom Floyd, San Chargers (28)[/B]
Over the recent weeks, Malcom Floyd has been given more responsibilities, starting 6 of the last 7 games, in the Chargers offense and this lengthy, 6’5”, 225-pound receiver has delivered for the Chargers. Similar to Vincent Jackson, Floyd does a great job getting vertical down the sidelines to make grabs in single coverage. He uses his height and balance to come down with the ball more often than not. Floyd will be a full-time starting number two receiver next year either in San Diego or elsewhere.

[B]Kevin Walter, Houston Texans (29)[/B]
Walter hasn’t been nearly as effective as last year, coming off an injury early in the year. For the Texans offense that hasn’t been short of scoring this year, it could be a good thing for the team. Keeping Walter under the radar could help them hang on to him at season’s end for a less competitive price. His size and style of play suggests that he should be a solid complementary receiver for a long time in the league.

Other Notable Free Agents:

Jason Avant, Philadelphia Eagles (27)
Davone Bess, Miami Dolphins (24) – Exclusive Rights FA
Mark Bradley, Kansas City Chiefs (28)
Isaac Bruce, San Francisco 49ers (37)
Chris Chambers, Kansas City Chiefs (32)
Mark Clayton, Baltimore Ravens (28)
David Clowney, New York Jets (25)
Ronald Curry, St. Louis Rams (31)
Domenik Hixon, New York Diego Giants (25)
Chris Henry, Cincinnati Bengals (27)
Lance Moore, New Orleans Saints (27)
Muhsin Muhammad, Carolina Panthers (37)
Josh Reed, Buffalo Bills (30)
Brad Smith, New York Jets (26)
Bobby Wade, Kansas City Chiefs (29)
Kelley Washington, Baltimore Ravens (31)
Demetrius Williams, Baltimore Ravens (27)
Troy Williamson, Jacksonville Jaguars (27)
Jerheme Urban, Arizona Cardinals (29)

[B]Jahri Evans, New Orleans Saints (27)[/B]
Jahri Evans is continuing to grade out as the team’s best run-blocking linemen week after week. The Saints have done a nice job of efficiently running the ball through the middle and on the right side of the line. His continual high level of play and positive, team-first attitude should translate to a high-end offensive guard contract at year’s end. Expect the Saints, who have nothing but positive things to say towards Evans, to richly reward him for his hard work and production.

[B]Logan Mankins, New England Patriots (28)[/B]
Logan Mankins has been a very consistent player for the Patriots since he was drafted, starting all 77 games. That type of consistency is difficult to match, but with free agency inflating the value of offensive guards, the Patriots may end up letting him walk if the price isn’t right. They drafted a couple interior linemen last year and have to use some of their free money to re-sign other players. From what Mankins has said, he wants to stay on this winning franchise, but he could be one of the top players available next offseason.

[B]Marcus McNeill, San Diego Chargers (26)[/B]
McNeill isn’t playing at an elite level this year, but is still an above average left tackle. He’s one of the “bigger” names at the left tackle position thanks to his spectacular and deservedly-hyped rookie season. McNeill has also been undercompensated the last few years playing on his rookie contract as a 2nd round pick, which may incline him to ask for more money than he “deserves.” Any of the Chargers could feasibly be had this offseason and McNeill is no different, but with some of the offensive line woes of the Chargers, McNeill may be one of their top priorities. His long-term neck and back problems could be in the back of the team’s mind as well.

[B]Willie Colon, Pittsburgh Steelers (27)[/B]
After catching a lot of heat after last season’s wildly inconsistent performance, Willie Colon has done a fine job at right tackle for the Steelers. He’s done a nice job keeping Roethlisberger clean and turned in one of the better seasons for a right tackle in pass protections this year. Though Colon hasn’t been able to blow people off the snap in run-blocking, he’s done an average job for a line that has done a nice job allowing Mendenhall to become a good, young runner.

[B]Jared Gaither, Baltimore Ravens (24) – Restricted FA[/B]
After being taken off the field on a stretcher in New England, Gaither luckily suffered no season or career threatening injury. His return to the field has helped the Ravens a little, but never really regained his level of play prior to the hit. The offensive line, Gaither included, has been one of many reasons for the team’s downhill turn. Still, with him on one side and impressive rookie Michael Oher on the other, the Ravens have found their bookend tackles. Even if the team and Gaither can’t settle on a long-term deal this offseason, they still have the ability to put a tender on him. At the very least, it would force teams to give up serious compensation for his services. Gaither’s length and athleticism are the ideal mold of a modern day left tackle.

[B]Donald Penn, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27)[/B]
Penn is one of the more underrated left tackles in football today and will be one of many talented offensive linemen set to become unrestricted free agents this year. While Penn hasn’t had his best season this year, he has proven in the pass to be one of truly balanced left tackles. Penn has done a nice job in the past of keeping the blindside clean of pressure and the Buccaneers have done a nice job this year running over left tackle. The Buccaneers should try to re-sign him quickly because a young left tackle on the market may see some high-end coin.

[B]Jermon Bushrod, New Orleans Saints (26) – Restricted FA[/B]
The Saints called upon Jermon Bushrod to play left tackle the entire year after placing Jammal Brown to the IR due to a hip injury and a sports hernia. Bushrod has done a commendable job replacing the All-Pro Brown, who has a voidable contract at the end of this season. If Brown decides to become a free agent, the Saints would have an interesting choice. Brown will be coming off an injury and will ask for significant money, but has played at a Pro Bowl level whereas Bushrod is the younger, cheaper option with upside. Both of these players are talented enough and good enough to play left tackle on many teams.

[B]Daryn Colledge, Green Bay Packers (28)[/B]
Colledge is no longer viewed as the solution at left tackle in Green Bay. Mid-round TJ Lang has taken over the back-up position there. That alone is enough to make his value take a significant plunge. Colledge was even “put on notice” and warned about his subpar level of play, but has since picked it up a notch, as has the entire O-Line. His value outside of Green Bay may not be as high as it is within the organization because of a poor performance in the team’s biggest stage to date – Monday Night in Minnesota. Still, he’s an average starting offensive guard and a good pass protector in the interior. Colledge’s value will most likely be highest to the Packers because he’s a great fit for what they do and they know his true value.

[B]Kevin Mawae, Tennessee Titans (39)[/B]
Mawae has started all six games for the Titans this year, but with his contract expiring, the line may turn to Leroy Harris who will have been groomed for 3 years, sparingly seeing the field. If Mawae is up for another season, he could land on a number of teams, or just re-sign in Tennessee. He still has a little gas left in the tank and it the Titans pass on him, several teams will be lining up for him and accept the leadership he brings to the team.

[B]Chad Clifton, Green Bay Packers (34)[/B]
Clifton has suffered an ankle injury earlier this season forcing the Packers to retreat to other options at left tackle. After returning healthy to his position, Clifton and the entire offensive line has picked up their play and protected Rodgers at a more respectable level. Still, it’s quite clear that this year’s Clifton isn’t the model pass protector he’s been in the past. Clifton has lost a step and is now more susceptible to speed players and double moves. If Clifton isn’t offered another contract in Green Bay, where he’s played his entire career, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the franchise’s great blind side protector call it quits.

Other Notable Free Agents:

Eugene Amano, Tennessee Titans (28)
David Baas, San Francisco 49ers (28)
Khalif Barnes, Oakland Raiders (28)
Alex Barron, St. Louis Rams (27)
Mike Brisiel, Houston Texans (27)
Jeromey Clary, San Diego Chargers (26) – Restricted FA
Nick Cole, Philadelphia Eagles (26)
Ryan Cook, Minnesota Vikings (27)
Tyson Clabo, Atlanta Falcons (29)
Harvey Dahl, Atlanta Falcons (29)
Mike Gandy, Arizona Cardinals (31)
Cornell Green, Oakland Raiders (34)
Rex Hadnot, Cleveland Browns (28)
Ben Hamilton, Denver Broncos (33)
Justin Hartwig, Pittsburgh Steelers (31)
Stephon Heyer, Washington Redskins (26) – Restricted FA
Richie Incognito, St. Louis Rams (27)
Jon Jansen, Washington Redskins (34)
Charlie Johnson, Indianapolis Colts (26)
Nick Kaczur, New England Patriots (31)
Chris Kuper, Denver Broncos (27)
Deuce Lutui, Arizona Cardinals (27)
Stephen Neal, New England Patriots (33)
Rudy Niswanger, Kansas City Chiefs (27)
Chester Pitts, Houston Texans (31)
Manuel Ramirez, Detroit Lions (27) – Restricted FA
Rob Sims, Seattle Seahawks (26)
Chris Spencer, Seattle Seahawks (28)
Jason Spitz, Green Bay Packers (27)
Adam Terry, Baltimore Ravens (28)
Jeremy Trueblood, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27)
Bobbie Williams, Cincinnati Bengals (33)
Marshal Yanda, Baltimore Ravens (25)

[B]Julius Peppers, Carolina Panthers (30)[/B]
Playing on a franchise tender, an enormous one-year contract, Peppers has played at a high level. With 8.5 sacks on the season, Peppers can reach double-digit sacks for the 6th time in his career. The offseason will be interesting because Peppers no longer carries the reputation for being the league’s most fear end, primarily because he’s fairly inconsistent and fairly one-dimension in comparison to say, Jared Allen. Last year vocalized his desires to stand up in a 34 defense. This year, we’ll see how the Panthers handle his expiring contract. My bet is on a tag and trade, though Carolina could also end up paying him in excess of $20 million, due to a 120% raise required to apply the franchise tag on Peppers again this offseason. He’s on the wrong side of 30 and should receive less than half that amount per year if he signs a long-term extension.

[B]Elvis Dumervil, Denver Broncos (26)[/B]
Dumervil has become one of the league’s best pass rushers and a potential candidate for Defensive Player of the Year. He leads the league with 15 sacks, with 11 coming on 3rd down. He excels in using his long arms and hands to keep defenders off his body, despite his unconventional proportions. The Broncos will find a way to retain their most prized asset on defense, probably by throwing high-end outside linebacker coin in his direction. Dumervil has already exceeded 40 sacks and is one forced fumble away from 10 in his short 4-year career. Playing a position of great need in any good 3-4 defense, Dumervil will sit with a lot of leverage if a CBA is agreed upon and he is able to become an unrestricted free agent.

[B]Johnny Jolly, Green Bay Packers (27)[/B]
Like Ryan Pickett, Johnny Jolly has very quietly put together a great season at defensive end for Green Bay’s front line under Capers’ scheme. Jolly has been very active up front playing contain and peeling off blocks to make plays himself near the line of scrimmage. Keep in mind that the Packers have a number of starters with expiring contracts this offseason, so Jolly could be one of the guys left out. He excels against the run, but doesn’t give much in the form of a pass rush. He’s played his best ball at defensive end in the 34, but has the size and ability to play some reps at nose tackle.

[B]Aaron Kampman, Green Bay Packers (30)[/B]
Kampman’s struggles to OLB were blown out of proportion. Through 9 games, he did a fairly decent job considering he had been given a role unfamiliar to him. The former Pro Bowler suffered a knee injury in Week 11 against San Francisco requiring surgery and was placed on the IR a couple weeks later. 7th round rookie Brad Jones has done an ample job as his replacement, playing the position with remarkable awareness and immeasurably better athleticism. The Packers will likely allow Kampman to enter free agency and move back to his more comfortable position at defensive end. Sadly, Kampman is coming off a knee injury and is at an age where defensive ends start to lose their edge off the snap.

[B]Ray Edwards, Minnesota Vikings (25)[/B]
Jared Allen and the two Williams men up front have paved way for left end Ray Edwards to emerge this season. According to the stats, teams have actually had more difficult running over his side than at Jared Allen. Edwards also has 6.5 sacks. The Vikings should keep try to keep the league’s best pass rush in tact by re-signing the former Purdue standout. Edwards is a complete defensive end who will have a number of interested team should the Vikings be unable to keep him.

[B]Marcus Spears, Dallas Cowboys (27)[/B]
Spears has done a good job for the Cowboys on the left side and his solid season has shown partly through the improvement made by OLB Anthony Spencer behind him. He does a better job playing the run than the getting after the quarterback. He’ll be one of the 34 ends with good value this offseason.

[B]Kyle Vanden Bosch, Tennessee Titans (31)[/B]
Vanden Bosch has started all 13 games for the Titans at defensive end, but has struggled to get to the quarterback, recording only 3 sacks on the year. He no longer carries the reputation at a feared pass rusher off the edge and has always been average against the run. He’s at a point where he’d benefit from situational play to try and boost production when he’s actually in the game. The Titans do seem interested in keeping him in Tennessee, for what it’s worth.

[B]Leonard Little, St. Louis Rams (35)[/B]
At 35, Leonard Little is still giving the Rams some solid production from the end position. Under Steve Spagnuolo, Little has started all 13 games this year, recording 6.5 sacks and a pick six in the process. For the one time elite defensive end, it’s the most productive season he’s had in 3 years when he notched 12.5 sacks. There’s little left in the tank and it’s unsure whether the Rams will renew his contract at year’s end. Little has been a career-long Ram, so that may factor into his plans if St. Louis does decide to let him walk. He may retire, stay with the Rams or try to land a spot in a rotation for a Championship contender in hopes of adding one more ring to his collection.

[B]Adewale Ogunleye, Chicago Bears (33)[/B]
Ogunleye has started every game at left defensive end for the Bears this season, notching 6 sacks on the season, breaking last year’s total of 5. He also leads the team in that category. The Bears have some talent at the position in Alex Brown, Mark Anderson, and Gaines Adams, but haven’t gotten consistent production out of any of them. The Bears already spent a 2nd round pick in acquiring Gaines Adams and don’t have any high-draft choices available, but they need to add a bigger pass rush to the defense. It looks like Ogunleye will be back for the Bears because they need him.

Other Notable Free Agents:

Mark Anderson, Chicago Bears (27)
Derrick Burgess, New England Patriots (32)
Phillip Daniels, Washington Redskins (37)
Ryan Denney, Buffalo Bills (33)
Jarvis Green, New England Patriots (31)
James Hall, St. Louis Rams (33)
Reggie Hayward, Jacksonville Jaguars (31)
Jevon Kearse, Tennessee Titans (33)
Travis Kirschke, Pittsburgh Steelers (35)
Anthony Montgomery, Washington Redskins (26)
Chike Okeafor, Arizona Cardinals (34)
Darryl Tapp, Seattle Seahawks (25)

[B]Vince Wilfork, New England Patriots (28)[/B]
The Patriots acknowledged being unable to keep both of their elite defensive linemen by trading away Richard Seymour, freeing up enough money to retain Vince Wilfork. Wilfork is one of the league’s premier nose tackles and one of the cornerstones for the Patriots’ defense. Once the season ends, the Patriots should start immediately trying to get him under contract so not to give him an option to walk. If he hits free agency, there are a number of teams that will heavily court Wilfork at a premium position.

[B]Richard Seymour, Oakland Raiders (30)[/B]
Seymour has been coined one of the best defensive linemen of the decade and made himself a fixture in Honolulu prior to the last two seasons, including one curtailed by injury. Seymour has the ability and experience of playing 4-3 DT and 3-4 DE. He excels in run defense, but also has the ability to apply pressure and collapse the pocket. Moving to Oakland, the defensive line has been injected with a burst of energy and has performed pretty well overall. Seymour didn’t seem too excited about being blindsided in a trade to Oakland and I’d be surprised to see him make a full-time switch to a losing team from a winning organization like the Patriots.

[B]Aubrayo Franklin, San Francisco 49ers (30)[/B]
Franklin has emerged as one of the elite nose tackles this year, helping the 49ers to fielding one of the best run defenses in the league this year. He doesn’t provide much against the pass, but is able to occupy blockers and hold at the point of attack. If the Niners can’t reach a deal with Franklin, they’re expected to use the franchise tag on him.

[B]Casey Hampton, Pittsburgh Steelers (32)[/B]
Hampton has played pretty well this season, just outside of an elite level with a contract set to expire at the end of the year. The Steelers are among the top 3 teams in run defense this year and lead the league from a raw yardage standpoint. With a number of teams making the switch to the 3-4 without a proper nose tackle, Hampton’s salary could skyrocket through free agency. Great championship teams like the Steelers won’t overpay for players and that could be the case here. Hampton, earlier this season, hinted toward a move away from Pittsburgh if the money warrants it.

[B]Ryan Pickett, Green Bay Packers (30)[/B]
Under Dom Capers, the Packers defense has made a complete transformation into a new unit. The most impressive turnaround comes from the defensive line and the front 7’s ability to stop the run. Pickett has turned around his career in Green Bay and done a fantastic job at NT on run downs, where almost all of his snaps have come. First round pick BJ Raji is seeing most of the snaps in passing situations. He’s one of the under-the-radar tackles in the league. The Packers should look to retain Pickett, but if he ends up costing too much, the Packers already have some coin committed to Raji who has also played remarkably well in shared snaps. Losing Pickett would be a big blow to the depth of the Packers DL.

[B]Tony Brown, Tennessee Titans (29)[/B]
While some of the Titans’ defensive line has struggled this season, Tony Brown hasn’t been one of them. Actually, he’s one of the underrated defensive tackles in the league and one of the best pass rushers from the interior. He is a quick, penetrating UT that the Titans are expected to re-sign. After losing Haynesworth last year, losing Tony Brown would be a big blow to the front line.

Other Notable Free Agents:

Kendrick Clancy, New Orleans Saints (32)
Barry Cofield, New York Giants (26)
Jason Ferguson, Miami Dolphins (35)
Kedric Golston, Washington Redskins (27)
Tank Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals (28)
Travis Johnson, San Diego Chargers (28)
Fred Robbins, New York Giants (33)
Clifton Ryan, St. Louis Rams (26)
Tank Tyler, Carolina Panthers (25) – Restricted FA

[B]Shawne Merriman, San Diego Chargers (26)[/B]
With his first two sacks since returning from injury coming in week 8, Merriman doesn’t seem to be exactly the same player he was prior to his injury, which is to be somewhat expected. He lacks the explosiveness he had in the past, but some of that should return after this offseason as it continues to heal. The Chargers defense has been a large liability so it becomes a question whether or not the team wants to even commit that much money to a player who has been pretty unproductive. What the Chargers do with Merriman will be a decision based on the ultimate risk-reward analysis, as well as a decision reflecting which of their many free agents they choose to and are able to retain. Remember that the team also drafted pass rusher Larry English in the first round last year. The best guess is that the Chargers will place a franchise tag on Merriman, so as to not commit a long-term deal, but also not to allow the former All-Pro to just walk away.

[B]Barrett Ruud, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27)[/B]
Locking the young middle linebacker up should be a priority for the Buccaneers and with all the cap room they have, it’s a little surprising they haven’t already gotten it done. Ruud is one of the league’s best pure tacklers and has great instincts. Ruud’s new deal should be in the area of what Bart Scott received the past offseason (6 years, $48 million) from the Jets. He’s the leader of the defense now and will consistently be among league leaders in tackles for the next several years, as he is again this year. The Bucs should and will lock him up at some point in the near future, but it’s just about both sides agreeing on the terms.

[B]Karlos Dansby, Arizona Cardinals (29)[/B]
Dansby has played okay for the Cardinals, but isn’t making the number of impact plays we’ve seen out of him even in the past. Quite frankly, the linebackers as a unit have been a big problem for the defense this year. At the top of his game, Dansby is one of the better scheme-diverse linebackers in the league and will likely have a number of teams lined up ready to woo him this offseason. The Cardinals may re-sign him, but after this season, it won’t be quite as big a loss as some would have expected prior to this season.

[B]DeMeco Ryans, Houston Texans (26)[/B]
Ryans has been a stalwart for the Texans, displaying consistency from game-to-game and year-to-year. With rookie sensation Brian Cushing next to him, the Texans have the beginnings of a good front 7. Ryans would like a long-term contract with the Texans, and Houston will almost definitely re-sign Ryans to keep intact the foundation of Ryans-Cushing-Williams front 7. If the two sides can’t reach a deal, there’s a chance he would be willing to accept a deal elsewhere.

[B]Kirk Morrison, Oakland Raiders (28)[/B]
Morrison has been a fixture for in the Raiders starting lineup for his entire five year career now. Morrison is as sure a tackler as any in the league, amassing 100 for his 5th straight year. He doesn’t make many big plays from MIKE linebacker, but is the most consistent down-to-down player the Raiders have. Of all their priorities this season, Seymour and Morrison should be 1-2 on the list, respectively. If they lose Morrison, the porous run defense will become that much worse.

[B]Thomas Davis, Carolina Panthers (27)[/B]
Davis started his career on a sour note at safety, but has since converted to become a superb outside linebacker. Next to Jon Beason, the Panthers have a very nice young corps that they should be able to maintain over the next decade. Prior to his injury, Davis continued his success from last season, giving the Panthers great production out of his position. His presence is most sorely missed in coverage where he had 2 picks and 5 deflected passes before the torn ACL in his right knee. The Panthers should still bring him back for next year, but probably on a shorter contract to make sure Davis hasn’t lost his agility in and out of cuts that made him great in coverage.

[B]D’Qwell Jackson, Cleveland Browns (26)[/B]
Even after missing one game, D’Qwell Jackson remained the team leader in tackles and was one of the cornerstones of the Browns defense. He injured his shoulder in a loss to the Steelers, which has forced him to the Injured Reserve and has ruined his contract year. With few pieces to build around, the Browns will chart his recovery and try to re-sign him based on how he’s progressing.

[B]Thomas Howard, Oakland Raiders (27)[/B]
Howard’s ability to cover ground has helped him become the coverage backer he is today. Yet year after year, the Raiders finish near the bottom of the pack in run defense. Not to put the blame solely on Howard, but his play definitely reflects his inadequacies in playing through blockers. Howard is a nice blitzer and does a nice job of knifing through blocks to make plays in the backfield, but when he misses, he leaves a big void wide open behind him. Howard doesn’t have the bulk to go head on and stand up guards and that could be a big reason why Oakland pushes him down on their list of priorities.

Other Notable Free Agents:

Antwan Barnes, Baltimore Ravens (25) – Restricted FA
Bertrand Berry, Arizona Cardinals (35)
Chase Blackburn, New York Giants (27)
Gary Brackett, Indianapolis Colts (30)
Tedy Bruschi, New England Patriots (37)
Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans (33)
Danny Clark, New York Giants (33)
Angelo Crowell, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29)
Keith Ellison, Buffalo Bills (26)
Larry Foote, Detroit Lions (30)
Omar Gaither, Philadelphia Eagles (26)
Chris Gocong, Philadelphia Eagles (26)
Clint Ingram, Jacksonville Jaguars (27)
Rashad Jeanty, Cincinnati Bengals (27)
Derrick Johnson, Kansas City Chiefs (27)
Akeem Jordan, Philadelphia Eagles (25) – Restricted FA
Cato June, Houston Texans (30)
Rocky McIntosh, Washington Redskins (27)
Matt Roth, Miami Dolphins (27)
Scott Fujita, New Orleans Saints (31)
Jason Taylor, Miami Dolphins (36)
Zach Thomas, Kansas City Chiefs (37)
Pisa Tinoisamoa, Chicago Bears (29)
Stephen Tulloch, Tennessee Titans (25)
Mike Vrabel, Kansas City Chiefs (35)

[B]Carlos Rogers, Washington Redskins (29)[/B]
Though he’s had a couple poor games, Rogers has strung together a very nice season this year. He’s been targeted only 47 times this year and has had several shutdown games. Rogers is a good cover corner and in the league’s top 10. He does a nice job of contesting passes and is rarely caught completely out of position. With Brian Orakpo and the pass rush heating up in recent weeks, Rogers has the ability to make some gambles and collect his first pick of the season. Rogers doesn’t force turnovers or come up strong in run support, but he will be the best corner to become a free agent this year if Washington doesn’t throw some top-end coin in his direction.

[B]Tramon Williams, Green Bay Packers (27) – Restricted FA[/B]
Tramon Williams started the season as the third corner behind Al Harris and Charles Woodson, splitting out wide in nickel packages to allow Woodson to slip inside to the slot. After Harris’ season-ending injury Williams stepped into the starting lineup with ease. While many saw the Ravens pick on Tramon on Monday Night, be bounced right back to make a game-clinching interception at the goal line. As Williams earns a reputation in the league and learns to use more subtle contact downfield, he could develop into one of the top-end corners in the league. The Packers should sign Williams to a long-term extension at the end of the year, but still have the ability to tender him a restricted free agent.

[B]Dunta Robinson, Houston Texans (28)[/B]
After holding out for nearly the entire offseason, Dunta Robinson stepped in and played pretty poorly, allowing a number of intermediate catches against him. Over the last few weeks, Robinson has stepped up his play and limited the damage. With an entire offseason of workouts, Robinson can return to form and be one of the better corners in the league, but it’ll be interesting to see how the situation plays out next offseason after an up and down season this year. The Texans may not be ready to commit top-end money and if Dunta isn’t given it, he may try free agency if Houston doesn’t place the franchise tag on him yet again.

[B]Richard Marshall, Carolina Panthers (25)[/B]
Marshall has put up gaudy tackling numbers in his first three seasons, averaging over 80 per season. Starting opposite Chris Gamble, Marshall has actually played very well this season. He hasn’t given up many big plays and come up with a couple picks himself. Marshall loves to get physical and is likely to be rewarded by the Panthers at the end of the season with a long-term deal.

[B]Leigh Bodden, New England Patriots (28)[/B]
Bodden has rebounded well from his last year’s poor performance on the Lions. He’s picked off 5 passes on the year and gotten his hands on 16 others. Other than 2 or 3 below average games, Bodden has played at a high enough level to help a thin Patriots secondary. With rookie Darius Butler coming into his own and little else, the Patriots should re-sign Bodden to a multi-year deal to bring some continuity to the unit.

Other Notable Free Agents:

Alan Ball, Dallas Cowboys (25) – Restricted FA
Dre’ Bly, San Francisco 49ers (33)
Ralph Brown, Arizona Cardinals (31)
Brent Grimes, Atlanta Falcons (27) – Restricted FA
Nick Harper, Tennessee Titans (35)
Walt Harris, San Francisco 49ers (36)
Anthony Henry, Detroit Lions (33)
Ellis Hobbs, Philadelphia Eagles (27)
Roderick Hood, Cleveland Browns (28)
Marlin Jackson, Indianapolis Colts (27)
Tim Jennings, Indianapolis Colts (27)
Ken Lucas, Seattle Seahawks (31)
Karl Paymah, Minnesota Vikings (27)
Stanford Routt, Oakland Raiders (27)
Deshea Townsend, Pittsburgh Steelers (34)
Fabian Washington, Baltimore Ravens (27)
Usama Young, New Orleans Saints (25) – Restricted FA

[B]Nick Collins, Green Bay Packers (27)[/B]
After seeing Collins blossom into one of best safeties last year, earning a Pro Bowl invite, the Packers wanted to see if he would perform at that high level once again. Almost through the regular season, Collins has done just that, playing at a level indicative of his talent and as one of the 5 best safeties in the league. The former second-round selection from Bethune-Cookman plays a very unique game. Collins isn’t always in the exact right position and plays aggressively in coverage, but has elite recovery speed to account for any error in his position. Collins has picked off 6 passes through 13 games and should be paid handsomely by Green Bay this offseason, or even before.

[B]Antoine Bethea, Indianapolis Colts (26)[/B]
Antoine Bethea is every bit as talented and important to the Colts’ secondary as the renowned enforcer, Bob Sanders, who’s on the IR this season. Despite earning a Pro Bowl selection in 2007, Bethea is still highly unrecognized. He’s consistently one of the Colts’ leading tacklers as a result of his sound angles and quick closing speed around the line of scrimmage. He is a little susceptible in coverage, but has the ability to play both strong safety and free safety. The Colts will likely choose to re-sign Bethea, if it comes down to him and the injured Marlin Jackson.

[B]Roman Harper, New Orleans Saints (27)[/B]
Roman Harper can be compared to Bethea in a number of regards as one of the more underrated safeties in the league. His ability around the line of scrimmage in run support is among the best in the league. Harper leads the Saints in tackles for loss and is only 2 off Vilma’s pace for the league leader in tackles. Both of the Saints’ safeties are set to become free agents this year.

[B]O.J. Atogwe, St. Louis Rams (29)[/B]
Atogwe is a four-year starter for the Rams at the backend of their secondary, giving them consistent production. Though his impact plays were down this season, Atogwe was on pace to break his personal best for tackles this season prior to his shoulder injury, which forced him to the IR. After designating him their franchise player, last season, the Rams were unable to get a long-term extension done. Coming off injury, the Rams will be cautious, but also realize Atogwe is one of the better players on the team

[B]Darren Sharper, New Orleans Saints (34)[/B]
After a couple of inconsistent seasons in Minnesota, Darren Sharper has put himself back on the map while picking of 8 passes and remaining 4 interception yards away from breaking Ed Reed’s league record for most INT yards in a season. Sharper is your typical gambler in the secondary, risking big plays for aggressive coverage and the interception. Not to downplay Sharper’s success, but he’s only adequate in run support as well. The Saints would surely love to have him back on a defense that prides itself on forcing turnovers, but may not want to commit too much money considering he is also 34.

Other Notable Free Agents:

Will Allen, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (28)
Atari Bigby, Green Bay Packers (28)
Tyvon Branch, Oakland Raiders (23)
C.C. Brown, New York Giants (27)
Daniel Bullocks, Detroit Lions (27)
Josh Bullocks, Chicago Bears (27)
Tyrone Carter, Pittsburgh Steelers (34)
Ryan Clark, Pittsburgh Steelers (30)
Hiram Eugene, Oakland Raiders (29)
Sean Jones, Philadelphia Eagles (28)
Dawan Landry, Baltimore Ravens (27)
Danieal Manning, Chicago Bears (28)
Jarrad Page, Kansas City Chiefs (26)
Brodney Pool, Cleveland Browns (26)
Mark Roman, San Francisco 49ers (33)
Gerald Sensabaugh, Dallas Cowboys (27)
Roy Williams, Cincinnati Bengals (30)

[B]Neil Rackers, Arizona Cardinals (34)[/B]
Rackers has played well so far, though hasn’t been called on to kick many field goals. His only miss in 16 attempts came from 48 yards out. Though he has yet to attempt a field goal from outside 50 yards, he’s connecting on over 90%. With some teams struggling to find good kickers this year, the Cardinals will probably re-sign Rackers who has been pretty consistent inside 50 yards. He’s still among the league’s best kicker and has plenty of range for kickoffs.

[B]Stephen Gostkowski, New England Patriots (26)[/B]
Gostkowski has had a pretty average season, booting at 81% success rate, but has been mediocre for his career between 40 and 49 yards. He has done a nice job on kickoffs though, ranking in the top 5 in touchbacks. The Patriots will try to extend him, but if the asking price becomes too much for them, they should have no problem finding another kicker of his caliber.

[B]Shayne Graham, Cincinnati Bengals (32) [/B]
After struggling early in the year, missing 3 kicks and an extra point through 7 games, the Bengals canned long-time long snapper Brad St. Louis. Since then, he’s missed only 2 kicks including 1 a 51-yarder at Heinz Field, a place known for its impossibility in connecting on long distance attempts. Graham is still one of the most consistent kickers in the league.

[B]Dan Carpenter, Miami Dolphins (24) – Exclusive Rights FA[/B]
The Dolphins have found a very good field goal kicker in Dan Carpenter who has only missed one field goal in 20 attempts this season (49 yard attempt). As an exclusive rights free agent next year and a restricted free agent the year after, the Dolphins will be able to retain him for the next couple years.

Other Notable Free Agents:

Jay Feely, New York Jets (34)
Garrett Hartley, New Orleans Saints (24)
Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland Raiders (32)
Olindo Mare, Seattle Seahawks (37)
Matt Prater, Denver Broncos (26) – Restricted FA
Jeff Reed, Pittsburgh Steelers (31)
Shaun Suisham, Washington Redskins (28)

[B]Jon Ryan, Seattle Seahawks (28)[/B]
Ryan has done a very good job for Seattle this year with a 47.3 average (4th best) and a 40.0 net (8th best). After coming to Seattle after being cut by Green Bay, Ryan has been an above average punter and is a good bet to be re-signed by Seattle.

[B]Sam Koch, Baltimore Ravens (28)[/B]
Koch hasn’t continued his upward trend, but has still been a consistent punter, able to pin opponents within the 20. He also gets good hang time on his punts, ranking in the top 10 in return yards allowed per punt. After signing a mid-level offer sheet a year ago, expect Koch and the Ravens to work on a contract extension.

[B]Michael Koenen, Atlanta Falcons (28)[/B]
Koenen isn’t having the type of season he had last year when he set a league record in return yards allowed (49), but is doing a great job yet again. His directional punting and distance control has led to 17 In-20’s opposed to only 2 touchbacks in 47 attempts. Koenen is near the league leaders in percent of punts returned. Look for the Falcons to re-sign him after designating him the franchise player a year ago.

Other Notable Free Agents:

Brad Maynard, Chicago Bears (36)
Daniel Sepulveda, Pittsburgh Steelers (26) – Restricted FA
Hunter Smith, Washington Redskins (33)

skinsfaninok 01-02-2010 01:02 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
Thanks warrior! Not a bad list, I could see Mike Bell or Norwood here next year especially with Shanahan's offense. Carlos will not come back, and JC more than likely won't either. I doubt GB would let Nick Collins go but I would love to see him In WAS also.

Redskin Warrior 01-02-2010 01:22 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
I would love OT Marcus McNeil from SD

53Fan 01-02-2010 01:28 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
Thanks for all the work Redskin Warrior! Very informative. Lord I hope we don't sign JT again! :doh:

Chico23231 01-02-2010 01:35 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
[quote=Redskin Warrior;648528]I would love OT Marcus McNeil from SD[/quote]

He would be my number 1 target on the list, with Evans RG from Saints a close number 2......Marshall the CB from Carolina had a hell of a good Monday night a couple weeks ago....Nobody from the RB list intrigues me except for Sproles who Im sure the asking price will be too big for what I think we should pay...............i tell u what, San Diego has a ton of good free agents with contracts due, that shows some good f*ing scouting from their FO

Redskin Warrior 01-02-2010 01:56 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
I love Demeco Ryans too we should have drafted him instead of Rocky there was only a 2 slot difference in the draft, but I'm pretty sure that the Texans will sign him to a long-term contract I would be shocked if they didn't.

Lotus 01-02-2010 02:06 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
I notice that Hunter the Punter is on that list. I hope he gets an extension ASAP.

skinsfaninok 01-02-2010 02:46 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
[quote=Redskin Warrior;648528]I would love OT Marcus McNeil from SD[/quote]

I'm sure we will target him

redskin37 01-02-2010 06:09 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
I would love to see the skins take a chance on David Carr.

Longtimefan 01-02-2010 06:51 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
Good work Warrior, I've been trying to find a list comparable to this.

budw38 01-02-2010 08:38 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
More than a few O-Linemen to choose from ... can we have 2 ... or 3 please ?

GusFrerotte 01-02-2010 09:29 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
No FA QBs unless we keep JC around. The others are a bunch of bums minus Orton, but I am not sure we should even go for him. Draft some of the young talent coming up in the 2010 draft. Lefevour, Sheehan, Elliot, Stull, Pike, Kafka, and a host of others are in the draft in 2010 take one of them. Shoot take 2 if some fall to the mid or lower rounds. Any FA signings should be linemen or DBs in my mind

CultBrennan59 01-02-2010 09:40 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
I guarantee you that Snyder and Allen will bring in at least 2 FA offensive lineman, because there aren't any good FA QB's, and there are a good amount of QB's and OLineman in the draft, the Skins will get some veteran OLineman in FA, then Draft a QB (Bradford) first overall and then get more young OLineman in the draft. Expect Chris Kuper the Guard from the Broncos and maybe a Tackle like Donald Penn/Marcus McNeil to be brought in here.

CRedskinsRule 01-02-2010 10:07 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
Best thing about the Warpath, good people who bring a lot of intelligent posts. Thanks Warrior for this excellent post.

I haven't really thought much on FA/Draft, I want to believe that once we get the new FO/HC situation settled, we will see a new way of thinking and we will be happy with how they handle it.

skinsfaninok 01-02-2010 10:18 PM

Re: 2010 Free Agents
[quote=CultBrennan59;648635]I guarantee you that Snyder and Allen will bring in at least 2 FA offensive lineman, because there aren't any good FA QB's, and there are a good amount of QB's and OLineman in the draft, the Skins will get some veteran OLineman in FA, then Draft a QB (Bradford) first overall and then get more young OLineman in the draft. Expect Chris Kuper the Guard from the Broncos and maybe a Tackle like Donald Penn/Marcus McNeil to be brought in here.[/quote]

EXACTLY! and that's why you will see us drafting a QB in the first round. If this is an uncapped year or not I guarantee that we will be in the runnings for the top FA Lineman.. This will allow us to draft Bradford or Clausen

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