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davy 01-08-2010 07:20 AM

Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
Found this on another forum. It was copied to there so not sure where it originates from. Lots of interesting insights I thought.

"Just wanted to say congratulations on landing Shanny. You'll like him, he'll definitely set up an offense you can be happy with. I've been reading through the posts in this thread and see there's quite the debate over whether to go left tackle or quarterback in the first round.

I'll weigh in on the prototypical Shanahan QB first: He likes a strong armed quarterback as mentioned with some mobility. Shanny seems to like a quarterback with a strong arm to stretch the field who can offer balance to the offense so that he can also get his running game going. I'm not sure about Clausen's mobility, but he's definitely got the arm. With your line the way it is though, my best guess is that if Shanahan wanted to go after his franchise quarterback he'd wait until next year and get a guy like Jake Locker. Ryan Mallet's a statue, but he does have a cannon, so it's 50/50 there. I think there's a strong chance that Jimmy Clausen can go number one to St. Louis after he works out.

With that said, I'm not sure what type of blocking system you've been using in Washington in the previous administration, but if it is not a zone scheme, you'll be switching to a zone scheme. I wouldn't be surprised if Shanahan reaches out to his longtime offensive line coach, Rick Dennison, and asks him to come to Washington to teach your linemen the zone blocking scheme. I'm aware that your offensive line is in shambles, what you will want in a left tackle for the zone blocking scheme is a lighter left tackle (300-310 range) who is extremely mobile and can get out to the second level and pull and block. The Broncos drafted two tackles in the first round under Mike Shanahan; George Foster - who didn't fit the zone scheme even a little bit and was a horrible bust. Foster was way too big and was not quick enough, he didn't have the feet for the zone system. The other was Ryan Clady who was an excellent fit, he had exceptional size for a zone system left tackle and also had great feet and moves excellently laterally. Clady has proved this year he can play exceptionally in any blocking system, man or zone. What I mean to say is, when looking for a left tackle in the zone system, the best overall prospect at tackle, isn't always the best overall prospect for the zone system.

Left Tackle 1st Round Candidates:

Russell Okung: He's got the size that as a Broncos fan I'm used to (before Ryan Clady broke the mold) but his projected 40 time is around 5.24. I'm not sure about his quickness, or lateral movement which you guys should pay attention to at the combine because that will have a big effect on whether or not Shanahan thinks he has the skill set to be a franchise zone blocking system left tackle. Based on that 40 time I'd say he's not your best bet. Hopefully the decision will be made easier for you and the Chiefs will take him though.

Bruce Campbell: I have special interest in Bruce's case because I graduated the same year as him and played basketball against him in middle school and high school growing up. Biased aside, he has skyrocketed to a potential top ten pick depending on whether his history of minor injuries checks out. He'll be the typical Maryland workout warrior. He's got great size, can protect the quarterbacks blindside, and has unreal feet. He should run a sub 5 forty at the combine at 310 pounds. He may have the best feet in the combine. He's big, strong, and quick, with great athleticism and quick feet. He would flourish as a zone system left tackle, does have a little risk factor though with his minor injury history. If he passes all his medical clearances and runs well this kid could be your future left tackle.

Bryan Bulaga: Much like Campbell, should Bulaga declare he has the skill set. He's super athletic with great feet, and he's got solid size to go along with it. He'd also be another great fit for the zone blocking system. He has all the attributes, the only real question mark I see with Bulaga is whether or not he will declare, I'd imagine a decision would be coming soon since his bowl game was last night. A slight trade down would probably also help you guys, you could use the picks, and would probably pick up a 3rd rounder in trading down.

Anthony Davis: See this kid as more of a man blocking system left tackle. He's big at 325, and his timed speed isn't what you would look for in a zone blocking system left tackle.

Charles Brown: Has the right size and skill set of a zone blocking system left tackle. Sitting at around 300 pounds with good feet like Bulaga and Campbell. Another trade down type guy, it's not really like Shanahan to trade down however.

Joseph Barksdale: Another guy with a great skill set for the zone system. Barksdale is very athletic which as I'm sure you guys have figured out is great for the zone system, he's also got great size. His size/movement combination is really unique and if he declares he'd definitely fit well in a zone system. Another trade down guy if he declares.

Summing things up on the tackles, you're looking for a guy whose quick and can run block as well as pass block. Shanahan will be drawn to those really athletic tackles like Bruce Campbell, Charles Brown, and Bryan Bulaga to get his franchise left tackle. I'm not yet sure if Okung has that athleticism that Shanny will be looking for.

How Shanahan drafts:

-In regards to getting his franchise quarterback:
If there's a guy he believes in, he will trade up to get him. This is much the case with most teams looking for a franchise quarterback. It's the most important position in starting a winning franchise, so you don't sit back and hope the guy falls to you, you make moves to go up and get your guy. Shanahan showed that this is the way he operates in getting his guy when he traded up for Jay Cutler.

-Shanahan tends to draft in bulk:
It is known that the Redskins offensive line is in shambles at this point. Don't be surprised to see Shanahan draft in bulk along the line. Like serious bulk. A few years ago he drafted Jarvis Moss and Tim Crowder in the first and second round respectively. A couple years prior we needed a cornerback opposite Champ. Starting in the second round Shanahan drafted Darrent Williams, Domonique Foxworth and Karl Paymah all in succession.

-Shanahan will never draft a 1st round running back:
After the success of 6th rounder Terrell Davis behind a zone blocking scheme offensive line Shanahan definitely believes he can find his guy at running back in the later rounds. This isn't to say he wont go after a 2nd rounder occasionally (Portis, Tatum Bell) but he looks for guys who are great at "1 cut and go" running. Guys with great vision in reading the line, finding the hole, and exploding through it. He is a firm believer that he can plug and chug, and that good running backs are expendable in his system. So if you have a guy rush for back to back 1500 yard seasons, don't be surprised if he's traded for a couple first round picks and a good player at a position of need (Portis for Champ and a first).

-He's not the best drafter:
Shanahan can do great things in finding players later in the draft, especially running backs and offensive linemen. However he's not the best in the first couple of rounds. Towards the end of his time in Denver though he did get better. The 2006 draft with Cutler (QB), Scheffler (TE), Brandon Marshall (WR), Domenik Hixon (WR/KR), Elvis Dumervil (DE/OLB), Chris Kuper (OG) was absolutely phenomenal, churning out 5 starters and Hixon has turned into a great returner in New York. 2008 he also did alright at the top of the draft with Ryan Clady (LT) and Eddie Royal (WR) in the first two rounds. The rest of that 2008 class kind of got shuffled around. Lucky for you guys it seems he is beginning to get better in the earlier rounds, and it looks like you'll probably going with linemen in those early rounds which is good for your chances at a successful draft.

Character Concern Players:
He's a fan of grabbing guys with character concerns who should be in the first or second round if it wasn't for their past issues. A few examples of this are Brandon Marshall and Marcus Thomas. He traded up specifically for Marcus Thomas in 2007. If he thinks their value as players outweighs the potential character issues and the point they've reached in the draft he has no problem taking them.

Potential Guys Shanahan Brings from Denver:

Rick Dennison - OL Coach:
This guys a master at the zone blocking system and I've gotta believe if Shanahan asks (which he probably will), Dennison will come over to Washington and help implement the zone blocking scheme that Shanahan is famous for.

Bob Slowik - Secondary Coach:
I expect Slowik to be in Washington in some capacity. Rumors are that Shanahan wants the Bengals Defensive Coordinator to come over for him, and is not considering Slowik as a Defensive Coordinator. Be thankful for that. Slowik is a good secondary coach, and he's got talent to work with in Washington. Pray he never becomes your defensive coordinator though, seriously.

Peyton Hillis - Fullback:
Seventh round pick by Shanny in 2008. He was an absolute gem in Shanahan's offense, and Shanny knew how to use him effectively. Tough runner, and great receiver out of the backfield. Stuck in McDaniels doghouse all season, so I wouldn't be surprised if he were let go. If that does happen I'd expect there to be interest from both sides.

Chris Kuper - Offensive Guard:
The guys a stud at right guard in the zone blocking scheme. His rookie contract is up after this season. If he's not re-signed by the Broncos, which I still consider likely, Shanahan would definitely give up whatever the pick he is tendered at (RFA).

Ben Hamilton - Offensive Guard:
Getting older, but he's an unrestricted free agent who definitely wont be resigned. Probably still solid in the zone blocking scheme, but doesn't have anything close to the size or strength needed in the Denver's new man blocking scheme. He flat out sucks in the man scheme, he's a zone scheme only guard, and he'd provide great depth for your line. Can also play at center if thats an area of need on your line as well. 98% sure he'll be a Redskin next season as a depth offensive lineman. He's GREAT depth in a zone scheme.

Tony Scheffler - Tight End:
Another guy who would cost a draft pick because he'll be a restricted free agent. Definitely don't see Denver bringing him back after he was deactivated along with Brandon Marshall for the week 17 beatdown. A guy that Shanahan's familiar with though, and who he loves as an end zone and vertical threat from the tight end position. Don't think you'd go after him, but Shanahan might show some interest.

Marcus Thomas - Defensive Tackle:
Shanahan traded up for him in 2007. He may be released by the Broncos, hasn't done much in the 3-4. Showed promise under Shanahan and could be a potential depth defensive tackle.

Wesley Woodyard - Linebacker:
Woodyard is a typical Shanahan linebacker. He's small but very fast. His rookie year last year he was outstanding. Doesn't really fit the 3-4 so well, but he's one hell of a weakside linebacker in a 4-3. If he's dropped I'd expect serious interest from Shanahan and the Redskins.

Casey Wiegmann - Center:
Dude is old, and sucks in the man blocking scheme. Was a pro bowler in his one and only year in the zone blocking scheme under Coach Shanahan, so if he doesn't retire, he'll be cut from our roster. Shanahan would probably bring him in for a look and see what he's got left."

Redskins_P 01-08-2010 07:41 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
Good read. I wouldn't mind bringing any of coaches/players he suggested except for Scheffler. I think we're set at the TE position ;)

Eknox 01-08-2010 07:59 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
If he can get any where near the results of the 2006 draft we'll be in good shape next year..,

tryfuhl 01-08-2010 08:04 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
Solid info, thanks for sharing, as well as thanks to whomever originally broke that down.

CRedskinsRule 01-08-2010 08:06 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
That seems like real good insight, where ever you got it from, be sure to thank them!

davy 01-08-2010 08:07 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
[quote=Redskins_P;652221]Good read. I wouldn't mind bringing any of coaches/players he suggested except for Scheffler. I think we're set at the TE position ;)[/quote]
Yeah, I thought the idea of us being interested in Scheffler was kinda funny.

I wouldn't normally be in favour of bringing in aging free agents but in the case of the offensive line it would make a lot of sense if we could pick up a couple of Denver's cast-offs.

SmootSmack 01-08-2010 08:09 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
Good stuff. I think Brown could be available in the 2nd. I'd like him as a LT and then Bulaga or Calloway as a RT

I fully expect Dennison and Slowick here as well

And yeah I think I've mentioned a few times here that he will definitely make some head-scratching decisions. See Maurice Clarett. Shanahan is one of those guys who believes, really believes, in his coaching abilities and he thinks that he can make any player great. That's often the danger with having the top personnel guy and the head coach be the same person

Longtimefan 01-08-2010 08:21 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
That's real good stuff. I see he concurs with some others about Slowick as DC. The thinking is that he may be good as SC but not coordinator. Dennison gets favorable grades from just about everywhere, the exception being some think he coaches dirty with all the cut-blocking schemes his O-lines have been known to use, other than that he grades out.

KI Skins Fan 01-08-2010 08:23 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
This was a good read. It seems that there are some good OT prospects in this year's draft. Jason Fox of Miami is another player who comes to mind. To me, he looks like he could be a good fit in Shanny's system.

Chico23231 01-08-2010 08:28 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
Great info thanks...

SBXVII 01-08-2010 08:35 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
If Shanahan and Allen draft for "need" I'll be satisfied. We see players all the time coming out of the draft with crazy talent going to teams all because we want to draft "character" guys. As long as they are not out trying to "make it rain", getting involved in a murder plot, constantly getting caught using drugs, or a "major" locker room cancer I'll be satisfied. Clarett was an idiot, all the talent in the world and throws it away.

SmootSmack 01-08-2010 09:12 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
I guess the latest word is Houston might be interested in Rick Dennison as their OC, we can't offer him that.

53Fan 01-08-2010 10:14 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
Good read Davy. Insightful stuff on Shanahan.

BigHairedAristocrat 01-08-2010 10:20 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
Really good read Davy. Thanks for re-posting. I handn't really thought about Okung not being a good fit here. At this point, my preference is to trade down in the first, pick up extra picks, and draft the best 2 zoneblocking linemen in the draft at the "appropriate" slots.

[QUOTE=SmootSmack;652248]I guess the latest word is Houston might be interested in Rick Dennison as their OC, we can't offer him that.[/QUOTE]

Sure we can. Since it seems we're back in "crazy title mode," Kyle Shanahan could be assistant head coach - offense and Dennison could be offensive coordinator.

Grey will probably also be retained with the title, Assistant Head Coach - Defensive Backs or even Assistant Head Coach - DeAngelo Hall if Shanahan wants to bring in another DB coach.

tryfuhl 01-08-2010 10:52 AM

Re: Thoughts of a Broncos Fan
[quote=KI Skins Fan;652234]This was a good read. It seems that there are some good OT prospects in this year's draft. Jason Fox of Miami is another player who comes to mind. To me, he looks like he could be a good fit in Shanny's system.[/quote]I think that's who WalterFootball projected as our 2nd rounder.

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