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Gmanc711 03-09-2004 10:30 PM

Skins Video Clips
Does anyone here know where I can get ANY video clips whatsoever, besides Redskins.com, cause they dont work. I got a new editing program which is really awsome and i wanna put together some skins " mini movies " and I cant find any clips for them. If anyone knows anywhere that I can get a few please post them. Thanks alot. - Gman

Daseal 03-10-2004 09:28 PM

Did you try Kazaa? Seen a few skins clips on hard hitting movies

Gmanc711 03-10-2004 10:46 PM

Yeah, I do have a couple of those, I appreciate the feedback though. I might jus thave to wait till next year when I tape the games. I love making movies and video things like that though

Daseal 03-11-2004 09:52 PM

I go on spring break next week. Ill try to search some and give ya a hand.

beg8878 03-12-2004 12:18 AM

[QUOTE=Daseal]I go on spring break next week. Ill try to search some and give ya a hand.[/QUOTE]

If you're going on Spring Break, there a 100 better things I can think of that you should be video taping..

Gmanc711 03-12-2004 07:24 PM

LOL! I hear ya beg. But If you do, I appreicate it alot Daseal, but dont worry about it if you cant, no big deal.

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