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tryfuhl 04-04-2010 01:14 AM

My case against Tebow
I'll preface by saying that we all know that Tebow was a great college player, has great drive and ambition, and was an integral part of the success in Gainesville.

Plenty of people argue that Tebow doesn't have what it takes to become your prototypical NFL QB, assuming he won't be a traditional QB (akin to his college days) you'll really have to build an offense around him, likely one similar to his in Florida. The problem is, college offenses haven't really taken over the NFL, you have formations that get some looks like the Wildcat (not a QB option usually, if so, typically a backup), some spread concepts, etc. An overall spread/option formation just isn't really pro style due to the defensive parity that's not always found in college. And god forbid we tried it while having this type of O-Line (Spurrier-Ramsey anyone?).

Okay, all that being said you still want Tebow, he's got IT. Shuler, Couch, and Alex Smith be damned, we're going with this guy. So we begin to build an offense around Tebsus, one that suits his strengths, makes him effective. So essentially what we've done is to force an alternative offense in the NFL, one used to create mismatches when the playing field isn't so even, one for college. That being said, let's have an intermission.


Okay so we've effectively found some sort of system, adopted one, created one (oh boy), etc. Tebow doesn't pan out, Tebow gets hurt, Tebow leaves to run his missionary program full time.. whatever. What now? We've got a gimmick offense that might not work to begin with, who's going to step in and run it? Do we draft another spread/option QB and continue with our revolution? Probably not, we COMPLETELY change our team again. Woo boy, 2 complete overhauls in who knows how many/few years. Sure you want to build an offense around whatever QB you have, but you don't want to have a radical change. Vick, while amassing some great running stats and having success did not revolutionize the game. McNabb came to the realization that he needed to become more of a pro-style QB.

So, I've left out one option. Make Tebow fit the mold of a pro-style QB. He can do it, it'll just take time right? If you're wanting Campbell gone because of impatience, you better not want Tebow in.

If we want an already pro style there's Clausen, close to ready to go in the pros (success not guaranteed, but he's got the concepts). If we want a system QB, there's Bradford and McCoy and arguably 2-5 more guys. I get the love for Tebow, the guy has the heart of a champ. So did Rudy.

How you can justify taking him over one of the other guys just does not make sense. I'd probably take Pike, Lefevour, Snead, etc over Tebow, especially if we're talking 2nd round here. If he's available in rounds 4-5 you lose nothing if he ends up not making it as a QB and he might make a good H-Back/TE. He could be like a Cooley, which would not be a shame at all and could make him more money than being a 2nd or 3rd string QB. A 2nd round QB is someone that you think might be able to take over no problem in a couple of years. Nobody knows if Tebow even CAN become that guy, much less have a solid chance.

We don't have a Brady or a Manning or a Rivers or Brees for Tebow to sit behind for another 5 years to really groom and I believe that's what it will take. Anybody who starts him in the next 3 years will likely be disappointed.

I know that this wasn't a technical breakdown of his gameplay but that can be argued to the death and even his fans are well aware of what he brings to the table currently, which right now is just the prayer.

The game is above any one player. Tebow is a special guy, but he can't change the game itself.

tryfuhl 04-04-2010 01:20 AM

Re: My case against Tebow
aww snap meant to make this in the draft forum

Pocket$ $traight 04-04-2010 01:20 AM

Re: My case against Tebow
All it is going to take is one shot in the open field from Ray Ray or Patrick Willis or the next Sean Taylor and the Tebow myth will be silenced.

He is too big of a target and cannot pass well enough to suceed in the NFL. Maybe I will be wrong but that is my position.

Lotus 04-04-2010 11:09 AM

Re: My case against Tebow
There is no point in our drafting Tebow because we don't need an H-back.

Son Of Man 04-04-2010 12:34 PM

Re: My case against Tebow
I believe that Tebow could succeed in a Patriots or Colts style offense because they both use Urban Meyer/Spread offense concepts. In fact, manning and Brady take an appreciable about of snaps from the gun. A sistuation like that would also give Tebow PLENTY of years to develop behind a quality NFL QB.

I would not be against drafting Tebow...if we did not expect to start him right away. If we had an effective QB to hold down the fort for a couple of years, then I am one who thinks Tebow has the work ethic to be groomed into a franchise caliber QB.

However, I still hope we go OT if unable to trade down from the 4th pick then pick up Colt McCoy in the early second.

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