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InsaneBoost 05-31-2010 05:58 PM

Rolling Thunder
Thought I'd share it with you guys:


Some pictures I took:


More information:

Site: [URL="http://www.rollingthunder1.com/"]Rolling Thunder - National Organization Headquarters[/URL]
Wikipedia: [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolling_Thunder_%28organization%29"]Rolling Thunder (organization) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/URL]

KLHJ2 05-31-2010 07:58 PM

Re: Rolling Thunder
[url=http://www.southparkstudios.com/episodes/251889]South Park Episode Player - South Park: The F Word[/url]

InsaneBoost 06-01-2010 01:48 PM

Re: Rolling Thunder
Each year there are more and more riders, but this year they expected 400,000+.

When I first started going to these, I think there was around 250-300,000.

Schneed10 06-01-2010 02:38 PM

Re: Rolling Thunder

mredskins 06-01-2010 03:09 PM

Re: Rolling Thunder

Helping out POWs is lame. OK? I use to think you were pretty cool.

InsaneBoost 06-01-2010 03:14 PM

Re: Rolling Thunder
and MIA's.

MTK 06-01-2010 03:41 PM

Re: Rolling Thunder


Schneed10 06-01-2010 04:14 PM

Re: Rolling Thunder
[quote=mredskins;704250]Helping out POWs is lame. OK? I use to think you were pretty cool.[/quote]

Not that part, that's cool. I've got military family so I'm appreciative.

But everyone here knows my stance on motorbikes and ATVs and the like, was just playing off that. I guess I should have been a little clearer.

Motorbikes = lame. But good cause nonetheless.

cpayne5 06-02-2010 12:49 PM

Re: Rolling Thunder
[quote=firstdown;704411]Ok maybe I had my head under a rock but whats so lame about a motorbike.[/quote]

A few years back, KW II and Big Ben were each in motorcycle accidents. There were lively discussions about these incidents. Schneed called them stupid for riding. Typical Warpath back and forth ensued.

That about sums it up.

johno 06-02-2010 12:59 PM

Re: Rolling Thunder
as a guy who lives among the hotels most of the bikers were staying in, it was frickin loud. i am not going to complain, it seemed like everyone was having a good time.

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