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tryfuhl 06-03-2010 02:12 PM

Redskins Offseason Program Reports
We have two more OTAs, coming June 7-8 and June 10-11. Following that we have the mandatory minicamp June 16-18. We're entering the time where we get more information about what is actually happening on the field in practices so we'll have a thread devoted to that. Of course in July we start training camp, so we still have a handful of weeks until that begins and we get even more information.

tryfuhl 06-03-2010 02:13 PM

Re: Redskins Offseason Programs
Copied over from my post in [URL="http://www.thewarpath.net/redskins-locker-room/36832-some-things-watch-redskins-practice-today-post704720.html#post704720"]this thread[/URL], here was John Keim's wrap-up of yesterday's practice.

[quote]1. It's sometimes hard to tell how good [B]Trent Williams[/B] is doing because he's always on the other side of the field from where we can watch. However, it's r[B]are to see him getting beat[/B] (yes, OTAs, June; no pads, long way to go, etc). That's not to say that it won't happen, it will. But he's looked good enough so far to make you think he's a good pick. Obviously training camp will reveal a more complete picture. However, I'll also say he [B]does a good job of recovering when he gets beat[/B]. His footwork and his long arms enable him to escape bad situations. What I'm most curious to see is when guys start setting him up, starting inside and then going wide. That gave him some trouble in college.

2. But I do wonder about how hard Williams will work in the weight room. Certainly you've read these comments from the Oklahoma strength coach. Today, Williams was asked if he wanted to prove people wrong when it came to perceptions about his work ethic. Williams responded mostly to what his former strength coach had to say and capped his comments by saying, "You always have people who have their opinions. Obviously what he was saying didn't match up to what I produced on the field and that's why I went where I went."

Many people questioned his work ethic. It would have been better to hear that, yes, he wants to prove people wrong who held those concerns. But time will tell what direction he takes.

3. The [B]Redskins did make an offer to running back Brian Westbrook[/B] and still await his answer. They also [B]don't seem to have much interest in safety O.J. Atogwe[/B]. Coach Mike Shanahan gave a rather tepid response when asked if they did, telling the reporter who asked, "Even if I did I wouldn't share it with you....If the price is right and someone is available we'll always look at it. But we have depth at certain positions." Safety is one of those spots.

4.[B] LaRon Landry, Josh Bidwell, Rocky McIntosh and DeAngelo Hall all missed Wednesday's workout[/B]. Oh, yeah, so did Albert Haynesworth. Shanahan would not say which players were excused. But he did hammer home the offseason attendance once more (it's around 94 percent), "Guys that have not worked at their careers haven't lasted very long. Guys that are great players and consistent Pro Bowl players usually have a great offseason program." Not that he had anyone in mind.

5. The [B]defense is definitely ahead of the offense[/B]. Saw a number of interceptions today. Saw Lendy Holmes, Chris Wilson and Alvin Bowen pick off passes -- Andre Carter dropped one -- and a number of others bat them down. [B]Rex Grossman was the most victimized[/B]. He did not look sharp. Holmes dropped another possible pick (from Grossman).

6. Carter and Phillip Daniels both worked a lot in the practice. [B]Daniels worked with the starters; Carter was the No. 2 left ouside linebacker behind Lorenzo Alexander.[/B]

7. The Redskins worked on more deep passes today, especially the 25-yard outs. Donovan McNabb was on target with that throw today, squeezing a couple passes into tight spots. The best one? He stood strong in the pocket and then zipped a pass that landed just over the head of Kareem Moore to Joey Galloway, who was just in front of Reed Doughty. Another time he hit Anthony Armstrong on a deep out, just over top of Byron Westbrook.

8. [B]Colt Brennan did not have much luck [/B]on his outs.

9. Others have pointed this out, too, but it bears repeating: the[B] Redskins are definitely practicing at a faster tempo than in recent years[/B]. There's definitely more urgency running plays and getting through drills and that stuff matters. How much? Don't know. But it's a nice change. I have to believe some of that stems from having a coach they trust will make them better.

10. [B]Brandon Banks, Bobby Wade and Phillip Buchanon all fielded punts today [/B](well, more like they fielded balls shot out of a machine since Bidwell was not here). I love Banks' shiftiness, but I just don't see how he can contribute from scrimmage. I root for guys his size, but he's a long way from being NFL ready at that spot. He'll have to make a major impact on the return unit to earn a spot.

11. Shanahan said again today that he'd like Clinton Portis to weigh around 215 pounds, which is 15 less than he's weighed here in recent years. He was around 205 pounds when he played for him in Denver.

12. Artis Hicks is a good addition at least for the media. Very insightful stuff from him. Talked to him today about the different blocking schemes and I'll blog more on that later, but he seems like a smart guy.

13. [B]Rookie Perry Riley worked with the first defense at times[/B], with McIntosh gone. Chris Draft and [B]H.B. Blades worked with the No. 3 defense[/B]. Alvin Bowen and [B]Robert Henson are working with the 2's[/B].


joethiesmanfan 06-03-2010 02:42 PM

Re: Redskins Offseason Programs
Good stuff.

tryfuhl 06-03-2010 04:02 PM

Re: Redskins Offseason Programs
Some notes from Chris Russell (106.7 The Fan).. more about particular plays that happened

[url=http://1067thefandc.cbslocal.com/2010/06/02/redskins-want-westbrook-maybe-atogwe/]Redskins want Westbrook, maybe Atogwe? 106.7 The Fan – DC Sportsradio[/url]

[quote]Among the on-field highlights with some negatives that I was able to see today:

*WR Joey Galloway made a few downfield catches in the practice session, one was on a play-action from Donovan McNabb. Another one, appeared out-of-bounds but that is what practice is for.

*Redskins QB Colt Brennan threw an interception in red-zone drills that was returned by linebacker Alvin Bowen. We saw that a couple of times last preseason.

*The other QB Richard Bartel, who is battling Brennan for the # 3 spot, had an impressive hookup with Devin Thomas deep down the middle of the field.

*Tight End Fred Davis had a touchdown catch in red-zone drills and then caught a fade pass for a score over Reed Doughty to end the session. I was not sure if he was completely in the field of play, as it was extremely far away from the media area.

**Safety Lendy Holmes had a leaping interception on one play, and then almost had another but it was thrown so high it went off his fingertips despite a full jump.

**I saw a couple of passes that were knocked down by Redskins defenders with their hands up, including one by DL Trey Jacobs.

**It was great to see Andre Carter out there. His reps were limited, but he was fully participating in those reps and had a couple of good rushes from his LOLB position.

**ROLB Brian Orakpo tore apart the offensive line on one rush, while Trent Williams was engaged and fanned out on his block Orakpo bolted inside and would have created some big time pain.[/quote]

CRedskinsRule 06-03-2010 04:17 PM

Re: Redskins Offseason Programs

Blast from the past: Ade Jimoh, who played CB for #Redskins from 2003-06, is visiting Redskins Park...And was offered a contract. 19 minutes ago via web

[U]J/K it's just a visit, nothing more[/U] - I made up the contract part for AdeJimohFans around the world

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