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InsaneBoost 06-03-2010 03:12 PM

Authentic baseball jersey question
If anyone owns an authentic baseball jersey and could help me out that'd be great.

I'm a big guy, fatty, but not really upper body, just have a big belly. I wear a 60 in the authentic football jerseys and it's fine, I guess it might be a little snug, but it's not tight at all on me.

It says that the 60 NFL jersey is equivalent to a 5x shirt and a 60 MLB jersey is equivalent to a 4x shirt.

My question is, for those who own them, are they the same size, like is a 48 NFL and MLB the same for those who can tell me? I'm going out to look for the jersey, but usually being a big guy it's hard to find size 60 so I'll probably have to order online.

I probably will never button the jersey so the belly problem wont affect me and I don't have huge arms or anything so I'm hoping I'll be alright, just looking for some input from those of you who own them.


Riggo44 06-03-2010 03:32 PM

Re: Authentic baseball jersey question
I have a bunch of basball jersey and yes they run about the same sz. I would say the if anything my current baseball jersey's run a little bigger then my NFL ones.

InsaneBoost 06-03-2010 04:57 PM

Re: Authentic baseball jersey question
Okay cool. I thought that they were most likely made out of the same material which is why I didn't think they would be way off, especially not a full size.

As I said, I wont be wearing the jersey buttoned so hopefully I should be good.


PS: Till 11:59 tonight, MLB.com is having a sale, buy 2 things and the cheaper of the two is 40% off. So if you get a jersey, $250 and the second is about $140. Wish I had the money right now.

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