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SmootSmack 11-13-2004 11:32 PM

Rip Odb

skinsfanthru&thru 11-14-2004 02:00 AM

I haven't really been a huge wu-tang fan, but this is a pretty big shock. unfortunately with his past its likely drugs played a part, but honestly hopefully now he can be at peace cuz the past few years, from mainly his own doing, have been pretty crappy to say the least. another thing is that I didn't know he was 35, I figured he was still in his 20s.

Redskins_P 11-15-2004 02:29 PM

Rest in Peace--Ol dirty Bastard
I know ODB wasn't a great rapper, but he was a character. Rest in Peace ODB.


MTK 11-15-2004 07:46 PM

big ups to big baby jesus

Seriously though, the guy was just 35? Damn that's just too young for anybody to die.

Did he gain a ton of weight or what? He used to be skinny as a rail.

Daseal 11-15-2004 07:53 PM

He put on some weight Matty, but not a whole lot. He just signed a huge contracted with ROC, thought things were on the up and up.

Ol' Dirty Bastard was a cornerstone of the most prolific rap group of all time! I liked his style, he was... drunk. He was perhaps the funniest guy I've ever seen. Totally crazy, he had a better voice than he often let people see, some of his vocals on Wu-Tang Forever were actually pretty good! Brooklyn Zoo is one of my favorite CDs.

I hate to see the man who was hosting an MTV show and decided to pick up his welfare check on air die so early. I loved ODB and have been crying since it happened!

SUNRA 11-15-2004 11:33 PM

Rest in Peace ODB aka Big Baby Jesus aka Dirt McGirt aka Russell Jones. All these names define a man who just wanted to reinvent a new and improved image of himself. Wu Tang forever.

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