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SmootSmack 08-23-2010 02:46 PM

What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
Some key players are still holding out around the league. Which one do you think would have the most damning impact on his team if he doesn't play this year.

Assume, for the purposes of this poll, that they're not even traded so the teams get no compensation at all here

MTK 08-23-2010 02:54 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
Revis is the best player on this list, one of the best in the entire league. His absence is going to be significant if he's not there all year.

ArtMonkDrillz 08-23-2010 02:54 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
At first I was going to go with Revis mainly because the Jet's D is more or less designed around him but I changed my mind because they'll adjust.

Now I'm going with Mankins. That division is getting too good (except for buffalo) to have a weak O-line and still compete. Brady needs enough time to throw and without Mankins I don't know that he'll have it.

Longtimefan 08-23-2010 03:00 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
I went with Revis, though I believe the Jets can win without him.

Dirtbag59 08-23-2010 03:04 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
The Jet's D made Revis the player he is. I love how they signed Mangold to the same type of contract that Revis wanted. His hissy fit is working against him. They still have Antonio Cromartie, Kyle Wilson, and Dwight Lowry who was good at the nickle last year, and most importantly they have a healthy Kris Jenkins manning the nose.

The Patriots on the other hand need more balance on offense and loosing their best offensive lineman isn't going to help their running game renaissance.

rbanerjee23 08-23-2010 03:10 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
Hands-down, it's Revis -- VJ will be missed but Ryan Matthews provides some young legs in San Diego and the Philip Rivers to Antonio Gates connection should still be strong. With Revis, the Jets have the best D in the league, without him, they don't.

Slingin Sammy 33 08-23-2010 03:13 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
I thought I heard rumblings over the weekend that a Revis deal was close. However, if he isn't signed it hurts that D significantly. You can't dial up all kinds of heat consistently without a true shutdown corner to take away the opposing teams #1. Can the Jets win without him, yes. Can they win in the playoffs against Manning, Rivers, Brady without him, probably not.

MTK 08-23-2010 03:15 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
There was a rumor that a deal with Revis was close, but there's also been reports saying that nothing is imminent.

CRedskinsRule 08-23-2010 03:35 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
I want to say Revis, because he is the best player of the 4, but I went with Mankins, because Brady is not that mobile, and they don't have someone who will plug in as well, from what I have read. VJ and McNeill together do hurt SD's chances though.

Monkeydad 08-23-2010 03:41 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
I can't say Revis because they seem to have planned for this...they have Cromartie and drafted a great CB out of college, who would be starting if Revis weren't on the team previously.

I've gotta go with McNeil or V. Jackson.

The SD depth chart at WR is thin:
Malcolm Floyd
Buster Davis
Legedu Naanee
Josh Reed
Jeremy Williams
Seyi Ajirotutu
Gary Banks

Then McNeil, a starting LT holding out...is a huge loss. Brandyn Dombrowski is behind him and has started games, so it may not be as big of a loss as Jackson to the WR corp.

Then we must take into account...the Chargers have TWO holdouts on offense.

My vote is for Jackson. He's a second holdout for SD and leaves their WR crew very weak.

Revis is the best talent, but his loss doesn't completely gut that position for his team. They can probably survive without him on a solid defense. The Chargers have lost a lot of talent on offfense in the past few years...Tomlinson, Turner...now their RBs are a rookie and a 5'7" back, they have no talent at WR without Jackson...only Rivers and Gates are formidable until we see what Matthews can do.

As for Mankins...he's getting up there in age and Brady has been getting hit more and more every season for the past few. In his prime, Mankins would have been a huge loss to Tom Brady that neverr got dirty. Also, Brady gets extra protection from the referees and rules committee.

If the poll question were "which of the holdouts is the most talented?" Revis.

[B]Bigger impact by absence...I think Jackson, with McNeil second only because San Diego's holdout problems are doubled other teams'.

saden1 08-23-2010 03:52 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
Aren't these guys signed and under contract? Disgruntled Players more like it. Revis makes that defense what it is, without him they'll will get shitted on by the Pats.

SmootSmack 08-23-2010 03:56 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
I think VJ's absence would have the least damning impact on his team

McNeil is a stud LT and vastly underrated but I think Philip Rivers is one of those QBs who can overcome the loss of a stud LT with little negative consequence

Right now I can't decide between Revis and Mankins. Revis' loss hurts because of Moss and Marshall twice a year and that's such a tightly contested division that one loss could be the difference between division crown and third place and out of the playoffs.

Mankins' loss hurts because he's solid in both the pass game and the run game, and with Brady a couple of years removed from a torn ACL and getting up there in age the LT position is key. It also hurts because Mankins' probable backup, Nick Kaczur, could be out for the year following back surgery. The Pats did make a trade today for former Falcons OL Quinn Ojinnaka

GTripp0012 08-23-2010 04:00 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
Those are all really good players. The answer is probably McNeill, but I do think that a deal gets done with him either right before or after the first game.

The Patriots are clearly digging in on Mankins, and I'm not sure I would trust Dan Connolly or Quinn Ojinaka in that role. So I voted for Mankins.

Revis and Jackson are probably the two best players on that list, but those are also the spots where those teams are the strongest, and if not a whole season, can handle six games or so without those players and no major dropoff.

saden1 08-23-2010 04:15 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
Don't mess with the Pats! Let's hope our new management is modeled after them.

[QUOTE]Following the 2009 season, Mankins became a restricted free agent and was tendered at the highest possible level, $3.26 million. On June 15, 2010, with Mankins yet to sign his tender, the Patriots were able to lower Mankins' tender amount to 110% of his prior year salary, or $1.54 million. The Patriots did so, and Mankins reacted by publicly asking for a trade.[2] He also did not attend the Patriots' mandatory June minicamp, which he was not required to attend as he was not under contract at the time.[/QUOTE]

Dirtbag59 08-23-2010 04:21 PM

Re: What Unsigned Player Will Hurt His Team The Most?
Does anyone watch Hard Knocks? What's with the GM's on that show dressing like glorified gym teachers? Stephen Jones back in 2008 and Mike Tannenbaum in 2010. I use to always think that NFL GM was an exotic job with offices on par with CEO's. Instead they dress up in gym shorts and the same t-shirt that's usually used by players as an undershirt for practice. Maybe thats why the Revis camp hasn't agreed to a contract with the Jets. They keep on wondering why the Jets are sending a trainer to negotiate a contract.

I mean look at this. Tanebaum looks like an armchair QB in his mothers basement.

Rex Ryan on the other hand isn't dressed to the 9's but he doesn't have to be, he's a freaking coach. Still I mean look at his office. Nice desk, glass windows, a patio.

Good thing our very own BA knows how to dress for the heat without looking like a goon.

Tune in next week for QB fashion. Are towels really in this year, and what about those hand warmers. We'll give you the inside scoop. Until next time this has been NFL fashion police.

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