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Daseal 03-15-2004 05:55 PM

Incase of greivance going LaVar's way
What happens to our second round pick. Does everyone below us just move up a spot and there is 1 less pick? Or does another team get it somehow?

johnnyredskin63 03-15-2004 06:11 PM

[QUOTE=Daseal]What happens to our second round pick. Does everyone below us just move up a spot and there is 1 less pick? Or does another team get it somehow?[/QUOTE]

we could lose this year's and next year's pick.and we could also lose arrington
if the league office declares him a free agent.remember the little incident a few years back when the timberwolves tried to hide a bunch of money it was gonna give joe smith?the penalty was losing 5 draft picks,the player and a fine. :madani:

Defensewins 03-15-2004 06:16 PM

Did the Redskins do anything illegal? Judging by redskins management quote, they say they do not owe Arrington the money. They say it was his agent that signed the contract and the contract did not include the $6m signing bonus Lavar thought he was getting.

Daseal 03-15-2004 06:23 PM

I'm not saying they did, just curious of the penelty. Now, next year's whole draft or just the 1st rounder?

sportscurmudgeon 03-15-2004 11:48 PM


The answer to your question is that it is too soon to tell.

IF the Redskins owe Arrington the money and the reason they owe him the money is some kind of paperwork misunderstanding or something like that, then the penalty will not be severe - unless his signing last season put the Skins over last year's cap and screwed all that up. Then I have exactly no idea what the collective bargaining agreement calls for since that season is over and done with. :confused:

HOWEVER, if the Skins owe Arrington the money AND the determination is that they deliberately filed the wrong numbers with the league to keep extra cap room for themselves OR if they owe Arrington the money because it was found to be an enforceable agreement that was not reported to the league purposely, then the Redskins will likely get the hammer dropped on them.

The NBA precedent of losing 4 first round picks over a 5 year span will not apply here but you can look for some or all of the following penalties IN THE WORST CASE:

1. Arrington is a free agent and cannot resign with Washington.

2. Loss of draft picks (first round pick this year and maybe another first rounder sometime in the next two years). If the case is decided after this year's draft, then possibly first round picks in 05 and 07.

3. Huge fine.

4. League oversight of EVERY Washington contract for the next several years meaning that signings and trades will not be finalized quickly because the league will take time to review every detail with all parties.

5. Person(s) found to have deliberately misled the league to circumvent the cap (or to try to circumvent the cap) could be suspended and not allowed to have contact with the team for X years. Yes, that could be Danny Boy. Remember when the league made Eddie deBartolo stay away from the 49ers for two years while he was under indictment and he subsequently lost control of the team to his sister and his brother-in-law?

As I've said before, this case is probably not much of anything other than a misunderstanding about money which can be settled pretty directly. But on the slim chance it is something more sinister, we need to pay close attention...

skins009 03-15-2004 11:58 PM

I don't think there is anyway that arrington can become a free agent. He is just asking for the contract he signed to be thrown out. He would stil be under contract under his old deal. Plus I don't think he really has a good case, based on the fact that his agent initialed every page of the contract. I think we have another case of an agent screwing up mightly if there argument is in fact true. When you initial it means that you have raed it, and they should have noticed 6.5 million missing. I think the deal is more than fair for lavar. He shouldn't complain even for a second. He's lucky to get that much money for the way he played last year.

sportscurmudgeon 03-16-2004 12:05 AM


On this point I am 99.9% certain: Lavar's old contract is null and void. So either the new one stands up to scrutiny or he does not have a contract.

And if he did have his old contract, then all the signings in this offseason will be effected because LaVar's new contract saved the Skins a boatload of cap space.

Like I said, this is probably NOT going to be a big deal, but just in case it is, there aren't any really good outcomes for the Redskins.

htownskinfan 03-16-2004 12:28 AM

this is exactly the kind of thing we dont need,arrington thinks he's owed the money whether his agent signed off of it or not,he's pissed and he wants his money and he's going to resent the team for not giving it to him,this is going to turn out bad just like the Terrell Owens situation

JWsleep 03-16-2004 12:59 AM

Check out the claims in the Times article. It sounds like Lavar doesn't have that much of a case, at least as far as things look from the outside.

The extra 6.5 mil bonus would be in addition to a 6.5 mil bonus ALREADY in the contract. That makes the bonus too big to be true, according to the times. The whole thing is very weird. Check out the article:


SkinsRock 03-16-2004 08:26 AM

I really like Lavar and he is one of my favorite Skins, BUT...one thing in today's Post article really got me going...[B]he is "the highest paid linebacker in the NFL"[/B]...and that's without the 6.5 mil roster bonus. Shut up, get a new agent, and do your damn job!!! :screama:

rome108 03-16-2004 07:31 PM

The Times article seems to make sense. Why would the Skins agree to an additional bonus and have Lavar count 18m agains the cap? This kind of seems like a smack in the face to the Redskins, but of course I want Lavar to be happy and productive for us. I hope this pans out nicely for everyone, but I don't think it will. Seems like a real catch-22, somebody is gonna be upset when all the smoke clears

azskinsfan2 03-16-2004 07:40 PM

So when is this situation supposed to be cleared up??? The team, including Lavar needs to be focusing on the upcoming season, mini-camps, etc.

sportscurmudgeon 03-16-2004 09:02 PM


Settling grievances according to the processes set up in the collective bargaining agreement takes a LONG time. A friend tells me that it could take up to 2 months from the time that the grievance is formally filed and then accepted and that won't happen until sometime next week at the earliest.

Absent an agreement outside the grievance process, I'd guess we are reading and hearing about this one until at least the end of April and maybe into the first 10 days of May.

skinsfanthru&thru 03-17-2004 08:44 AM

with what the washington times has said about this grievance, why would lavar be doing this? I love lavar as a player as much as other members here, if not more than some of you, but has anyone raised the thought of maybe he's being a bit greedy and trying to get "free" of the redskins? maybe with spurrier walking away, lavar had had enough of the rotating flow of coaches from year and year and wanted out. I am a bit of a conspiracy person so maybe this is all fooey but it's not most of us really ever know any of these players. I hope I'm wrong about this but with everything apparently looking like the claim is bogus, I can't really think of any of legit reason this would be happening. :confused:

AnonEmouse 03-17-2004 10:07 AM

Strange thing is that other than this issue, he's sounded pretty comfortable recently and OK with the new coaching set up. I think he's been pushed a bit by his agent. If it turns out the agent is responsible, I hope the realises the guy screwed him over, not the Skins.

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