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Daseal 02-25-2004 10:09 AM

User Polls?
Any plans on setting it up so users can make polls or do you think that the spam and outbreak of multiple polls could be too bothersome. Just curious!

cpayne5 02-25-2004 03:51 PM

I like the idea of limiting poll creation to mods. It could get quite hectic if everyone was allowed to create a poll.

MTK 02-25-2004 05:28 PM

cpayne you took the words right outta my mouth.

Daseal 02-25-2004 07:32 PM

Yeah, I realized there was a huge downside, and every time someone needs a poll the mods here are always right on top of it! No real need, just a bit curious.

cpayne5 02-25-2004 10:29 PM

Maybe a forum could be created that was a host for polls. This thread would be the only place that non-mods could creat polls. This way, the people who really want to create their own polls can do so, but the people who don't want the polls cluttering up the 'locker room' don't have to deal with it. Just a thought, don't know how realistic my solution is though.

Daseal 02-26-2004 12:21 AM

Not a bad idea as long as the user base stays at the same level it is now, before we get polls that are completely useless!

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