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Landry44 11-24-2011 12:54 PM

Robert Griffin 3
This guy has been nothing short of spectacular this year. His combination of athleticism, arm strength, and accuracy makes him a top prospect in my eyes. Luck is getting all the hype and praise while guys like RG3, Barkley, and Foles are getting overlooked. This is how I think RG3 messures up.

5= elite
4= above average
3= average
2= below average
1= poor

Arm Strength: I think RG3 has a well above average arm strength, but not elite arm strength. He has more than enough arm strength to make every single NFL throw.

Grade 4

Accuracy: One of the things that makes RG3 so intriguing is his unbelievable accuracy definitely on the deep ball. This guy has excellent ball placement in the pocket and on the run.

Grade 5

Mechanics: The perfect over-the-top throwing motion RG3 displays is great. He has a quick release to go along with his perfect throwing motion. My only knock on his mechanic is that he sometimes throw the ball off his back foot when doesn't have too. Also his footwork not so good at times. With a little work and good coach this part of his game can be elite.

Grade 3

Pocket Presences: RG3 has a pretty good grasp of sensing pressure. He takes some sacks. However, he usually gets rid of the before taking the sack.

Grade 4

Athleticism: RG3 semifinalist at the Olympic Trials in the 400 hurdles following high school. He has shown the ability to elude would be sacks and turn them into big gains. He's very dangerous in the open field. There are few players that has his speed and elusiveness at qb.

Grade 5

Intangiblies: RG3 is a real character guy. He's an excellent student. He's proven to be a true leader on the field and in the locker room. He's a great competitor.

Grade 5

Summary: Robert Griffin is the most exciting prospects that I have seen in many years. It's rare to find a qb with his athleticism that has great passing ability as well. At the next level I believe he will give many defense fits with his arm and his legs. I think he's the best fit for what we do offensively.

Overall= 5

skinsfaninok 11-24-2011 01:03 PM

Re: Robert Griffin 3
Again I was fortunate to see this guy live last week and I was in awe, I'd take him number 1 that's how good he is.. Luck and Barkely are great ladders but RG3 can change the game at any moment kind of like Vick but a better passer by far and a faster smaller cam newton

GMScud 11-24-2011 01:09 PM

Re: Robert Griffin 3
There's already a thread discussing the 2012 QB class. Remember Landry44? You were strutting your stuff and then got pwned on pages 18/19 of the thread:


Every QB prospect for 2012 doesn't need their own thread. IF he decides to come out (which is far from a sure thing), he'll surely be a high pick. Maybe copy/paste your OP into the 2012 QB Class thread.

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