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ChounsMan 02-25-2004 11:34 AM

Ramsey to stay in DC
Gibbs: Ramsey Has 'Terrific Future'
Redskins Coach Explains Quarterback Arrangement With Brunell Aboard.

Coach reafirmed that Ramsey would not be dealt this year. So basically what can we expect to see come mini camp & training camp, a QB controversy..?

I say that it's going to be a distraction from Ramseys' camp.

Brunell comes in with nothing to loss & everything to gain. Plus a nice contract as incentive to win the starting job.

I know this is Ramsey's team, but Brunell is a great talent with proven leadership & experience in the league.

Could this offense be another 2 headed monster..?

My opinion coach Gibbs will not play that style ball. Like Parcells & Shula, Gibbs' track record shows that he will stick with the best guy no matter what, barring injury of course.

MTK 02-25-2004 11:54 AM

I have no doubt that Gibbs will play whoever he feels is the best guy for the job regardless of salaries. Gibbs is here to win, not to satisfy egos.

skins009 02-25-2004 12:15 PM

My guess is Brunnel will start next year, with Ramsey taking over after that. It might be good from the standpoint that Ramsey gets to watch and learn for another year. But I would rather have him on the field learning. I still think this whoe Brunnel thing is a big mistake simply because of the money we gave him Dan Synder again should his VERY bad habit of overpaying for players. This stragety is gonna lead to salary cap hell in about 3 years.

BrunellFan 02-25-2004 12:22 PM

It will be a training camp battle for sure, I just hope Ramsey doesnt become too much of a baby about this. I think the league recognizing him for his toughness and poise is actually a bad thing now, because he's firmly convinced that its his team and that Gibbs is an idiot for taking it away from him. Hopefully Ramsey can show more maturity in this situation.

SkinsRock 02-25-2004 12:22 PM

Gibbs knows that Ramsey is the QB of the future, and has the potential to be a big star in the league, but for this year, he will play the one who earns the job. I'm pulling for Ramsey, but if the competition is close, I can see him giving it to Brunell due to his experience, NOT his contract.

ChounsMan 02-25-2004 12:26 PM

Give me 1 team that doesn't go through salary cap hell every 3 years..? Winning unfortunately costs.

I'm happier knowing that I have an owner that wants to win & has the money to spend, rather then an owner who cares only to keep his financial gain between he & his shareholders.

Danny Boy has proven he wants to win.
He just needs a guy like Gibbs to teach him how :D

MTK 02-25-2004 12:33 PM

Funny how we've been talking about the team going into "cap hell" for the last 5 years since Danny took over and it's still yet to happen. I look around the league and see several other teams in much worse shape cap wise.

If Danny knows anything it's how to run a business. He's not going to run the team into the ground.

Daseal 02-25-2004 12:34 PM

Most teams that go through Salary Cap hell spend frivilously! Whoops, that's us with two good QBs.

Gmanc711 02-25-2004 12:39 PM

Yeah I agree with Matty. Were actually in fairly decent shape for this offseason, we always seem to find a way to be in good shape ( thusfar ) even with the Big names we pick up somtimes. If Danny can keep us out of cap hell in about 3 years, then i'll really give him his due

Skins fan 44 02-25-2004 01:05 PM

Brunell can only help Ramsey. So in that sense Brunell is worth having in order to make the future (Ramsey) better. I serously doubt Ramsey is going in camp thinking that he is the number 2 qb. Without Burnell Ramsey just coasts along training camp. We will see what Patrick Ramsey is made of come August. And besides what are the chances Brunell will stay injury free? Slim to none, and slim just left.

BleedBurgundy 02-25-2004 01:21 PM

Ramsey's Still The Man
My question with the whole trade for Brunell is that he said all along he was only going to a team that was committed to him being the starter. If we believe what coach Gibbs is saying than that's far from decided. I hope they didn't double talk him because we definitely don't need two pissed off quarterbacks in training camp...Personally, I'd rather get an older guy that can win in relief without being as much of a threat to Ramsey's confidence (Maybe coax Chris Chandler out of retirement?) Brunell still has 2-3 years left, does anyone actually believe Ramsey can wait that long to play after taking over last year?

sportscurmudgeon 02-25-2004 01:27 PM


The team that has won been to the NFC Championship game three straight years has been and remains under the salary cap. (Eagles)

The team that has won two of the last three Super Bowls does not have salary cap hell; they solved their problem by cutting ONE player who would not restructure his contract. (Patriots)

You asked for one team but I gave you two because you asked so politely...

These teams have been deep in the playoffs for 3 years and I kind of think that is what "winning" is about. So tell me again how all the winners have to face salary cap hell while the Redskins neither win nor have to face it?

At the beginning of last season Snyder and Cerrato said at the luncheon that welcomes the Skins to town at the end of training camp that they had this all figured out and that they could "keep this team together for 3 years with or without a salary cap". I was there when Snyder said it and Cerrato "resembled that remark". Forget that you would not have wanted to keep that sorry roster together for three years. They could not have done it if they had wanted to without tossing in a couple of 2-14 seasons!

BleedBurgundy 02-25-2004 01:35 PM

Snyder's isn't learning...

3 years ago I would have said Snyder was still learning, hell 2 years ago I would have said that. But now, I'm starting to think he will never get it. I'm very happy to have an owner that is willing to go out and pay for players and coaches who he feels can win but his fantasy football playing is making us look ridiculous year in and year out. Maybe the best thing for Snyder to do, since he obviously cares about the Redskins, is find another owner and sell the team...

azskinsfan2 02-25-2004 07:37 PM

I believe Joe will give both QB's a chance in camp to prove who the starter should be (I think Brunnell will get it for now just because he is a proven veteran). But no QB goes through the season without some injuries and Patrick will get his chance.
As for slamming Snyder again, from what I've seen Jack Kent Cooke spent the money to bring in anyone Gibbs said they needed, only there was no salary cap then. I know Snyder only wants to win, he wants a SuperBowl as much as we do. I don't think there's another owner or potential owner out there who trys harder than him to get that.

itvnetop 02-25-2004 07:43 PM

ramsey is going to see significant playing time this season- either as a starter or when Brunell goes down.

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