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MTK 02-24-2005 05:24 PM

Ask Mel Kiper Jr.! 2/23/05
Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, NFL draft guru Mel Kiper will drop by to talk about everything football, from this year's top prospects to future classes and recent NFL draftees. With bowl season completed, it's time to start talking all-star games, private workouts and draft stock. Send your questions now and join Mel in The Show this Thursday at 2 p.m. ET!

[b]The ShowGirl: [/b]Mel Kiper is on his way! Send in your questions now!

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]Combine workouts under way! Workouts begin on Saturday, until then it's all the weighing and measuring. Let's chat!

[b]Wayne (Beaverton, Oregon):[/b] I see that Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith are among several players not participating in work-outs at the Combine. I for one would like to see Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith participate in the work-outs. Is there any chance the Combine will change the rules in the future to require attendees of the Combine participate in the work-outs? And how do you rate these two QB's?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]They attend, they are there, they go through the medical testing, but the workout part of it is there decsion working in unison with their agents and representatives. Mike Williams is another one that has an individual work out scheduled. I'm in agreement with the players here. If you have a sub-par combine, individual workouts don't necessarily make up for that. The combine is not necessarily conducive to a great work out. I don't blame them.

[b]Alex (Vermont):[/b] What other players won't be working out at the combine?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]There are a lot of 'em. DE Sean Merriman, Cedric Benson, I'd say 50% of the guys. That's the way it is every year, a lot of the top players are not going to work out. One that will be working out that will be very interesting is Mo Clarett.

[b]Dan (Farrell, Pa):[/b] If it was my choice I wouldn't draft Clarett, but the the team that does will the take him before the 5th round?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]That's up in the air right now, too many things have to fall in place for Maurice between now and the draft. He'll way about 225-230. He'll do around 25-28 reps and they say he'll have a great workout. Now, is that a fantasy projection or is that reality, we don't know. If he really impresses people and does everything right, I think he could go as early as the 3rd round ... if not, I think he becomes a 6th or 7th round pick.

[b]Steve(Morgantown, WV):[/b] Where do you see WR Chris Henry fitting into the breakdown of the draft?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]Henry is another wild card. He's coming out after his junior year and it wasn't a great season. His average per catch dropped since last year, he had some run-ins with his coaching staff, so, I don't know. I thought he had the chance to be a real elit college player but that just didn't materialize. If he shows legit big-time speed in these workouts, I think he's got second round talent.

[b]mark , boston:[/b] why is the combine always in Indy?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]I have no idea. It used to be at Arizona State but it was moved b/c they wanted an indoor facility, for obvious reasons. I guess it's right in the middle of the country, it's a dome, I don't know.

[b]Marcus (Wilmington, NC):[/b] Who got the better end of the Randy Moss deal?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]The best of it, Minnesota or Oakland -- well, trades are not supposed to be equitable. The Raiders still have a lot of needs area particularly on the other side of the ball, Minnesota now has opened up some picks ... maybe Mike Williams at 7 then Shaun Cody at 18 ... OR, another possible scenario, Marcus Spears at 7 then come back at 18 with Roddy White the WR from UAB. So it bodes well for both sides.

[b]Sam (Los Angeles, CA):[/b] Most say there?s no obvious #1 pick in this draft. Do you see the combine changing this?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]Well, the combine or individual workouts will change that. Like we said, a lot of the players will not work out at the combine, but after seeing everybody, I'll bet there will be a buzz about one guy. But, you're right, there is no clear cut No. 1 right now.

[b]James (Illinois):[/b] Eagles fan here. How good is Ronnie Brown? His size, speed, and hands seem the ideal complement to Brian Westbrook as a between-the-tackles runner. He would probably get around 200 carries, which I think is wise for a college player unaccustomed to a long NFL season (ie including playoffs) If the purported deal between Arizona and Buffalo occurs involving Travis Henry, I could see Brown slipping to the late teens, early 20s. If that happens, don't you think is would be most beneficial for the Eagles to move up and snatch him up? Thanx.

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]I think Ronnie Brown is a GREAT fit for anybody looking for a RB. He's got a lot of Marshall Faulk in him, he's a great runnner, excellent receiver and a fabulous blocker. He'd look great in a Miami uniform ... maybe a Buc uni ... a Cardinal uniform. Those scenarios would be perfect for Ronnie. HE is so complete.

[b]Brad (Columbia, SC):[/b] Mel, with whom do you compare Virginia TE Heath Miller, and where do you see him landing in the draft?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]Heath will go high -- by that I mean who pulls the trigger on a TE. Very few teams would be willing to do so... Detroit COULD and MAYBE Pittsburgh. His yards per catch imprved steadily at VA. He is also a pretty good blocker. The only thing you don't have with Heath is speed. You're not going to flank out Heath Miller, he doesn't give you a WR/TE type dimension, but he is an outstanding pass catching option. I think he'll go somwhere in the first round, No 10 is the earliest I could see him off the board, or later in the round to the Steelers.

[b]Ross (Sacramento, CA):[/b] Is there any way the 49ers can get any significant value out of that first pick, or are they going to be stuck with Aaron Rodgers or Alex Smith? Personally, I'd prefer to drop back a few picks and get another pick and take Alex Barron... Too many holes to fill

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]Well, they do have a lot of holes. The need a DE, a RB, some O-line help, but if an offer blows them away -- you take it. You don't want to be too greedy, you can't be too greedy with the first pick this year, there's not even a clear-cut No. 1. But, when the workouts are over and there is a buzz about a player or two, then the table is set for the 9ers to get some decent value with that pick.

[b]Dave (hercules california):[/b] Do you think that Aaron Rodgers would be a better fit for the niners vs. Alex Smith due to his ability to move around, or is this not a big enough difference to base a decision on? thanx kip!

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]This gets down to your gut feeling about a QB. It's not about systems or who they've played against. It's about your gut on his character and talent and heart. Aaron has a lot to offer. Coming from Tedford's offense, he's a litlle mechanical, he's smart, he's accurate, his arm strength is good enough. Alex is bigger, his accuracy is also great, he's got phenomenal decision making and tremendous ability. I give Alex a slight edge, these two players are basically equal other then the height advantage to Smith.

[b]Braden (North Shore, HI):[/b] Howzit Mel? Troy Williamson is a bit of a mystery to me. I didn't hear about him much during the season, but he seems to be one of the top WR prospects this year. Which WR would you compare him to in the NFL? Where would he fit best?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]Definitely one of the top WR. He's a great physical talent with great speed and great hands. He was productive in a non-passing offense. He was handstrung by that offense and the QB but he did have a 99 TD reception as a Soph. He is outstanding on the deep routes and he'll just keep getting better and better as he transitions to an NFL offense. The sky is the limit for this kid. I think he'll go mid to late first round.

[b]Rick (Cincinnati Ohio):[/b] So how much of a slide has Antrelle Rolle taken this past month, and is Derrick Johnson important enough to take at #3?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]I think Rolle has slid b/c of questions about his recovery speed. In the NFL if you can't put your hands on a receiver, you have to be able to make up ground. His 40 speed is key. He needs a big workout. ... Derrick will go in that 7-12 range.

[b]Bryan (Cleveland):[/b] Hey Mel, Where do you see Mike Patterson from SC going?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]I'd say Mike is second round right now, he's only 6 feet tall but he's strong and tough and quick. He's productive, he goes between 33 and 45 I'd say.

[b]Fisher & Reese (Tennessee):[/b] Mel, We just released half our Titans team. Who is the best available player at the sixth pick for us to plug in?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]I think Adam Pac_Man Jones. I've held to that all along. How tall is he, can he be an effective corner? I think so. He's one of the toughest in this draft, he'll throw his body around, he has good break on the ball, he's got great speed, from a technique standpoint, he needs a little work. He's not super-polished but as a corner and even a punt returner, he's your man and if Andre moves into free agency, he'd be a perfect fit for Tennessee.

[b]Terrence (Compton):[/b] With Oakland trading for Randy Moss, what need do you think they'll address early in the second round?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]You gotta go defensive line. I thought DE Shaun Cody was going to be their first round pick, now, not having a first round pick , I'd say Justin Tuck or Chris Canty or Bill Swancutt in the second round.

[b]Matt (Boston):[/b] With Tedy Bruschi's career in doubt and the rest of the linebackers getting older, i assume the PAts will take a linebacker, who will the best available linebacker with the 32th pick in the draft?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]THey'll look at a linebacker or a cornerback. Channing Crowder from Fla as maybe the last pick in the first round. Barrett Ruud from Nebraska is a possibility for them. Another kid would be maybe Odel Thurman from Georgia.

[b]Jeremy (Manayunk, PA):[/b] The Bears need receivers. Will they roll the dice on another University of Michigan player? Will they trade down?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]I think trading down is a definite possibility. You can get Mike Williams by moving down, Roddy White or maybe Williamson -- you can get some great value from talented players that will not go in the top five.

[b]Jerry (Indy):[/b] Who is a good fit for the Colts. Middle linbacker is what we need. Morrison has never filled the middle like Polian hoped for.

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]I think the Colts have to go defense. No question they could use help there. Maybe a corner like Brandon Browner or Justin Miller of Clemson. LBs -- Channing Crowder or Barrett Ruud.

[b]joe(atlanta, GA):[/b] is there any 1st rd safties that will be around when the falcons pick or will they go with another position?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]I'd say the first round safety would be Brodney Pool from Oklahoma. I think Thomas DAvis will be an outside linebacker, not a safety, so I think Brodney is your first round guy. Ernest Shazor, Josh Bullocks and -- if he doesn't show big-time recovery speed -- CB Marlon Jackson could be some solid second round safeties.

[b]Toby (Cambridge):[/b] Hey Mel, Do you think the Cowboys will dedicate most of the draft to the defence. And what will they do as far as SS.

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]Yes, I think their d-line, linebacker and cornerback are need areas. But they still need a WR.

[b]klynch (NYC):[/b] What will the Jets do with their first pick? I would have thought Rogers would have been a perfect fit but he keeps dropping on your board.

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]Rogers isn't dropping, his grade is still very solid and he's not dropping far at all. The board only goes to 25 but there are a lot of players on the border. He's a kid I think will go between 18 and 30. The Jets are obviously in that scenario for him.

[b]Tom (Denver, CO):[/b] I'm a huge Carlos Rogers fan, think he's a good fit for the Broncos at the latter part of round 1?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]I think the Broncs need to look at a couple positions D-tackle or D-end. Matt Roth from Iowa, DeMarcus Ware from Troy ... some DEs will be very attractive for Denver.

[b]Severna Park, MD:[/b] [color=darkred]Skins have issues, what are they to do?[/color]

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b][color=darkred]Well, it depends on F.A. if they lose Fred Smoot, they have to think about a corner. WR is a big need for them. They could go Braylon Edwards if he was still there, Mike WIlliams ... trading down is also a possibility for the Skins.

[b]Pete(MD):[/b] Do you think the Giants will draft an O lineman or go free agency. Should they try and get a speed burner for a WR?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]The Giants O-line is the glaring area of need be it a tackle or a guard. I'd say a left tackle. The need a WR and could use a middle lienbacker. Remember they don't have a first round pick. They haven't addressed their O-line in the draft near enough! This is an ongoing problem, year to year they are a struggling group.

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]Olineman very intriguing 3rd or 4th rounder ... Michael Roos from EWash. Tough aggressive football player.

[b]Jesse (Tacoma, wa):[/b] What do you see Seattle doing with the 23rd pick, and with Alexander. Is it possible to get a high 1st round pick for him?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]If they are able to retain all their entities they could go for a D-lineman or an outside linbacker or a wide receiver. ... Blackstock from Va would be a nice fit in Seattle ... or WR Mark Clayton from Oklahoma or Reggie Brown from Geogia.

[b]Cal (Burnsfluff):[/b] Don't you think that Kansas City MUST get DB at #15?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]Yeah, they have needs at linebacker, at corner certainly. Defensive needs are front and center. They haven't decided to just go defense and I think they have to. Their offense scores a lot of points ... and their defense gives up a lot of points. They have to address that in this draft process.. They have never opted to do that.

[b]Matt (Canada):[/b] Hi Mel! With all of the turmoil going on right now inside the Rams organization, where are they focusing in the draft?

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]I think they have to focus on D-end, linebacker and O-LINE. They are moving a lot of players around, right now trying to get the right fit on defense, but they will still need to fill some slots with draft picks.

[b]Mel Kiper Jr. : [/b]Alright folks, our time is up for today. We'll have all the news and notes from the combine workout coming out soon and on Monday, March 7 will be my next first round projection that will reflect all those workouts. Stay tuned. Have a great weekend! See you next time!

Daseal 02-24-2005 05:28 PM

Re: Ask Mel Kiper Jr.! 2/23/05
Mel Kippers grammar is rather horrible for a columnist.

SKINSnCANES 02-24-2005 05:46 PM

Re: Ask Mel Kiper Jr.! 2/23/05
Im glad football is getting exciting again, the next few weeks should be, then leading up to the draft...Its been a hectic week already with coles and stuff, but id rather have all this comotion then no football talk at all

huntz 02-25-2005 03:53 AM

Re: Ask Mel Kiper Jr.! 2/23/05
Well, Mel definitely has a knack for the obvious!!!

monk81 02-25-2005 09:43 AM

Re: Ask Mel Kiper Jr.! 2/23/05
[QUOTE=SKINSnCANES]Im glad football is getting exciting again, the next few weeks should be, then leading up to the draft...Its been a hectic week already with coles and stuff, but id rather have all this comotion then no football talk at all[/QUOTE]

Your right SkinsnCanes.........the commotion keeps the football talk going, although sometimes I think I'd prefer a dull Redskins off season....perhaps sit around and make fun of the Cowboys offseason moves......too me that would be exciting............SIGH

Monksdown 02-25-2005 09:46 AM

Re: Ask Mel Kiper Jr.! 2/23/05
[QUOTE=monk81]Your right SkinsnCanes.........the commotion keeps the football talk going, although sometimes I think I'd prefer a dull Redskins off season....perhaps sit around and make fun of the Cowboys offseason moves......too me that would be exciting............SIGH[/QUOTE]
The most exciting part of this offseason so far has to be the Bledsoe thing for us. I mean, what a joke. I love when they screw up. And Bledsoe is most definitely a screw up.

Daseal 02-25-2005 10:01 AM

Re: Ask Mel Kiper Jr.! 2/23/05
Monksdown - don't be so sure. If we couldn't get adequate pressure on Vinny - how are we going to get to Bledsoe?

MTK 02-25-2005 10:25 AM

Re: Ask Mel Kiper Jr.! 2/23/05
Pressure on Vinny wasn't the problem, we were one blown coverage away from winning that 2nd game.

That Guy 02-25-2005 05:13 PM

Re: Ask Mel Kiper Jr.! 2/23/05
Bledsoe > Vinny... maybe too expensive but i mean, come on... tony romo? drew henson?

TheMalcolmConnection 02-25-2005 05:18 PM

Re: Ask Mel Kiper Jr.! 2/23/05
[QUOTE=Mattyk72]Pressure on Vinny wasn't the problem, we were one blown coverage away from winning that 2nd game.[/QUOTE]

Not only that, for some reason our offense just doesn't show up until it's too late against the Cowboys.:frusty:

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