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bedlamVR 02-26-2005 10:42 PM

Tampering again - Jets this time
Okay the deal is dead . They don't want to pay Coles anything really, and are now the Jets are huffing and puffing and saying we tampered with Santana ??? ESPN reports

They offered us Santana in a trade for Coles. This deal has been on and off again for days and now say they might go to the commish saying we put together a proposal for an extention on Moss should the deal be confirmed and they never gave permission to talk to him.

e16bball 02-26-2005 11:09 PM

Re: Tampering again - Jets this time
Thats bullshit. I mean, in all honesty, I can't believe we didnt ask permission, but still. We clearly must've given them permission to talk to LC, how did it work that in return they didn't say go on ahead and talk to Santana?

Still, I'm getting kind of fed up with the Redskins allowing room for such accusations. I'm not saying they did or didn't tamper, I'm just saying come on, play it smart, go by the book. Very few teams get accused of such things, now we do 3 times in the last 2 years and twice in the last week.

monk81 02-26-2005 11:46 PM

Re: Tampering again - Jets this time
When it rain it pours.............. :doh:

Paintrain 02-27-2005 12:14 AM

Re: Tampering again - Jets this time
If you read the latest Post article the Jets spoke to Coles as well so where do they get off accusing the Redskins of tampering?

Mattyk 02-27-2005 01:05 AM

Re: Tampering again - Jets this time
[QUOTE=Paintrain]If you read the latest Post article the Jets spoke to Coles as well so where do they get off accusing the Redskins of tampering?[/QUOTE]

They had "permission"

SmootSmack 02-27-2005 01:14 AM

Re: Tampering again - Jets this time
I think there's some team out there that Coles already has his eye on and I'd almost be willing to bet that team has spoken to Coles already, or his agent.

I think this is why Coles' reps apparently told the Jets that he'd hold out of training camp unless he got a new contract. I think his guys will tell that to any team that tries to trade for him, unless it's the team that he already has his eye on. But that's just me speculating

Speaking of tampering...I'm not accusing them but it sure seemed like the Bears signed MM awfully fast. I would have thought he'd test the market a bit more.

SKINSnCANES 02-27-2005 02:57 AM

Re: Tampering again - Jets this time
theres no way this was tampering. There are quotes of Herm Edwards saying that if the deal doesnt go through that there are no hard feelings for Moss and wants him on the team. You dont say things like that if they wernt allowed to talk to him. The jets definitly want to do this trade. I hope we start hearing other teams offers in the next few days.

sportscurmudgeon 02-28-2005 01:47 PM

Re: Tampering again - Jets this time

The Jets are stewing over the Skins raiding their roster? Let's see if that makes sense.

Since the great Jetskins raid, the Redskins have won games last year and 5 games the year before that.

Since the great Jetskins raid, the Jets have been to the playoffs how many times? They've won how many games?

The Jets offensive line fell apart after Randy Thomas left; poor Curtis Martin couldn't gain any yardage.

The Jets surely missed Coles' ONE TD reception last year.

The Jets must really be chapped as Skins' fans sit here and revel in the glory of the Chad Morton era.

And of course there is always the week-to-week reliability of John Hall. I mean he is a reliable kicker and all that, but you can't rely on him to actually suit up for all the games.

Now that I think of it, I wonder why the Jets don't just withdraw from the NFL because it's obvious that the Skins screwed them over so badly that the team will never recover.

Gmanc711 02-28-2005 07:01 PM

Re: Tampering again - Jets this time
[QUOTE=offiss]So in other word's the jet's wouldn't be a better team or a super bowl contending team if they kept them? Cole's and Thomas wouldn't have made the Jet's better than they are?????? And they are so sure of this they want to reaquire Coles?????? Coles or Thomas couldn't have made a difference in the Steeler's game? Considering they are giving up their #1 reciever to RE-OBTAIN Cole's I think they just might. They may be glad that those player's haven't obtained success as a team, but they are still fuming over the fact they looked like fool's for letting those guy's go the way they did. That was a good post though I don't see anyway the Jet's could be mad at losing Hall, it's not like their kicker lost the Steeler game or anything.

I wonder if the Jet's would be willing to swap kicker's right now? Just a thought.[/QUOTE]

I agree. The Jets became a worse team without those guys, even if we didnt become that much better with them. Say a guy like Portis goes to say the Cardinals and they go 5-11. Were far worse off without Portis, even though he didnt make another team that much better.

If John Hall was still on the Jets, they would have been in the AFC Title game this year.

sportscurmudgeon 02-28-2005 09:45 PM

Re: Tampering again - Jets this time
The Jets would NOT have won a Super Bowl with those four players any more than the Redskins could break even with all four of these All-Stars on their roster. The Skins are 11-21 over the past two years with these guys. That is reality...

Of course the Jets were actually a Super Bowl contender WITHOUT these four studs because the Jets were in the playoffs. You have to get in to be a contender. That is what a lot of Redskin fans have yet to figure out; you are not seriously considered as Super Bowl contenders when you are not even in the running for the playoffs in week 15. The Jets lost these four studs and still go to the playoffs; the Redskins add these four studs to their stable of great players and lose twice as many games as they win. I know if I'm in the Jets organization, I'd be full of rage and wanting to get even with Danny Boy. Of course, I'd have to stop giggling at him before the rage could set in...

Now the Skins want Santana Moss in exchange for Coles. Why? Could it be that they think Moss is Coles equivalent? Maybe the fact that Moss got in the end zone five times more often than Coles makes them think that way. Maybe they should have traded that first round pick to the Jets for Moss instead of Coles in the first place? Oh, that can't be right; if that was the smart thing to do, Danny Boy would have done it a couple of years ago...

With the damage done to the Jets' offensive line, Curtis Martin managed to gain 1700 yards and score 12 TDs and average 4.6 yards per carry. And when you compare those stats with those of Clinton Portis - who everyone here knows is a "stud" and a "warrior" and a "top-3" RB in the NFL and all that - what might you see? Fewer yards? Fewer TDs? Lower yards per carry? All of the above? Hmmm... Does that mean Portis is less than wonderful or did the OL with this stupendous addition under the perfect tutelage of Boss Hog underachieve? Or maybe Randy Thomas is good but not all that good...

If John Hall were with the Jets, they would not be in the AFC title game because he would have been on the sidelines with his sore hammy and watching Joe Flabeetz do the kicking.

The Jets were a better team than the Redskins when the great raid happened and they continue to be a better team than the Redskins. You don't have to resort to stats to understand that; you merely have to look at the standings. The Jets would not try to trade places with the Redskins for even a fleeting moment so it is illogical to think they are trying to steal back their prodigal son. That kind of thinking might make you feel good in this situation because the fact is that a star player who came here with a lot of fanfare and a huge chunk of change now wants out of what he sees as a dysfunctional team.

The Jets may wear green uniforms but they are not green with envy. It may make you feel good to think that way, but it doesn't make a lot of sense.

That Guy 02-28-2005 09:54 PM

Re: Tampering again - Jets this time
they replaced all 4 lost players, but given the choice i think they'd take them all back right now...

That Guy 02-28-2005 09:58 PM

Re: Tampering again - Jets this time
you're argueing a different issue SC... he's saying would the jets be better off with those 4 players (and they would be better)... you're asking which team has won more games...

if we got 4 bad players on offense and add 2 good ones, we still could have 4 bad players... measuring W/L records on individual players is dumb cause of all the other pieces working around them...

skinsfanthru&thru 02-28-2005 11:06 PM

Re: Tampering again - Jets this time
I find it very hard to believe that two teams having very serious talks of trading one player for another would not give eash other permision to speak to the other team's player or that player's agent. Especially when one of the players being traded is in the last year of his contract. This just seems like the Jets acting like whiny little punks who aren't getting a very good wr for a guy they were going to demote to 3rd string. I too believe they still have some animosity for how the Morton and Coles situations wound up a couple years ago. on a side note, I know I 4 one was really excited Morton was awarded to us that year but looking back on what we gave up and how much he's been paid, I kind of wish we had lost that battle.

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