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SKINSnCANES 03-03-2005 10:08 PM

My Master Plan
Heres my plan for the rest of free agency and the draft. A lot of people are saying we need to worry about our offense becuase they needed the most help. I saw we beef up our defense even more. Defense wins championships and we are a few peopel away from having a dominating defense.

First, we sign Kendrel Bell or Ed Hartwell. Think about that... Lavar Arrington, Marcus Washington, and either of those two. I mean damn... name a better set of linebackers in the league?!?!?

Next, we address our need at corner. Theres plenty of threads about this so all I am going to say is you either resign Smoot, or sign Rolle. Either way that gives us two great corners, plus Harris used to be a starter for the Colts and proved to be one of the better nickel backs in the league.

Next, we gotta get more pressure with our dline, but I dont see us really making many changes here. I think Daniells will get another shot and Griffin just keeps getting better. Our dline stops the run amazingly, but lacks in the pass rush department. By stopping the run we force them to pass though, which is bring me to my next point.

We draft Antrel Rolle and play him at safety. If we sign Rolle (samari) we have two aging corner backs. They are great now but will both be over 30 in a few years. Rolle had his proday today, he ran 4.5 in the 40. Just imagine how sick our secondary would be with Rolle and Taylor...We could do sooo many cool things. Rolle looked a lot like Springs last year. No one would throw to his side of the field, he flat out shut it down. I say he looked like Springs becuase to compensate for teams not looking his way, he would blitz a lot, and would shut down the run. So with him and Taylor we coudl blitz both our corners and not miss a beat in coverage.

Our lack of pass rush from our front four means we get creative with blitzing other people. Whose going to throw on Springs, Rolle, Rolle, Taylor.... with Arrington, Washington and Hartwell or Bell blitzing....

We would have a defense that would be remembered for years.

With all that being said, I dont see us drafting Rolle and moving him to safety. When I started writing this I forgot about Bowen since he was injured all year. Rolle would be a huge upgrade. None of the other people that we have to play strong safety are good in coverage. Bowen can hit but Id rather have two play makers back there.

I think this is an amazing idea for us. We arent makign any changes at QB or RB. Our oline is great now. Cooley is a solid prospect. We might add a guy like Pollard thats a great blocker with good redzone hands. The only issue people are having is our wrs. Coles is staying or getting traded for another number one guy. Patten is now our number two. The coaches love Thrash and Jacobs shows a lot of promise. I would bet money that we do not draft a receiver. We just have to many guys at that position that need to get a chance. If we draft a guy then we might as well cut Jacobs. Jacobs was projected to be a first round draft choice but we are always so deep at wr he hasnt been able to play, plus he was injured as a rookie.

Anyhow guys, sound off, say I only want Rolle because hes a cane if you want. But my gut says we draft defense and make our defense go from great, to elite.

Daseal 03-03-2005 10:16 PM

Re: My Master Plan
Besides your horrible bias and your draft pick - I agree with most of it. It's looking more and more like we can get either Edwards or Williams in the draft. Coles, Moss, Jacobs, Thrash - all fairly little quick guys. I would like to see a bigger receiver added to the mix. I can't see us going any other way. Wynn is staying, Daniels need a chance, Griffen played great Noble/Salava'e filled the other slot. I don't see us drafting defense in the first round. If we blow our 1st on something that's not a receiver I bet it's either a trade down for more picks and/or a first next year +picks next year, or we go after a TE.

SKINSnCANES 03-03-2005 10:18 PM

Re: My Master Plan
I just dont see us drafting a wr. I really almost think that we arent going to resign smoot, and we arent going to pay big money for rolle, and we are going to draft a corner. If you dont like Rolle because of my bias then fine,b ut this years draft is very deep at corner and we would save a ton of money by drafting one instead of signing smoot or rolle. That or we draft an end. Getting a wr just doesnt make sense for us in my opinion with us signing patten.

Daseal 03-03-2005 10:40 PM

Re: My Master Plan
I don't trust any rookie in man on man coverage that we run.

Balmerskinsfan 03-03-2005 10:49 PM

Re: My Master Plan
The hell with another big LB signing. Did anyone know who Antonio Pierce was before this year? Sure he's a solid player, but Williams is responsible for elevating him to a big money player. Let him go, who cares. Take the money we would have given Pierce and give it to Smoot instead. We really should keep him if at all possible. The last thing we need is a big free agent signing for offense, unless its o-line, that I can forgive. Solid o-line + great RB turns decent recievers into good ones. Our recieving corps will be fine if we don't have to worry about Pat getting sacked 6-8 times per game and Portis can count on good yardage per rush.
As for Rolle, why would we draft him, pay him out the ass, and immediately force him to switch postions? We're in cap trouble, so here's a novel idea- trade down. If the draft is so deep w/CBs, one should be available for value.

SKINSnCANES 03-03-2005 10:56 PM

Re: My Master Plan
you dont pay out the ass for the 9th pick, especially compared to what Smoot and Rolle want. Why would we make a big oline signing at this point. The only person that doesnt have a big contract on our oline is dockery, and hes progressing well. We need depth on the oline, mabye, but not a starter. We've got a great oline.

Dont expect anyone we draft to start for us, thats not how gibbs works. Taylor should have never been on the bench, no other team would have made him wait but gibbs did until he was more prepared.

Daseal 03-03-2005 11:00 PM

Re: My Master Plan
Actually, Williams sat Taylor - not Gibbs. Said he was too cocky and needed to respect receivers. He also said he wanted him to get burnt a few times to learn his lesson.

Gmanc711 03-03-2005 11:05 PM

Re: My Master Plan
Well I disagree with your draft pick. I think at saftey we have more than enough capable guys, but your from "DA U" so your bias is ok. Personally, I do like your plan with him, but in the large scheme of things, I dont think it would make sense for the team as a whole. ALthough drafting defense is certianly not out of the question, and I think there is a very good argument to draft defense. I just see it being an end.

Corner, I have had mixed feelings on what we should do. I think anyone who thinks that we need Smoot/Rolle are proboly on the right track. However, I'm holding out hope that maybe we could save the money and have Harris/Wilds take a shot. However, if we take a shot with that and we miss, were gonna be screwed. In a perfect world, Smoot would return, but I think we'll end up w/ Rolle.

LB. I think we are keep it within what we have. My gut feeling is they are going to move Marshall to the inside LB, or let one of our "Redskin no-names" take control. Perice was a no-name to most people before the season, and while I dont think Williams can make someone else quite that good this year, I think he can make someone play solid. Which is all we need. However if Bell could come cheap (I dont think Hartwell would come that cheap), we could make a run at him.

SKINSnCANES 03-03-2005 11:07 PM

Re: My Master Plan
He wasnt going to get burnt on the bench and learn anything.

The funny thing about what you said, the part of him not wanting him to be cocky, is that it was Williams that said he didnt have a problem with Taylors personal fouls and fines becuase he didnt want to take the fire out from under him. And wanted him to keep that passion

skinsfanthru&thru 03-04-2005 12:05 AM

Re: My Master Plan
I could see us drafting a cb...in the 3rd round or so but unless we pull a rabbit out of our ass and select a defensive playmaker like Ed Reed, who seems to score anytime he gets his hands on the ball, there's no way Gibbs and Snyder would pass on selecting a playmaking wr with our top pick. Especially given that almost every single time Gibbs has talked about what went wrong with the offense last year, he remarks about not only his play calling but mainly the lack of any big plays caused by seperation by the wrs.
I hope another team comes into the picture of the coles situation and offers a real trade cuz I know I personally don't want to be giving up our #1 wr for another team's #3 who is practically of the same build as every other wr on our team and who's on the last year of his contract.
Rolle is gonna be a hell of a cb but we HAVE to do something to add firepower to our offense. Last year the talk was all about adding to the defense cuz the offense will be ok and look at how shitty that turned out. Now that we have one side of the ball pretty well taken care of, the offensive side should recieve similar tweaks as that of the defense last year.

skinsfaninok 03-04-2005 12:27 AM

Re: My Master Plan
I think we should sign Ike Hilliard also, he is a good #2 reciever, thats if the trade with Coles for Moss cant be made, we dont have to draft a WR unless Troy Williamson is on the board still, I believe instead of giving rolle that much money, we should draft A.Rolle or E.James.

My top 5 choices for our #9 Pick.
5.Trade Down

SKINSnCANES 03-04-2005 12:31 AM

Re: My Master Plan
I personally still think we alreayd have the talent on offense, and that our huge problem is play calling. And the fact that Coles asked to leave makes me worry more that gibbs is going to do the same shit next year. So even if we add Williams, Edwards and Williamson I dont see it making a huge impact. Plus, Jacobs needs to be given a shot.

Our defense is great, we are deep at safety already, and have good backup corners. I just look at what the Ravens and Bucs did and think that if we take our defense from great, to elite, we instantly make our team a top contender in the league. Thats why I dont want us to plug in marshall like we did pierce. Im sure he would do a good job, but I dont want soemone to just be plugged into a system. i would love to see us take the defense to another level and just have playmakers play in a system, not average talent play in a system.

SKINSnCANES 03-04-2005 12:37 AM

Re: My Master Plan
[QUOTE=skinsfaninok]I think we should sign Ike Hilliard also, he is a good #2 reciever, thats if the trade with Coles for Moss cant be made, we dont have to draft a WR unless Troy Williamson is on the board still, I believe instead of giving rolle that much money, we should draft A.Rolle or E.James.

My top 5 choices for our #9 Pick.
5.Trade Down[/QUOTE]

welcome to the board, and I like you already. Folks, we have our first person to agree with me on Rolle. I almost think we should save our money, draft rolle, and let him play nickel back behind harris to start the year. He wont stay there long though. This guy is already playing on a prolevel and is prepared to cover nfl receivers.

Think about it guys, this guy was a top 15 pick, if he came out last year. He goes to Miami, and said he wanted to come back for another year and become the best corner in college football. He didnt win that award, but they even said that he was a better corner than rogers but no one threw to his side of the field for him to prove it. He was the only person to shut down fitzgerald the year before last.

Im pretty sure that Hall got picked 9th last year, anyone know his contract details. Im sure its a lot cheaper than what smoot or the other rolle want.

SKINSnCANES 03-04-2005 12:45 AM

Re: My Master Plan
ok, mabye im wrong. I just spent a while trying to find halls contract. Its a six year 25 million dollar deal with a 13 million dollar signing bonus, more than they gave vick when he was picked first. And hall was picked 8th, not 9th. So at 9 its still a lot of money, perhaps as much as smoot or rolle, in terms of guaranteed money atleast.

jrocx69 03-04-2005 01:07 AM

Re: My Master Plan
i highly doubt we are gonna shove a 220lb marshall at MLB. if we dont get barrow back, i think we might have some changes with what we have. brandon barnes or marcus moving over to middle and marshall playing weak and arrington playing strong. the fa market for mlbs are to much and gregg has a knack for rejuvenating mlbs. barrow, fletcher, pierce. is barnes next?

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