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KLHJ2 03-05-2005 12:11 AM

Lets talk football
Am I the only one who doesnt feel like going to bed, cant go out tonight because his wife wont let him, and feels like talking to skins fans while drowning his sorrows? I cant be. Get your collective asses onto the forum and start talking football!

mooby 03-05-2005 12:17 AM

Re: Lets talk football
ok sure. im bored. i don't feel like going to bed either. what do you want to talk about. do i have to use forum jump to go back to the main page.? thats the only way i see we can go back.

KLHJ2 03-05-2005 12:24 AM

Re: Lets talk football
I dont know. I usualy just click on new posts.

mooby 03-05-2005 12:24 AM

Re: Lets talk football
alright what do you want to talk about now.

KLHJ2 03-05-2005 12:27 AM

Re: Lets talk football
The disloyalty of Antonio Pierce!

mooby 03-05-2005 12:48 AM

Re: Lets talk football
okay. i am pissed at ap. he talks about being a core redskin then he ditches the team for the first offer that comes his way. core my ass. i thought he would be the first to resign. i hope he sucks in new york next year and they drop his ass and bring him back to earth. he knew the redskins couldn't match an offer like that so he decided to join free agency.

rome108 03-05-2005 01:06 AM

Re: Lets talk football
[QUOTE=mooby] i hope he sucks in new york next year and they drop his ass and bring him back to earth.[/QUOTE]

I think he will suck next year, he is a product of the system IMO (like a Trotter). But hey, everybody deserves a big payday, so let him do what he's got to do. I have confidence that G Williams defense will be a top 10 defense no matter what, it's the o that concerns me. I still say no matter what WR, o-lineman, etc, you bring in, it will all rest on Ramsey, he's gotta drive the bus this year and I think he will.

Just throwin Redskin stuff out there:

Favorite redskin of all time? Got 3: D. Green, Gary Clark and Brian Mitchell. I was so friggin happy Mitchell retired a Skin.

KLHJ2 03-05-2005 02:05 AM

Re: Lets talk football
couldnt agree more

jrocx69 03-05-2005 03:37 AM

Re: Lets talk football
how can sonny j or art monk not be on any skins top 3 list? is it possible? sammy baugh, john riggins, dave butz, charles mann, billy kilmer, ricky sanders, etc.



rome108 03-05-2005 04:35 AM

Re: Lets talk football

Remember one of DG greatest sprints that never made it to the highlight reals? It was Spurrier's first year and it was a sunday nighter against the colts. Manning threw what looked like an int to DG on the tv (but the refs caught that it had bounced off the turf). anyways, so DG looks like he intercepts it and just totally takes off. I mean, he moved so fast out of the tv screen that the camera guy couldn't keep up. What makes the play standout even more though is that everyone on the field seemed to freeze or go in slow motion except for DG and Manning. Manning had 20 yards and the angle and he still couldn't catch DG. DG just shot right by Manning and Manning looked like a tired old grandma. Hilarious. Greatest play that never made the cut, I loved it. I think we had Mannings number that night, cuz if I recall correctly, I think we won that game.

Anyways, your right, without a doubt, Darrell Green - the Best.

That Guy 03-05-2005 06:19 AM

Re: Lets talk football
DG and art monk, how can anyone not include them? DG also holds the record for most consecutive seasons with one franchise in all of pro sports i believe... talk about a redskin for life.

MTK 03-05-2005 11:14 AM

Re: Lets talk football
Getting pissed at Pierce is pretty silly. He played the free agent game and got a nice offer from the Giants, he gave the Skins a chance to match and they chose not to. What exactly did he do wrong?? Is he supposed to turn down a bigger offer and stay with the Skins? I understand being upset at the situation, but being upset at Pierce is a waste of time.

EEich 03-05-2005 11:21 AM

Re: Lets talk football
I disagree that Anmtonio was disloyal.
In fact, I argue that the Redskins were disloyal to him.
He had a monster year last year, yet the Redskins expected to keep him and not pay him what he was worth on the open market.
Pierce proved his loyalty by offering the Redskins the chance to match.

MTK 03-05-2005 11:25 AM

Re: Lets talk football
I don't even hate the team in this instance.

They are approaching the offseason in a way we haven't seen in a long time. They're showing financial restraint and keeping an eye on the cap down the road. They obviously had a price in mind for Pierce, they couldn't work something out before free agency started so they decided to let him determine his worth in the open market.

When his value was higher than what the team had in mind, they chose to stick with their plan and let him go.

We can't have it both ways guys. On one hand we don't want to see the team slip into financial ruin with the cap, and on the other we want to re-sign all our own guys and pursue every big name free agent that's out there with no regard to the price tag.

As for Pierce being disloyal, he went above and beyond what a typical player does nowadays. He was not obligated to let the Skins match, but he stuck to his word. That's more than we could ask a player to do.

mooby 03-05-2005 11:27 AM

Re: Lets talk football
alright. im over the pierce discussion. he's gone and he's not coming back. too bad. we will still be good without him (even though im kinda doubtful about lemar marshall). i hope the redskins just don't let smoot go. they have plenty of cap space. they aren't interested in signing anyone else. why not just resign him.

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