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budw38 12-31-2012 09:32 PM

Re: Thank you for giving me my father back for a brief moment
[quote=BigHairedAristocrat;982550]Thank you for your thoughts and support everyone. There's nothing I enjoy more than watching games with my dad. Some people say its just a sport, but football is also something brings families together. I'm so happy my dad raised me right - to be a redskins fan! Hopefully someday I can pass the tradition on.[/quote]
Great story , Im sure your father would be proud of your writing this . I hope that you and your father get to share watching the Redskins hold the Vince Lombardi trophy a few times ..... good luck ,best wishes for your father .

LBrown43 01-04-2013 01:49 PM

Re: Thank you for giving me my father back for a brief moment
Great post BHA. I treid to comment on it a few days ago but was unable to log in.
I lost my dad 3 years ago after a 4 month fight with cancer. He did both radiation and chemo at the same time and he just ended up have nothing left to fight it with.
I went down from NJ to VA where I grew up and where he lived to be with him in his last days. He had no idea I was coming and I showed up on a Tuesday. The day is important because he did not expect me and when he woke up he said "Andy when did you get here". I smiled and said I just appeared in a puff of smoke and he missed it. He smiled and the very next thing he said was "Did the Skins win today"? Even though I left VA over 25 years ago we always talked about the Skins and kept in touch over the good and bad seasons. It was a question he would have never asked any of my brothers so it was special he would ask that right away. I knew he knew it was me. As I said it was a Tuesday....March 2nd, so I realized how bad off he really was but still needed to know how they did. My biggest regret is that I said "They did not play this week dad". In after thought I wish I had said "They had a great game and they crushed the Cowboys". It would have made his day.
We sat together that day as he slowly decided to accept some pain killers and to stop the treatments....giving in as it were and we talked about his fight and that he was an awesome father and how much I loved him and watching the Skins with him. He died the next day as I was on my way back to NJ as the docotors said it could be several days or a week or more and AI needed to get back to gather my family for the trip back. I was not with him as he passed but having that time with him and him asking about thes Skins still makes me smile and remember a strong and proud and very huge Redskins fan. He watches every game with me and know he is having a blast with this season.
Thanks for sharing your story. You might be surprised at how much your dad may be taking in and remembering. So just keep being there with him talking to him and enjoying your time....it is something precious that you will have forever.

los panda 01-04-2013 01:57 PM

Re: Thank you for giving me my father back for a brief moment
very cool, i'm glad you were able to share that moment w him.

it is very sad and frustrating when those we love do not/cannot recognize us. during the period of time before my grandfather passed, he had no idea who i was.

Ruhskins 01-04-2013 02:02 PM

Re: Thank you for giving me my father back for a brief moment
BHA, this was a beautiful post and thanks for sharing it with us.

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