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e16bball 03-06-2005 01:56 PM

Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
We have all been pretty pessimistic about the possibility of one of the top WRs falling to us in the draft, but here is Mel Kiper's newest mock draft, just posted today:

1. SF - Alex Smith
2. Mia - Ronnie Brown
3. Clev- Aaron Rodgers
4. Chi- Cedric Benson
5. TB- Cadillac Williams
6. Ten- Pac-Man Jones
7. Min- Braylon Edwards
8. Ari- Derrick Johnson
[b]9. Washington- Mike Williams[/b]
10. Det- Dan Cody
11. Dal- Shawne Merriman
12. SD- Marcus Spears
13. Hou- Alex Barron
14. Car- Troy Williamson
15. KC- Carlos Rogers
16. NO- Jammal Brown
17. Cin- Travis Johnson
18. Min- Fabian Washington
19. StL- David Pollack
20. Dal- Roddy White
21. Jax- Antrel Rolle
22. Baltimore- Erasmus James
23. Seattle- Shaun Cody
24. GB- Thomas Davis
25. Den- DeMarcus Ware
26. NYJ- Marlin Jackson
27. Atl- Brodney Pool
28. SD- Mark Clayton
29. Ind- Channing Crowder
30. Pit- Heath Miller
31. Phi- Jerome Mathis
32. NE- Barrett Ruud

Not that I'm an expert or anything, but the draft is kind of my thing, and I think he is pretty solid in this one. He bumps Fabian Washington way too high IMO due to his sick combine, and probably Jerome Mathis too high for the same reason. I think Antrel Rolle is too low due to Kiper thinking he is too slow, which most teams don't seem to believe. Other than that, though, its a really plausible draft, especially in the top 10 and demonstrates that we may not even have to trade up to get our man. Finally a bit of good news.

MTK 03-06-2005 02:16 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
me like

Williamson's stock sure is on the rise, before the combine he wasn't even projected to go in the 1st round in most mocks.

Gmanc711 03-06-2005 02:18 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
That would be VERY nice. I would love our reciving corps if we add him in there.

diehardskin2982 03-06-2005 02:25 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
I like it as well I just hope no one tries to jump ahead of us to try and get him

jhold4th 03-06-2005 02:32 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
Fabian scored high in the Wonderlic test, that and the combine explains the bump. Would hate to see Merriman got to dallass.

That Guy 03-06-2005 02:47 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
his mocks tend to be believable and fairly on target... i think heath miller is a bit low at 30 though.

jdlea 03-06-2005 03:37 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
I heard Miller is starting to free fall down draft boards because he isn't fast.

I like the Mike Williams pick.

diehardskin2982 03-06-2005 03:46 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
i don't care about the 1st I care about the later rounds because thats were you trully build your team.

CRT3 03-06-2005 03:55 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
Well we have not built much in the past few years with our late picks so I do not see why this will make a difference. Watch Miller drop to the 2nd round, frankly not a big need for most teams is a slow TE that can catch. Carolina and Orleans maybe but he will go in the 2nd.

offiss 03-06-2005 05:12 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
I have a strong feeling we will have the choice of any reciever we want, I do not think Minnesota is going to take a WR I think they are looking to address WR in free agency so they can draft defense quite possibly Derrick Johnson, if that happen's we may see arizona trade down, possibly someone will trade up for either Edward's or William's I do think we will have a very good shot at 1 of them.

monk81 03-06-2005 05:33 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
Here's another mock has us getting WR Edwards........and Chicago gets Williams.

FLASH...Big changes to the draft . Free agency is shaking things up . And OT, Alex Barron has moved up . Pac Man Jones moves up into the top 10. Ronnie Brown moves to the top RB spot in the draft.

Rank Team Player Position Ht Wt College

Expanded Analysis
Team Needs
1 SF Aaron Rodgers QB 6'2" 210 Ca Simply the best QB's in the draft. Just a junior but lots of upside potential. Strong arm with deadly accuracy. Also has the ability to throw on the run. Can become a winning QB in the NFL. Should become a starter right away.
2 Mia Alex Barron OT 6'7" 320 Fla St May be the best OT in this year's draft. At 6'7" and 320 lbs, he has the physical size to take on the top rushers in the NFL. He has excellent pass blocking skills and always has his feet in the right position. Outstanding OT's are always a value pick. He may be a top 10 overall pick. QB, RB, OT, S, DT
3 Cleveland Derrick Johnson OLB 6'4" 236 Texas Considered by many to be the best linebacker in this year's draft. He is a speedy defender, strong in pursuit. Keen ability to anticipate and read offenses. Always around the ball and execllent tackler. QB, OT, CB, WR, DT
4 Chicago Mike Williams WR 6'5" 230 USC Simply one of the best receiver in this year's group of receivers. Has the physical size at 6-5 to make teams covet him. An Elite receiver. Has the size and skill to be a top flight WR in the NFL. Great athletic skills with playmaker ability. WR, OT, G, TE, S
5 Tampa Bay Ronnie Brown RB 6'0" 225 Auburn Excellent all around running back. Powerful runner with excellent hands. Strong, big , instintive runner who will be sought after. WR, DT, LB, RB, S
6 Tenn Cedric Benson RB 6'0" 215 Texas Size and speed. Arguably, the top runner in the draft. Has the size and power to be a feature back in the NFL. A workhorse who is big, strong and fast. Good hands out of the backfield makes him an attractive package. OT, RB, WR, CB
7 Minn Pac Man Jones CB 5'11" 185 W Va Super quick cover guy. Great playmaker who likes to get physical. Light out kind of guy who also doubles as a punt return man. S, CB, LB, OT
8 AZ Cadillac Williams RB 5'11" 205 Auburn Decent size and speed. A pure runner with natural skills. Will be a solid runner for many years in the NFL. Explosive back with keen abiltiy to find and hit holes quickly. Strong inside runner with keen vision and great cutback skills. Very Cool name. QB, RB, CB, OT, OG
9 Wash Braylon Edwards WR 6'3" 205 Michigan Has all the skills needed to be a NFL player. Has the size, nice speed and the overall pass catching abiltiy to make a difference in a game. His athletic abilties will serve in him well in the NFL and will make him wanted man by teams. DE, WR, CB, C, OG
10 Detroit Antrel Rolle CB 6'1" 200 Miami Good speed, nice size and great coverage skills. Will be a solid performer for a long time. Lights out corner back who will improve a defense with his presence. One of the top CB's in this year's draft. SS, OG, TE, DE, CB
11 Dallas Dan Cody DE 6'5" 266 Okla Cerebral player with great quickness. Quick burst off the snap adds to his ability to get to the ball. Great combination of size and speed along with his intelligent , intense play make a sure pick high in the draft. DE, DT, QB, S
12 San Diego from NYG Jamaal Brown OT 6'6" 317 Okla
OT's are always in demand. Also with his imposing size, Brown has excellent foot movement and balance for a guy of his size. Equally adept at run and pass blocker, he should be able to start on a team right away. OT, WR, DE, S, DT
13 Houston Erasamus James DE 6'4" 260 Wisc Nice size and speed to go along with his natural ability to slip by the offensive line and make plays. Pure pass rusher who can hold his own against the run. Excellent player who must answer the question of staying healthy. SS, DT, OL, DE, LB
14 Carolina Thomas Davis S 6'1" 230 Ga Outstanding cover guy with the physical presence to back it up. A linebacker body with Safety speed. He is projected to be a strong safety in the NFL. And one that will improve the team who drafts him for years to come. OT, LB, S, DE, DT
15 KC Carlos Rogers CB 6'1" 204 Auburn Great cover corner with excellent quickness. Impact player with lights out ability. One of the best CB's in the draft. LB, CB, DE, S , DT
16 New Orleans Alex Smith QB 6'4" 210 UTAH Tall physical specimen with a head for the game and accurate passing arm. Intelligent player who makes the right decision with the ball. Coupled with his running ability, he will be a coveted young QB. DT, LB, SS, QB
17 Cinn Travis Johnson DT 6'5" 290 Fla St Nice size. Large wingspan. Needs a little more weight for frame but has a great push up the middle. Gets after QB's . Disruptive force in the middle. DT, SS, LB, C, WR
18 Minn Shawne Merriman OLB/DE 6'4" 255 Maryland Big, strong, versatile guy who played a lot of linebacker. Outstanding talent who will make an excellent, aggressive end rusher. Qutie simply, a playmaker. S, CB, LB, OT
19 St Lou Marcus Spears DE 6'4" 304 LSU With his speed , quickness and ability to disrupt, he will be a coveted commodity. One of the better defensive ends in the draft. CB, OT, LB, DE
20 Dallas from Buffalo Troy Williamson WR 6'2" 200 So Car

Former track star with outstanding speed. Quick acceleration makes him a true deep threat. Couple his good hands with his blazing speed and he is sure to draw some attention on draft day.

DT, DE, WR, S, QB,
21 Jaguars Brodney Pool S 6'3" 208 Okla Nice size and great speed for a safety. A playmaker with excellent coverage skills and good instincts for the ball. CB, WR, S, OL
22 Balt Corey Webster CB 6'0" 198 LSU Had an outstanding junior year but was recovering from injury this year accounting for him being slightly off a top notch year. He is a shut down corner. Tough physical guy. Will improve any team he joins. His value and where taken will be the question. Nize size to cover today's big NFL Wide Receivers. Great man to man cover guy. WR, CB, OT, LB
23 Seattle Elton Brown G 6'5" 335 Va Strong guy with an imposing build. Can pull and lead block with the best of guards. Solid blocker who gets his body in the proper position. A force in the middle. LB, OT, WR
24 Green Bay Shawn Cody DT/DE 6'4" 295 USC Being versatile and able to play both DT and DE, he will get a lot of attention on day one. He has excellent speed for a guy his size. A defensive gem and will help whoever selects him. DE, LB,OG,TE, CB, QB
25 Denver David Pollack DE 6'3" 265 Georgia Nice size and very quick off the ball. Strong work ethic and game time intensity along with leadership skills make him more than the sum of his abilities. DE, DT, QB, TE
26 Jets Heath Miller TE 6'5" 255 UVA Strong powerful receiver who has excellent hands. The top Tight end in this year's draft. A go to guy near the endzone. Good work ethic and positive attitude. CB, TE, DE, DT
27 Atl Ernest Shazor SS 6'4" 225 Michigan Strong aggressive tackler who supports the run very well. Delivers a payload when tackling. Lots of upside potential. OT, S, LB, OG
28 San Diego Matt Roth DE 6'4" 270 Iowa A natural pass rusher with standout intensity. A big guy with good speed who pursues well. OT, WR, DE, S, DT
29 Indy Chris Canty DE 6'7" 290 Va Tall guy who is able to play both DT and DE. Needs to put a little more weight on his frame. Has the intensity and drive to become a good player. CB, DT, DE, OT
30 Pitt Channing Crowder ILB 6'3" 245 Florida CB, OG, OT, LB
31 Eagles Anttaj Hawthorne DT 6'3" 316 Wisc Nice size and speed for a DT. Has excellent run stuffing abilty to clog up the middle. Would be a nice addition to a defensive line in need of help. LB, RB, DT, OT, WR
32 New England Brandon Browner CB 6'4" 200 Oregon St Tall corner with natural coverage ability. Will attract attention because of his height and his ability to match up against the NFL tall receivers. Lack of outstanding speed and his inexperience (only a junior) could impact where he is picked. CB, OT, S,OG

Go to the Second Round

arrington_QBkiller 03-06-2005 06:45 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
Check this out:


CRT3 03-06-2005 06:57 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
Miami picking a OT, Simply put ~ NO WAY

TheMalcolmConnection 03-06-2005 07:32 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
Anyone think that if we get Williams we will be one hell of a well-rounded team?

e16bball 03-06-2005 08:09 PM

Re: Mel Kiper's New Mock Draft
I certainly agree Malcolm. Our team will be very impressive I think. As long as we can fill these holes that seem to be developing on defense, I think we will be a team that no one wants to mess with.

Also, while I like the result of the mock draft you posted, Monk, I don't think its very accurate. Braylon is pretty much universally accepted to be going before Mike Williams for example, and Alex Barron is a questionable choice in the top 10, let alone the top 2. I also think that the analyses are prone to errors, like stating that Cedric Benson has good hands out of the backfield for example. Still, I like any draft that has WRs slipping.

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