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joecrisp 03-26-2004 03:42 PM

Trotter given permission to seek trade
Gibbs just said that Trotter has been given permission to seek a trade. Trotter was not present at practice today.

He says Trotter was given permission about a week ago, and he felt it was better for the team to go in a different direction at that position.

It didn't sound like he had a solid idea of who would take Trotter's place. It looks like Mitchell for the time being.

Skins fan 44 03-26-2004 03:49 PM

I heard that. Who is going to take his place?

dieselhog 03-26-2004 03:51 PM

:stop: (just wanted to use that icon, I love it!!

So there is the answer. Can't say I'm surprised. Trotter has been unlucky with his injury and has played well but not well enough for his salary. I can't see us getting more than a 3rd or a low 2nd at best.


BrudLee 03-26-2004 04:06 PM

It's possible that we'll get a 2nd for Trotter - or we may get a player in return as well. It's a big cap hit, which is why the move suprises me. His cap number this year is $3.7 million, and the hit is $5 million (by my frequently flawed reckoning).

memphisskin 03-26-2004 04:18 PM

I liked picking Trotter up, but I can't see any team offering us anything worthwhile. Primarily because Trotter has been pretty average for us and is not playing up to his contract. I see him coming back.

Ghost 03-26-2004 04:19 PM

Joecrisp, are you on location at mini-camp? I thought it was closed to the public. Do you have some kind of special deal with the team, or a press pass or something? Just curious.

I kind of hope we keep Trotter somehow but I'd be psyched if we got a 2nd round pick for him. Seems unlikely though, since everyone (except the Redskins) is hoarding their picks like gold this year.

offiss 03-26-2004 05:16 PM

I don't see a big turnout for trotter's service's, especially one that will warrant the cap hit we will take.

joecrisp 03-26-2004 06:22 PM

[QUOTE=Ghost]Joecrisp, are you on location at mini-camp? I thought it was closed to the public. Do you have some kind of special deal with the team, or a press pass or something? Just curious.[/QUOTE]
Ghost, I'm not on location yet. The demands of a full-time job prevented me from attending minicamp today, but I'll be on hand for all the activities on Saturday and Sunday. The Redskins issue me a press pass to camps and practices as a reporter for The Warpath, but unfortunately that privilege doesn't extend to games, as the team has a policy of not issuing passes to games for websites, due to the high demand for passes from the more traditional and established media outlets. I can't complain, though!;)

jasonskin 03-26-2004 06:27 PM

if we trade trotter shoud we trade for pick or a good player

drew54 03-26-2004 06:34 PM

I think that if he is traded we will be lucky to get an early day two pick, due to his salary. Anything is worth while though, he never panned out. He was a bad signing in my opinion and was just LDS signing a big splashy name.

And he was a disgrace to my number.

skinsfanthru&thru 03-26-2004 06:42 PM

so if trotter is traded, would we be going after a free agent to replace him or could this move mean we r more likely to trade down atleast once if not multiple times and draft a young lb in the 2nd or 3rd round? I don't know about who all is available in free agency at mlb, but trotter is still above average and had a non-flashy solid year. Has the team tried to get him to take a pay cut and retool the contract to be full of performance incentives? Also does this move save us cap space this year and how much will it affect next year's cap?

skinsfanthru&thru 03-26-2004 06:47 PM

and I just saw on the link to the report on this on the skins website that it mentioned us having clifton smith on the practice squad and I was wondering if anyone knew his collegiate (sp?) stats and if he has played any mlb. thanks

azskinsfan2 03-26-2004 06:50 PM

Sounded like Gibbs is looking to use someone already on the team as a replacement. Trotter really didn't do that bad. He was leading the team in tackles in 2002 before getting injured and coming back from the injury last season he did lead the team in tackles!!!

Ghost 03-26-2004 07:38 PM

I suspect Gibbs likes Mitchell at middle LB ... he must be one of the guys Gibbs was talking about when he said, several weeks ago, that there were back-ups on the roster who should be starting.

MTK 03-26-2004 08:14 PM

I agree Ghost, sounds like the staff likes Mitchell enough to justify letting Trotter go.

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