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Paintrain 03-19-2005 08:02 AM

Heath Miller-Trade up question
Since I don't watch college football forgive my ignorance on this kid's skills.. I know he is the top TE this year in a WEAK class and we could really use a playmaking as well as blocking TE. Some people here are really high on him, my question is, assuming he is around in the late 1st round, is he worth a #1 next year and possibly a pick this year to trade into the round to get him? I am not a fan of trading #1 picks and he is not worthy of the #9 pick would he make enough of an impact to make it worth the risk?

For the record, I am fine with Royal as our pass catching TE, Cooley at H-back and Sellers/Kozlowski as the blocking TE assuming they all return.. I also assume that we will draft Antrel Rolle @ 9 so trading back won't be an option.

FRPLG 03-19-2005 08:30 AM

Re: Heath Miller-Trade up question
We don't need him and there are concerns over his speed and a sports hernia. He is probably no better than an early second pick right now until his hernia situation is cleared up. We need a BLOCKING TE and while he would be adequate as a blocking TE he is defintely more a pass catching TE. We can get an UDFA that can be a decent blocking TE or choose from about 5 different ones in FA. I like the guy but he is not worth the manuevering.

Skinsfanforlife 03-19-2005 08:58 AM

Re: Heath Miller-Trade up question
I think Heather Miller is like a Todd Heap, but a better blocker. To fast for a LB to cover and to big for a safety to cover. He catches everything near him. I wouldn't draft him at #9 but I would trade down to 17 thru 20 get a second round pick and draft him. The skins are not going to be able to draft Rolle he will be gone before 9. To good of a player.

Schneed10 03-19-2005 09:50 AM

Re: Heath Miller-Trade up question
I would love it if we drafted Heath Miller, but I definitely don't want to see us trade away next year's #1 and another pick to do it. I don't like mortgaging the future like that.

I would look at the possibility of dropping back in the first round to get him. I think FRPLG underrates his blocking ability. He wasn't used as a blocker much in college because of his pass catching prowess, but when he was asked to block he was very effective. He's big and strong, and I'm confident his blocking would develop very nicely with Bugel's tutelage.

My take on our situation right now is that our first priority is CB. I think Harris will make a very good starting corner in the league, and I think Wilds looks pretty promising, but CB is a position where you just can't have too much talent. So drafting Rolle or Pac Man at #9 is something I think we should do. DE is also something we could use, but I'm happy with the current situation and I would totally scratch DE off the list if we end up with Courtney Brown. I'm fine with the WRs we have, but if we add Mike Williams at #9 I won't be upset.

But really, when you look at that situation, I personally don't see dire need at any position, not even CB. That's why I think it would be wise to trade down for extra picks and build depth. Miller would be my #1 target if we did that, and a close second would be one of those CBs like Marlon Jackson.

FRPLG 03-19-2005 09:57 AM

Re: Heath Miller-Trade up question
Guys....we don't need a pass catching TE. Plain and simple. We need a BLOCKING TE. While Miller is an adequate blocker as far as pass catching TEs go, he is not a quality blocking TE. In fact there have been rumblings that his blocking ahs been over rated anyways. We have FAR FAR FAR bigger needs than Heath Miller.

Paintrain 03-19-2005 10:08 AM

Re: Heath Miller-Trade up question
[QUOTE=BossHog]What's taking us so long to trade Gardner? Teams have to think he's worth at least a third rounder. :oink:[/QUOTE]
There hasn't been a need for him with other options available.. Now that Plax is off the market I expect he'll be traded to Cleveland or Seattle for a 3rd round pick in the next 2 weeks.

Schneed10 03-19-2005 10:14 AM

Re: Heath Miller-Trade up question
[QUOTE=FRPLG]Guys....we don't need a pass catching TE. Plain and simple. We need a BLOCKING TE. While Miller is an adequate blocker as far as pass catching TEs go, he is not a quality blocking TE. In fact there have been rumblings that his blocking ahs been over rated anyways. We have FAR FAR FAR bigger needs than Heath Miller.[/QUOTE]

I strongly disagree with the "FAR FAR FAR bigger needs" part. I'm not sure you can point to our roster and find a major weakness.

I know you want a CB desperately, but stop for a second to think about who Walt Harris is:
- Drafted 13th overall by the Bears in 1996
- 7-year starter at CB with the Bears and Colts before blowing out his knee
- Led the Bears in interceptions in at least one season

I'm cool with drafting a CB at 9 because Harris and Springs are both older, but for the near term I don't consider CB a dire need.

At WR, I don't see a major problem unless you think Taylor Jacobs is a no-talent ass-clown. I like him, and I want to give him a chance to prove himself rather than drafting someone who will take his spot, relegating him to the bench, and never allow him to show what he can do.

At DE, we had Wynn, Daniels, Warner and Evans last year and were ranked 3rd in the league on D. This year we have the same guys. Show me where the problem is.

I feel like the Redskins have their bases pretty well covered right now, and whoever they end up drafting will serve to fill out depth.

And by the way, who the hell doesn't need a TE that can run-block, stretch the middle of a defense, and generally be another serious offensive threat?? Look at KC's offense with Tony G, SD's offense with Antonio Gates, and imagine what the Ravens would be without Todd Heap. Joe Gibbs could use a Heath Miller effectively; he's not a coach that isn't willing to adapt his system to his talent.

dirtbag2112 03-19-2005 10:25 AM

Re: Heath Miller-Trade up question
Gibbs said on WJFK that pure blocking TE's are a rarity in college these days. Does anyone know who would be the best blocking TE in the draft this year and what round he is projected to go in??

Schneed10 03-19-2005 10:28 AM

Re: Heath Miller-Trade up question
[QUOTE=BossHog]So you mean to tell me that we have no holes in our roster? :oink:[/QUOTE]

No. But show me where the hole is that would be considered a "FAR FAR FAR bigger need" than a playmaker like Heath Miller? I think a young CB to replace Springs & Harris is a need, but only because those guys are getting old, not because they're not good enough. If we draft Rolle or Pac Man, I'll bet you any amount of money that Harris starts and the rookie gets nickel, at least in 2005.

Besides, I tend to subscribe to the best-player-available draft theory rather than drafting for need. In today's NFL, your needs change so much year to year that I think you're best off filling needs through mid-priced free agents and then drafting your core talent at any position.

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