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Daseal 03-25-2005 12:37 PM

Cellphone help!
Okay - my Nextel phone has finally been cancelled (GOOD RIDANCE!) and I'm trying to choose between Cingular and Verizon. For the most part their rate plans and coverage in the area I will use it are similar. The big thing I'm looking for is the better phone. Let me know what you guys think, what phones you have and how you like them! Thanks!

EEich 03-25-2005 12:39 PM

Re: Cellphone help!
I'm more than happy with my Verizon... can't say they have the coolest phones though.

RedskinRat 03-25-2005 12:41 PM

Re: Cellphone help!
Verizon service and coverage is great, I've been with them for 7 years.

TheMalcolmConnection 03-25-2005 12:56 PM

Re: Cellphone help!
I have Sprint and it sucks. My entire family has Verizon and they love it. They love the range and the service.

Gmanc711 03-25-2005 12:58 PM

Re: Cellphone help!
My girlfriend has cingular, she doesnt like it. I have Tmobile now and like it; but I have never heard anything bad about verison, my friends have it and love it. I'd recommend that.

BDBohnzie 03-25-2005 01:08 PM

Re: Cellphone help!
daseal...your best bet is to go get both services. they each have a trial period (15 days) in which you can return the phone and cancel your service with no obligations. you could always pick out a cheap phone for each service, and once you decide which service to go with, get a better phone (i know VZW has an option to exchange a phone for a different model during that trial period).

you being in Annandale, both services should be fairly decent. i would make part of your decision based on who you will be calling the most, verizon or cingular customers.

i've been with VZW for 5 years, and can't complain one bit. The phones may not be spectacular, but my service is always there. And I've never had problems with customer service.

Daseal 03-25-2005 01:23 PM

Re: Cellphone help!
Wow - ANYONE use Cingular?

MTK 03-25-2005 02:05 PM

Re: Cellphone help!
I've got cingular, no complaints here.

I'm not exactly a great person to ask though, I rarely use my cellphone, in fact I rarely even have it on. I've never had a problem with service, I can't say the same for when I had nextel though.

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