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Ghost 03-26-2004 11:22 PM

Redskins Players Talk About Joe Gibbs
These players sound stoked. I think we're going to see a whole new team out on the field this season. Also, it's interesting how each player sees something different in Gibbs.

Rod Gardner: "Coach played us 'hands-on' the whole time he was with the receivers. He talks to you. He wants to get to know you. He's a players' coach."

Chris Samuels: "Guys were laughing and joking around before the meeting last night. When he came in, everybody shut up. . . . He's a disciplinarian coach and that's what we desperately needed here."

Brandon Noble: "There's an energy in the building, that's for sure. I grew up in Virginia Beach. I know what Joe Gibbs coming back is about. Over the next few years, special stuff is going to happen here."

Q: Can you talk about what Joe Gibbs told you guys in his meeting with you last night?
Matt Bowen: "How important it was to be a Redskin. He harped on that a lot. A lot of people took a lot from that talk last night."

Q: Did Gibbs emphasize anything specific?
Jon Jansen: "Just that he came back for one reason, and that's to win ballgames. He didn't come back just to say Joe Gibbs is coming back. He came back to bring the Washington Redskins back to where we should be."

Jamaican'Skin 03-26-2004 11:43 PM

I absolutely love what I'm reading. Something special is going to happen. I can see it.

MTK 03-26-2004 11:46 PM

I love the part about the room falling silent when he comes in, that's respect, gentlemen.

There won't be any cell phones going off in meetings that's for damn sure.

JWsleep 03-27-2004 12:34 PM

I am so psyched reading these reports. It is so awesome to have a real coach back in charge. Gibbs even played a little cornerback. I love it. And he's going to spend the night watching film of the players and how they prcaticed. This guy is what it's all about. He wins superbowls for a reason.

[COLOR=DarkRed][B][SIZE=4]JOE GIBBS IS BACK!!!! [/SIZE] [/B] [/COLOR] :headbange

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