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MTK 03-31-2005 09:11 AM

barely legal

no, not the kind of thing you might be thinking of by the title of the thread, lol

It's about [url="http://www.allofmp3.com"]www.allofmp3.com[/url]

That Guy 03-31-2005 09:53 AM

Re: barely legal
its legal cause of a loophole allowing you to make a copy for a friend when asked or whatever... since the site lets you choose the format and bitrate and charges for the bandwidth and not the music it passed russian courts...

RedskinRat 03-31-2005 11:32 AM

Re: barely legal
*Damn!* It's not what I thought.....

MTK 03-31-2005 11:38 AM

Re: barely legal
I've grabbed so much music off that site it's not even funny.

FRPLG 03-31-2005 11:51 AM

Re: barely legal
Matty do you use a web payment service or a credit card? I am particularly wary of using a credit card to buy something online from a Russian website.

MTK 03-31-2005 11:56 AM

Re: barely legal
I use my debit card, they use a 3rd party billing company so I wouldn't worry about it, I've never had a problem, my friends and I have been using the site for at least 6 months now.

TheMalcolmConnection 03-31-2005 11:57 AM

Re: barely legal
Not only that, most reputable credit card companies have protection against fraud. I had mine used for over 1000 dollars worth of stuff and Visa took care of it.

That Guy 03-31-2005 12:02 PM

Re: barely legal
use a one time card... visas and mastercard both let you do that now i believe... you prepay and it has a set limit, its only active for like 24 hours and only for online purchases... i don't have the full info, but thats what the guys from penny arcade did, cause they were wary of it too...

that said, the site has EVERYTHING (all the random scandavian death metal i could want even), and its cheap... like 5-10cents a song... you can even get the uncompressed wav files if you want :)

BrudLee 03-31-2005 12:12 PM

Re: barely legal
I put $15 in an Allofmp3 account in July, and I'm not done yet. This site rocks.

redrock-skins 03-31-2005 02:16 PM

Re: barely legal
That was classic "bait and switch"! Nice job!

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