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CooleyAsCanBe 03-31-2005 04:18 PM

Matt Jones Video
I know most of you are probably sick of hearing about Matt Jones, but after reading the articles posted in the first thread about him I got curious. Some simple "Google"ing turned up these interesting videos.

(Scroll down to "Video")

(Check out Coach Gibbs in the stands)

He runs so effortlessly that he looks much slower than his actual speed and he definitely has loads of raw talent. The one-handed grab in the endzone is amazing, not to mention when he outruns several cornerbacks on his QB sneaks. That said, watching him run routes in the NFL Combine video shows how much work he will need to become an elite receiver. I'd say a late 1st would be questionable, but an early to mid 2nd would be well worth it.

P.S. Moderators: Sorry to start a new thread, but I didn't want these videos to get lost at the end of the old one.

BigSKINBauer 03-31-2005 04:20 PM

Re: Matt Jones Video
great user name
very clever!

gortiz 04-01-2005 09:15 AM

Re: Matt Jones Video
cool name, awesome video

He looks real slow running the 40 but you know he was burning!
YOu know that portis ran a 4.4 right? at 5'11 205.

BigSKINBauer 04-01-2005 07:36 PM

Re: Matt Jones Video
i'll post the ESPN insider stuff hold up!

BigSKINBauer 04-01-2005 07:39 PM

Re: Matt Jones Video
ESPN SAYS (6'6", 242, 4.39)
"Strengths: Is a very good athlete for his size. He has great height and good bulk for his frame. Also has exceptional speed for his size. He has decent quickness but really accelerates as he runs. He has long strides and seems to be deceptive in his speed. Defenders often come up short on their pursuit angles. As a receiver, his rare combination of size, athleticism and speed present the potential for huge mismatches. He could be a big-time threat in the red zone. He has a great feel for the passing game as a collegiate quarterback. Also has big hands and is much more reliable catching the football than you would think considering his lack of experience. He has good focus and also shows the ability to catch the ball over his head."

"Weaknesses: Has a very nonchalant attitude. Not sure if he loves playing the game of football. Looks like he's going through the motions in practice. Lacks experience as a receiver. Needs work in terms of hot reads and zone coverage recognition from WR position. Needs to improve crispness of routes but is a power-forward that will do a good job of using body to box DB's out. Must learn how to block. Doesn't seem overly willing, which is a big concern."

"Overall: Also a three-year member of the Razorback's basketball team, Jones began his football career at Arkansas as a wide receiver. He split time at quarterback and wide receiver as a freshman in 2001 before taking over as the fulltime starting quarterback in 2002. He has had lingering injuries and he continues to be an inconsistent performer with more of a "sandlot" style than anything. However, Jones did throw for more than 5,500 yards and rush for nearly 2,000 yards as a three year starter at Arkansas. Jones is one of the most intriguing prospects in the 2005 draft class because of his versatility and rare combination of physical tools. His nonchalant attitude and seeming lack of hustle drives coaches crazy but he's a much better fit at WR than he is at QB in that regard. Jones will need to put a lot of effort into the position change if he's going to make a successful transition while elevating to the NFL level. He needs to improve his route running skills and consistency in terms of picking up the blitz. He also needs to improve his effort as a backside receiver and as a blocker. Jones will never have great initial quickness but he has exceptional speed for such a big athlete and his hands are much further along than anticipated. In our opinion, Jones has the potential to develop into a weapon as a slot-WR/H-back in the NFL  similar to the type of weapon that Joe Jurevicius (Buccaneers) was for Jon Gruden prior to Jurevicius' injuries. We grade Jones out as a third round prospect but when you consider his rare combination of physical tools and the upside he offers at the NFL level, it's not unrealistic to imagine a team taking a chance on Jones in the second round of the upcoming draft. "

there was stuff about him at QB i, didn't post that though

Mattyk 04-02-2005 11:06 AM

Re: Matt Jones Video
ok, after watching some video clips I must say the guy is an amazing athlete, I can see why people are drooling over this guy.

Mattyk 04-02-2005 04:04 PM

Re: Matt Jones Video
For someone his size to move so fast, it's pretty remarkable.

BigSKINBauer 04-03-2005 11:14 AM

Re: Matt Jones Video
[QUOTE=offiss]I didn't realize he played WR part time his freshmen year, it might be only a little experience but even a little experience in college should greatly aid his progression in the NFL. I am starting to like this kid more and more.[/QUOTE]
y did he take over as qb, and how can someone be qb and wr split during the same year? he just prolly threw it to himself and got a touchdown. he should have played RB too. sorta like that booby guy in Friday night lights, it is amazing that he is so athletic at his hight and weight,
He may not be the best in the draft but as they say he will probally go to more probowls than anyone else

John Hasbrouck 04-03-2005 04:34 PM

Re: Matt Jones Video
Once he is being paid hopefully he will have an attitude change-polish his blocking skills and play him at TE

SmootSmack 04-08-2005 03:19 PM

Re: Matt Jones Video
Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but check out who Matt Jones' agent is:


TheMalcolmConnection 04-08-2005 03:29 PM

Re: Matt Jones Video
I really would like to possibly use a second round pick on him. I saw something on him on NFL Network and I was really impressed with his athelticism. If someone we could get one after maybe addressing corner or WR (corner first), I'd be happy if we could pick him up.

JoeRedskin 04-08-2005 04:27 PM

Re: Matt Jones Video
[QUOTE=TAFKAS]Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but check out who Matt Jones' agent is:


Holy moly! Dave fricking Butz. I honestly don't recall ... was Butz still around when Gibbs was first here? If so, I have it figured out:

We trade gardner and our 1st to somebody with a second and mid round first

1st round - Carlos Rogers
2nd round - Matt Jones

It all makes sense now!

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