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MTK 04-24-2005 01:15 AM

Day One Draft Grade
CB Carlos Rogers
QB Jason Campbell

How do you grade the Skins' first day?

LRT 04-24-2005 02:03 AM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
I give the Skins a B. I like the pick of a corner at no. 9. I know a lot of people wanted a WR, but really, with our luck at WR in the first round, why take the risk? Besides, a fully stocked defense can do a lot to compensate for an average offense (and our WRs are about average, I'd say). The QB pick puzzles me and if I were Ramsey I'd really feel a bit of urgency about proving myself now. That said, it wasn't a bad pick, just an odd one. And, if it turns out that Ramsey becomes an All-Pro calibre QB this season and our new rookie makes good progress, then the worst that'll happen is that we might have to trade one or the other.

offiss 04-24-2005 02:09 AM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
I only gave us an F because the grade letters didn't go that farther down.

GoSkins! 04-24-2005 07:26 AM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
Just because the Skins didnt take Mike at 9 should not drop the grade to F. I know we could use a wideout, but we also need a cover corner for GW's system to work. Rogers is a quality pickup. Campbell is more of a question mark but all the experts agreed that he was a quality pick. At pick 25, all the recievers I though could make a real impact were gone. I had hoped Matt Jones would still be around. Grade: B-

Gmanc711 04-24-2005 07:41 AM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
I gave them a C; and its a very weak one at that. I didnt like the Carlos Rogers pick, because I think we should have taken Mike Williams, who would have been a gift at #9. I dont think the fact that we have had WR busts should play into our decisions to draft one; this guy is special and I'm upset we missed out. I think Carlos Rogers will work out; so I'm happy hes on our team, but I would have liked Williams. Jason Campbell, I dont know. I dont mind him; I just think we should have drafted players that will make an impact on our team this year; and worried about a QB next year when some really nice prospects should be avalible.

jdlea 04-24-2005 08:22 AM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
D: for the simple fact that they only got 2 players. I don't care if that's how many picks they had...that's their fault too and they pay for it in my grading. The pick at 9 I grade a B and the pick at 25 I gave a D. Outside of that we spent 2 other whole rounds yesterday contemplating what we should do in Round 4. That's weak. We needed more picks.

Schneed10 04-24-2005 09:06 AM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
[QUOTE=jdlea]D: for the simple fact that they only got 2 players. I don't care if that's how many picks they had...that's their fault too and they pay for it in my grading. The pick at 9 I grade a B and the pick at 25 I gave a D. Outside of that we spent 2 other whole rounds yesterday contemplating what we should do in Round 4. That's weak. We needed more picks.[/QUOTE]

Agreed. I gave a C. I LOVED the Carlos Rogers pick, we avoided making the stupid, Snyder-esque mistake of drafting the riskier, sexier pick in Mike Williams. I was OK with the Jason Campbell pick because I think that if you see a QB you feel is going to be a star, you can't pass it up under any circumstance. I am not going to pretend to know more about Campbell than Joe Gibbs, so if Gibbs feels he can be a star, then I am willing to wait patiently to find out. You can't have too many QBs in my opinion. (plus, the pick seemed to be an admission of failure on the Mark Brunell move, which is music to my ears, I don't want to see Brunell near the field ever again)

So I liked the picks we made, but we def needed more of them. We gave up too much to get Campbell.

arrington_QBkiller 04-24-2005 09:19 AM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
I agve it a D. I agree that we needed a CB, but Williams was a great value a 9 and we should have taken him and then take a CB at 25. As for the Campbell pick, I think he will be a good player, notice I said good and not great, but we do not nedd a QB. We should have take our CB at 25.

LongTimeSkinsFan 04-24-2005 09:21 AM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
B- (But since there was no tweener grades on the survey, I registered it as a B). I understood and appreciated the Carlos Rogers pick, and gave them a low A for that choice, although I really wanted to see Mike Williams in a burgundy jersey. The Campbell pick really befuddled me for a couple of reasons. One: this was the same guy they were denying interest in earlier this week, two: if you're not that high on Ramsey leading the team into the next decade, why draft another QB of similar skill and stature, and finally three: Ramsey is your starter this year, Brunell is still under contract as a cheerleader and Obi-Wan for Ramsey, and you just resigned the TV star's husband. So does this mean you trade out someone you just resigned, someone who creates a cap hit from hell this season, or you stack four QBs on the roster? The only way Campbell made any sense to me is that there is no vested future in Ramsey and that he will be behind center two or three years tops before he's let go and Brunell gets his walking papers at the end of the year when the cap hit won't be as intense as it would be this year.

djdunick 04-24-2005 01:12 PM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
The cornerback pick was okay, we needed one after losing Smoot but the Campbell pick at 25 was a waste. Give Ramsey a solid year with no one standing in the shadows to show what he can do. They would've been better trading up to get Dave Pollack a DE out of Georgia. A playmaker on the line. Either him or another Defensive End would've been a much better move. I disagree with Boswell in the Post this morning. The Campbell pick was a waste and will only create more controversy at the quarterback position. Their offseason moves sadden me and I can't get excited about what they've done in the offseason. We're looking at a top 10 pick again next year which we don't even have because we gave it to the Broncos. We're looking at 6-10 again in 2005.

kingerock 04-24-2005 01:13 PM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
I gave a B because they were good, smart picks. Irreguardless of what we as fans and Arm-Chair GMs think we got some of the best players available at the time. I was personally a Mike Williams fan, but our team is starting to take on the look and feel of only the most successful franchise this century, the Patriots. Depth at every position rather than a star and no capable backup, no outstanding superstars at WR, but solid team players that get the job done. Great defense with speed and depth.

What happens if Ramsey goes down for 3 or 4 weeks. Would you rather have Brunell take over for a few weeks or give a rookie in the mold of Doug Williams take the reigns?

monk81 04-24-2005 02:14 PM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
GRADE D-I like the pick of Rogers.......CB was a need, but we have needs other needs than QB, too much given up for Campbell. I was looking more to DE if we didn't want a WR ....Or perhaps if Coach Williams felt the DE's available weren't worth a 25th we could've traded down gathered a few more picks and gotten Campbell later.

MTK 04-24-2005 02:17 PM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
I gave a B overall

A for the Carlos Rogers pick, I really like the fact we have Harris who can start until Rogers wins the job. He can be brought along slowly, and from what I've read about him already, he sounds like a great kid with a solid head on his shoulders.

C for the Campbell pick. Good prospect, but a reach at #25. Who knows what the future may hold, we may love this pick down the road, but in today's win now NFL, you've got to question this pick.

skinsguy 04-24-2005 02:51 PM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
I gave them a C overall. I like the CB pick....we needed a good replacement for Smoot and I am not sold on Walt Harris being here forever. The grade C, for me, stands for confusion, because I wasn't expecting us to pick a QB. Thinking about it, I think we need to go through this season to see how well our wide receivers play in order to decide if drafting a WR was really what we needed.

2BIG2BSKINNY 04-24-2005 09:31 PM

Re: Day One Draft Grade
I am always pretty upbeat about my Redskins and as well all think they will do great. But as i sat and watched the NFL draft and see several teams get flat out better, I sat there with a sunken soul as the redskins added nothing but more questions... the Rodgers pick was good... and yes it was a little disapointing to pass up Mike williams, but i gave the Redskin brass some credit they filled a need. Then comes the Qb pick...i was hoping that the rumors were not true...but to my surprise they did it... all day I have had split personalities...one second i say out loud the redskins are losers as to try and convience myself to soften the blow to my heart if the Skins are losers this year . The other half of me says they must know what they are doing....It's Gibbs for pete's sake!

so I gave them a D...I Guess the Darkside won!

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