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Sammy Baugh Fan 05-05-2005 12:00 PM

NATS vs Braves, Sept 10, 1:20 pm
Let's get together guys.
In another threads a few of us talked about getting together for a Baseball game and the day game against the Brave popped up as the one to shoot for. Seems a few are coming in town for football and want to catch a Nats game too.

Let's get some type of head count and decide where we will all get our tickets. Upper level in left field is only $7 a ticket and it's not crowded so we can move around a little to sit together.
Here is the view we had: [url]http://www.nagshead.net/nats/game1.jpg[/url]

Who wants to go?!

Let's get a head count and pick a section.

I'll be there with my wife or son so that's 2 so far.

mike aka Sammy Baugh Fan

TheMalcolmConnection 05-05-2005 12:03 PM

Re: NATS vs Braves, Sept 10, 1:20 pm
I'll be there. I think Gmanc is coming too. Me and the lady will be at the Nats game and the opening Skins game.

Daseal 05-09-2005 12:06 PM

Re: NATS vs Braves, Sept 10, 1:20 pm
I'll do my damnest to be there! I'll try to talk Cpayne into it too!

Gmanc711 05-09-2005 12:36 PM

Re: NATS vs Braves, Sept 10, 1:20 pm
I'm planning on going for sure!!! SBF, are we all going to buy the tickets together or each buy them seperatley? Or is the seating like a "General Admission" up there? I'm jw because I'm going to be giving tickets to my dad for Fathers day.

Its going to be me, my parents (they got me tickets to the Skins game the next day so they are coming) and my girlfriend. So four here.

Gmanc711 05-12-2005 10:54 PM

Re: NATS vs Braves, Sept 10, 1:20 pm
Hey, I'm going to buy my tickets to this game in the $7 dollar section somtime this weekend or early next week (mon or tue). Then we'll just meet up there and either all sit somewhere together or whatever. If anyone had a different plan about buying seats together or anything, please let me know before I get the tickets. Thanks.

backrow 06-14-2005 01:51 PM

Re: NATS vs Braves, Sept 10, 1:20 pm
That's the weekend Memaw & I were thinking about as well! I'm a Braves fan!

TheMalcolmConnection 06-14-2005 02:15 PM

Re: NATS vs Braves, Sept 10, 1:20 pm
I used to be a Braves fan and then I realized that I have no attachment to the state of Georgia whatsoever so I started liking the Orioles with hopes that Washington would one day have a team. Now they do and my allegiance has permanently changed.

Riggo44 06-14-2005 07:59 PM

Re: NATS vs Braves, Sept 10, 1:20 pm
I am going to the Angels Nationals game tonight. It's Garret Anderson Bobble head doll night woo whoo! J/K.
I'm glad you guys finally got a MLB team back in D.C. It's great to see old RFK on ESPN again. But my love is with the "California Angels"(Hate all the names changes Anahem L.A! What the fu-k! :cussing: ) so I will be pulling for the Halos. I almost want to fly out for a Nationals game to see RFK in action one last time. If they make the playoffs I might. Being at a sold out game in RFK again would be sweet. :headbange Do they still have the ring of fame signs up?

Gmanc711 06-14-2005 08:02 PM

Re: NATS vs Braves, Sept 10, 1:20 pm
My tickets came in the mail for hte game yesterday!:)

Daseal 06-14-2005 09:44 PM

Re: NATS vs Braves, Sept 10, 1:20 pm
Ill come and maybe bring someone.

Sammy Baugh Fan 06-15-2005 09:26 AM

Re: NATS vs Braves, Sept 10, 1:20 pm
The Ring of Fame is no longer up but they do have a big Wall of Fame and have put all the "Ring of Fame" names on that with Baseballs older names and stuff.

I need to see if I'll be back from vacation that day.


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