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Monksdown 06-13-2005 05:22 PM

Jackson acquited
Not Guilty!!!!!

Michael Jackson is not guilty.

TheMalcolmConnection 06-13-2005 05:46 PM

Re: Jackson acquited
He can live to molest another day.

Hijinx 06-13-2005 05:59 PM

Re: Jackson acquited
He was proven rich so he couldn't go to jail.

I think its about time we rethink the justice system of this country.

JWsleep 06-13-2005 06:04 PM

Re: Jackson acquited
Bad case, little evidence, bad witnesses. Not a surprise. The justice system works just fine: you need to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. No one doubts that he's a weirdo, and my guess is that he's a molester. But the prosecution did not prove that he did the crimes he was accused of. And that was a mostly white jury in Santa Barbara--a conservative place, to say the least--who got to hear all about prior "bad acts." If they didn't buy it, why should we?

TheMalcolmConnection 06-13-2005 07:17 PM

Re: Jackson acquited
And then I GET convicted of speeding when I was never on radar. The officer said, "You LOOKED like you were speeding."

The rich run this country.

JWsleep 06-13-2005 07:18 PM

Re: Jackson acquited
lol. You need Sean Taylor's attorney.

BigSKINBauer 06-13-2005 07:28 PM

Re: Jackson acquited
If He Can Get Off That Means Taylor Will Get A Model Citizen Award!!!

wolfeskins 06-13-2005 07:55 PM

Re: Jackson acquited
the jury was just to scared to find him guilty, they didn't want their decision to cause a riot. there was no way they were ever going to find "the micheal jackson" guilty. the american justice system is a joke.

Sheriff Gonna Getcha 06-13-2005 08:17 PM

Re: Jackson acquited
Wolfeskins, Hijinx, and others who think the justice system stinks,

I understand your sentiments - it often looks like the guilty go free, judges are running amok, and personal injury lawyers are getting rich off the backs of others. However, I respectfully disagree. Our justice system is fine - it's the people in it that are flawed. Unfortunately, there are no perfect people and so there are no perfet systems. Ultimately, our system, more than any other, relies on the people (in the form of juries) to reach just results. If juries are too quick to award million dollar verdicts for frivolous claims or juries are letting criminals go free, it's the jury system - and thus the people - that you likely have the problem with; not the justice system.

I personally think the jury system is better and more democratic than other justice systems and I have faith in the people - even though they too make mistakes. As for the Jackson trial, the evidence was limited, the prosecution made a lot of mistakes, and proving someone is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is a tough standard to meet. But, it's better that the guilty go free than the innocent go to jail.

wolfeskins 06-13-2005 08:25 PM

Re: Jackson acquited
i respect your opinion RAMSEYFAN but i stand by my earlier post. i truly believe the american justice system is flawed and almost always reaches the wrong decisions when it comes to high profile cases.
call it the jury if you want because they are the ones who say the words guilty or not guilty but i think the whole system needs to be evaluated.

Daseal 06-13-2005 09:42 PM

Re: Jackson acquited
[quote]And then I GET convicted of speeding when I was never on radar. The officer said, "You LOOKED like you were speeding."[/quote]
Did you get convicted, or did you just pay it? Also, how did he decide how much $$ you paid. It's a base amount per mile over the speed limit. So did he give you a lesser offense (failure to obey a traffic sign?)

As far as Jackon goes, he's wacky. He's crazy. He likes to be around children, and unfortunately that makes him a target for greedy parents. This childs mother is an abomination and should be sent to jail, not Jackson. The prosecution couldn't prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he did anything wrong. I think there's a reason all those people said that he was not guilty on all 10 counts. All 10.

Thomas Jefferson once said that I'd rather let 1000 guilty men walk rather than make one innocent man go to jail. (Paraphrased, wording was slightly different. What he was saying is only do it if you're sure. I feel we need to spend more time doing that in this country. If Jackson was hands down a child molester, put him in jail. However, I want some real evidence. Especially when the kid he "molested" told his guidance counsler at school that Jackson didn't do anything -- you don't have much of a case.

Our jails are too crowded as is and we put people in for puny things. Let's save jail spots for the real criminals, not petty things.

TheMalcolmConnection 06-13-2005 10:58 PM

Re: Jackson acquited
I got charged with reckless driving which was what he "thought" I was doing. I was doing five miles over the speed limit and NOTHING was reduced. It was complete bullshit.

That Guy 06-13-2005 11:16 PM

Re: Jackson acquited
this was a truly flaky case... still, his defense was "sure i slept with a lot of children, but i didn't molest all of them..."

so he stays out of jail, but everyone still knows that he loves touching kids.

TheMalcolmConnection 06-14-2005 07:35 AM

Re: Jackson acquited
Michael Jackson didn't have sex with those children...

...he made LOVE to them.:vomit-smi

BrudLee 06-14-2005 09:24 AM

Re: Jackson acquited
This was a case of a rotten complaining witness. The family accusing him had admittedly perjured themselves when suing JC Penney's by falsely accusing a security guard of molesting the same child. That makes them difficult to believe.

Now here's the sick part. Did Michael Jackson seek out a victim who either (a) wouldn't be around to complain - he was a cancer patient, or (b) wouldn't be believed if he did go to the law? I don't know if either of those suppositions are true, but it's a very disturbing thought.

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