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RedskinRat 06-16-2005 05:55 PM

Batman Begins
I thought this movie was incredible, given how mediocre the other Batman films have been. Can't wait for the next two.

Anyone else seen it yet?

TheMalcolmConnection 06-16-2005 06:14 PM

Re: Batman Begins
It was amazing. Did Bale sign on for the other two? THAT'S how Batman should have been to begin with. Even the first Batman was whack compared to this one.

RedskinRat 06-16-2005 07:32 PM

Re: Batman Begins
So I hear. They also mentioned that it's been set up so all the characters (like the almost invisible Sgt Gordon, played by Gary Oldman) will increase their roles.

TheMalcolmConnection 06-16-2005 07:58 PM

Re: Batman Begins
That sounds great. I was really impressed all around with the movie. Another good thing is that I'm really not that familar with the Batman history, so it'll be extra interesting for me.

SmootSmack 06-16-2005 08:04 PM

Re: Batman Begins
I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Without giving anything away Rat and MC, is it true that the movie sets things up for an encounter with the Joker in the next movie?

TheMalcolmConnection 06-16-2005 09:20 PM

Re: Batman Begins
It surely does.

skinsfanthru&thru 06-16-2005 11:55 PM

Re: Batman Begins
i told u guys the movie rocked :biggthump I do believe Bale, Caine, Freeman, and Oldman are signed for multiple movies. I'm very curious to see who they choose for big upcoming parts in the series (ie Joker, Two-Face, Harley, and possibly Catwoman or Clayface.) And while I absolutely loved the movie, seen it twice now, the one thing I would have liked done differently and that would have been the camera angles shown during the fighting sequences. I know the director said he wanted it close up so nothing really stood out and it was just seen as chaos, but it seems lately like really good movies like the Bourne Supremacy and Batman Begins r making it practically impossible to see who is doing what to whom in the fighting scenes. that's really my only beef but it's completely made up for with various other things in the film. I'm just glad someone finally captured the nastiness and dark nature of Batman.

skinsfanthru&thru 06-16-2005 11:58 PM

Re: Batman Begins
[QUOTE=TAFKAS]I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Without giving anything away Rat and MC, is it true that the movie sets things up for an encounter with the Joker in the next movie?[/QUOTE]

and if ur a fan of anything to do with the series, u'll be like myself and others either shouting oh yeah on the inside or letting it out.

skinsfanthru&thru 06-16-2005 11:59 PM

Re: Batman Begins
for those who have seen it, how sick did u think the batmobile was? I thought the idea was originally terrible but that was easily one of the top 2-3 moments in the movie. agree/disagree?

RedskinRat 06-17-2005 02:24 PM

Re: Batman Begins
The Tumbler was excellent. All the gimmic weapons and such are believable instead of cartoonish (ok, they are in my twisted world).

MTK 06-17-2005 03:21 PM

Re: Batman Begins
Damn you guys have me pumped to see it now.

I wasn't all that excited about it initially even though I've always been a big Batman fan. Now I just have to talk my wife into going to see it!

skinsfanthru&thru 06-17-2005 08:54 PM

Re: Batman Begins
[QUOTE=TAFKAS]is it true that the movie sets things up for an encounter with the Joker in the next movie?[/QUOTE]

my boss and I were talking about the movie at work today and I asked him who he thought would be a good joker and he said a friend of his had thrown out the name Adrian Brody. I think he'd be perfect for the part with his unusual facial structure and pretty good acting skills and I hope they make the character more like the animated show than he was done in the 1989 movie.

itvnetop 06-20-2005 11:59 PM

Re: Batman Begins
best batman in the series, hands down. chris nolan definitely lived up to the hype... the score was absolutely brilliant. the script kept this movie at a perfect pace.

TheMalcolmConnection 06-21-2005 04:19 AM

Re: Batman Begins
I think Jason Lee could do a great Joker.

skinsfanthru&thru 10-18-2005 01:02 AM

Re: Batman Begins
anyone getting the dvd today? I can't wait to get off work and pick up my preordered copy. oh and the new rumors about the casting of the Joker r Paul Bettany the announcer type dude from a Knight's Tale aka Mr. Jennifer Connely, Crispin Glover aka George Mcfly, and the big shocker of Michael Keaton. Plus there r those like myself who also like the idea of Mark Hamill who did a perfect job on the voice of the character for the cartoons.

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