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Sammy Baugh Fan 06-28-2005 01:14 PM

BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
I've been so busy and excited about what is going on I totally forgot to tell you guys. I made Front Page of the Potomac news today and got a call from a Army Major in Iraq who got the story and can help once I get them on their way.
Here is the first Newspaper article on our story
Online Version

I will give you the "Readers Digest" version and a couple of links to read the full story.

Michele's oldest boy Tony Carro is a Blackhawk Crew Chief serving in Tikrit Iraq. Short story is he bought a small grill and the camp when wild for home bbq. I decided to mail a small smoker and then it exploded to now [3] Big Drum Smokers filled with all the gear are on the way paid for by guys all over the Country.
FULL STORY HERE: [url]http://www.nagshead.net/bbq2iraq.html[/url]

The local newspaper was here yesterday to interview us and get some photos. The story is FRONT page on their web site and I will go get a paper shortly. The story is 80% correct and I almost printed the whole thing out for the guy and he still got it wrong.
Dave Klose Owns the Site not the GIVER of Smokers
Rocky is GIVER of smokers but PAYING FOR SHIPPING
Dallas Packer is PAYING FOR SHIPPER and he never gets mentioned.

My local County Supervisor is now working with me and we're contacting our Congressmen today.

On Dave's board this morning are [2] more guys are offering money. Oh, the guy that paid for shipping also sent me a $100 check for Tony to use on Charcoal and Meats.

I am taking the small bullet smoker to the post office this morning.

All of this good stuff is due to an Awesome God most worthy of ALL Praise.



Couple sending barbecue smokers to Iraq

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tony Carro’s home is covered in barbecue sauce.

Well, at least his thoughts of home, anyway, and his parents are doing everything they can to send him more of those memories.

A few weeks ago, Carro, an Army specialist is serving as a Blackhawk helicopter crew chief in Iraq, and a few other soldiers got a small grill and began cooking out each night instead of eating military food on their base in Tikrit.

Each night, more and more soldiers would come over for smoked chicken, ribs, pork, whatever they could get their hands on, thinking of their lives back in the United States.

“It was happy and sad,” said Carro’s mother Michele Hedrick, who lives in Lake Ridge with her husband Mike. “They would eat the food and it would cheer them up, but it would make them homesick at the same time.”

But at least it was something different to think about. And now the Hedricks are working to bring more of those happy barbeque-drenched thoughts to their son in the form of an industrial meat smoker for all the soldiers to enjoy.

“They are able to get meat from Germany, but they are likely not the best cuts,” said Mike Hedrick, who is a competitive barbeque chef. “Instead of just grilling, we thought they could smoke their food and it would taste a lot better. They could also cook a lot more of it.”

The idea came from Tim Bauckman, the owner of Tim’s Rivershore Restaurant in Dumfries, who is also sending over hats and shirts for the soldiers, along with well-wishes from customers.

“We got some pictures of pretty girls putting the stuff in the boxes for the soldiers,” Michele Hedrick said. “Some of them even pretended to jump into the box to be sent over after seeing all the cute soldiers that are with Tony.”

The Hedricks arranged for a small meat smoker to be sent to Carro’s base, but through their competitive barbeque connections, have three larger smokers ready to be sent over, if they can get the military to help them out.

Hedrick asked for help on a barbeque message board and received messages from Texas to North Carolina with people wanting to help.

Dave Klose, the Emeril of barbeque, is sending three industrial smokers and Rocky Richmond, a chef from North Carolina, is paying the more than $200 in shipping to send them to the Hedricks in Lake Ridge to be sent to Iraq.

“It’s something that started off as a simple idea to help our son and just grew,” Mike Hedrick said.

The Hedricks are mailing the first smoker today and then hope to send the three larger ones sometime in the coming week with the hopes they reach the soldiers by the end of July.

“It was one of those things that make you wonder why no one thought of before,” said Occoquan District Supervisor Corey Stewart, who the Hedricks asked for help. “We’ll all be home enjoying barbeques this summer and the soldiers should have the same privilege. What a great way to bring a piece of home to them.”

Stewart is calling contacts in the military to help get the smokers, which are about the size of a 55-gallon drum, overseas.

Hedrick, a former Marine, said he wants one to reach his son, but the others can be sent to any military base in the world.


Gmanc711 06-28-2005 01:28 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
Congrats man! Thats a pretty cool story.

BDBohnzie 06-28-2005 02:01 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
that's awesome. make sure he sends you pics of him and his buddies using the smoker!

Sammy Baugh Fan 06-28-2005 02:04 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
Thanks guys
Will do on the picture posting when I get them

Riggo44 06-28-2005 02:12 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
That is really cool of you to do that. My hats off to you Sammy Baugh Fan.

MTK 06-28-2005 04:15 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
great stuff SBF!

Sheriff Gonna Getcha 06-28-2005 04:37 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
Hey SBF,

Great stuff. Are you a vet?

Sammy Baugh Fan 06-28-2005 05:39 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
[QUOTE=Ramseyfan]Hey SBF,

Great stuff. Are you a vet?[/QUOTE]

Yes, Marine in Earlt 80's. No wars as Reagan was President and the world thought he would push the button so I never served overseas. At the end of my time I got my Honorable Discharge and went back to grow hair and be a rocker. lol

Now I'm back to the crew cut hair and will do whatever will help my son get through this war.


~waiting to here from my Congressman tonight I think

That Guy 06-28-2005 10:54 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!

Sammy Baugh Fan 06-29-2005 01:24 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
The smokers arrived at my house today

TheMalcolmConnection 06-29-2005 01:53 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
Those are SWEET.

RedskinRat 06-29-2005 06:33 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
Good stuff, all the best to the guys out there.

Sammy Baugh Fan 06-29-2005 09:29 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
Oh, the one that says BDS is mine I paid for just to play with and get the guy some money for the other 3 that are going to iraq.
Here is the latest and the greatest news.
I now have a Army Major in Iraq at the Corp. Aviation Unit in Baghdad, Iraq who co-ordinates shippmenys in Iraq in C-130's. If I can get them in country he can move them.

I have my County Supervisor and Congressman contacting the local Army and Marine Bases and Pentagon to get them over there.

I got 2 calls last night from Bill in Texas and the other from a guy in Carolina who's dad I think is a Senator and in an email this morning had forwarded all my info to his "Washington Connection".

I saw President Bush's Marine Helocopter with escorts over my house at the same time the smokers were being drpped off so maybe he was checking on the movement of the smokers.

Sending these big things are too hard so I will continue to collect money and send those lil bullet/R2D2 looking smokers fill with all the gear a soldier would need. Smokers are about $50, shipping $25 w/insurance and I will add thremometers and gloves and stuff. So for each $100 some soldier over there will get a smoker from us here Safe and Sound here in America.


wolfeskins 06-29-2005 09:34 PM

Re: BBQ Smokers to Iraq. I'm Front Page!
very cool !

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