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Gmanc711 07-11-2005 09:47 PM

Google Earth

Google is slowly taking over the earth, and this thing is pretty cool if you get the chance to download it. You start off in outerspace and get to zoom into wherver you want. Its pretty cool, check it out.

joecrisp 07-12-2005 05:53 AM

Re: Google Earth
Awesome find, Gmanc711!!! I've been playing with this ever since I read your post, and look at some of the goodies I found, courtesy of Google Earth:


Redskins Park:

I'll be adding more to my online album as I find them:

Redskins8588 07-12-2005 06:03 AM

Re: Google Earth
JoeCrisp, that is totaly cool, I cant wait to get home from work to try it out...

TheMalcolmConnection 07-12-2005 08:00 AM

Re: Google Earth
Argh. Now I'm addicted.

EEich 07-12-2005 08:44 AM

Re: Google Earth
Thanks, GMAN!

MTK 07-12-2005 08:45 AM

Re: Google Earth
Google really is taking over

Everything they come up with, or buy up, is always cool as hell

BDBohnzie 07-12-2005 09:54 AM

Re: Google Earth
yeah, I downloaded Google Earth, and now the desktop on my laptop at home is FedEx Field...

it's pretty cool, but they need to get more imagery of urban areas...my house can't be seen very well, but places no more than a mile away from me can.

TheMalcolmConnection 07-12-2005 09:57 AM

Re: Google Earth
Yeah, I noticed that too. It's weird how that works.

Sammy Baugh Fan 07-12-2005 12:52 PM

Re: Google Earth
That program use to be called Earth Viewer and I had a trial version years back. I downloaded and am running it and it's remembered me. lol

This is very cool for sure. I used it as the war started to see what I could see in Baghdad and was very suprised. If I could see that you know the military has some even better stuff.


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