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BigSKINBauer 07-14-2005 08:50 AM

Redskins Superbowl Chances 250:1 San Fran Sextillion(21 zeros) to 1
Wow atleast we aren't Sanfran- sextillion (100000000000000000000) to 1

Super Bowl odds only as static as a team's superstars
By Chris Colston, Sports Weekly
According to USA TODAY and Sports Weekly sports analyst Danny Sheridan, last year's two Super Bowl teams have the best shot of winning Super Bowl XL. He gives New England and Philadelphia both 6:1 odds. ([b]Related item: [/b][url="http://transcripts.usatoday.com/Chats/transcript.aspx?c=114"][color=#0000ff]Check out Chris Colston's July 14 chat[/color][/url])
Unless ...

Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens, at 31, decides he can do without $3.5 million and sits out this season in protest of his contract situation.

"Without Owens, the Eagles are still the best team in the NFC," Sheridan says. "But I'd drop their chances of winning (the title) to 8:1."

He lists Indianapolis, thanks to the potent arm of Peyton Manning, at 7:1 — even though the Colts' secondary has the stability of a two-legged Titanic deck chair. But if Manning, say, breaks his right arm, the Colts' odds plummet to 50:1.

Atlanta and Pittsburgh are next at 10:1, followed by Carolina and Kansas City (12:1), Baltimore (15:1), Minnesota and Jacksonville (18:1), the Jets (20:1), San Diego (22:1), Seattle and Green Bay (25:1), Buffalo (28:1), Denver (30:1), Oakland (40:1), St. Louis (50:1), Tampa Bay (75:1), Dallas (100:1), Washington (250:1), Tennessee (1,000:1), Cincinnati (5,000:1), the Giants (25,000:1) and Detroit (100,000:1).

There's a big fall-off after that. Sheridan has New Orleans as a million-to-one shot, Arizona double that, Miami triple that. Houston is five million:1, Chicago 100 million:1, Cleveland a billion-to-one and — drum roll, please! — San Francisco at a mind-boggling sextillion-to-1.

That's a whole lot of zeroes — 21, to be exact. Of course, this is for entertainment purposes only. Vegas.com would only give the 49ers odds of 150:1 — hardly worth the risk, according to Sheridan's calculations.

Manning, at 4:1, is his favorite to win the MVP. A pair of NFC quarterbacks, Atlanta's Michael Vick and Philadelphia's Donovan McNabb, are next at 10:1, followed by New England quarterback Tom Brady (12:1), Kansas City running back Priest Holmes (15:1) and six players tied at 18:1: Owens, Minnesota's Daunte Culpepper, San Diego's LaDainian Tomlinson, Oakland's Randy Moss, New England's Corey Dillon and Green Bay's Brett Favre.

[b]IT'S A TRAVIS-TY:[/b] It seems inexplicable that nobody is willing to give Buffalo a third-round draft choice for proven running back Travis Henry. Except that everybody knows Bills GM Tom Donahoe must trade him. Donahoe lost his bargaining leverage in October when Henry groused over losing his job to future superstar Willis McGahee.

Former Bills running back great Thurman Thomas didn't help matters when he told the Associated Press that Henry would only "create havoc around the locker room" if he remained in Buffalo.

Henry is a proven talent. In 2002 and '03 he gained 2,794 yards, caught 71 passes for 467 yards and scored 25 touchdowns. That's big-time production in return for a third-round pick. And nobody wants that? Am I missing something? Sure, if you can't sign him, you'll only have him for one year. But come on, that can't be it. Maybe nobody around the NFL wants to be seen as the guy who gives in.

So Donahoe is willing to bide his time. Training camps start soon. Injuries happen.

When a team loses a key back late in the preseason, there are few options (see Dolphins, last year). Teams get desperate. If injuries hit a couple of teams, suddenly there's a bidding war. Then Donahoe can demand the second-rounder he originally wanted.

[b]BROWNS INELIGIBLE?[/b] The Nike swoosh, CBS eye and McDonald's golden arches are some of America's most recognizable corporate logos. A simple, appealing icon is crucial to any business, and pro football is no different. An appealing logo can sell merchandise, generate pride and even attract fans. Ever wonder how many people became Raiders fans because they were attracted by the whole black-and-silver bad-guy motif?

Colors, logos and uniforms are not trifling matters. Here, then, are my picks of the five best current NFL helmet logos:

•[b]Rams: [/b]The seminal helmet design. And what could look better on a football player than a pair of head-butting horns?

•[b]Buccaneers: [/b]Any helmet featuring a human skull must be on this list, and the pewter looks great shining in the Florida sun.

•[b]Raiders: [/b]As with the Bucs, great use of crossed swords. Shiny helmets are always a good idea.

•[b]Vikings: [/b]The only helmet design the team has ever had. But it looks much, much better when worn in the middle of a driving snowstorm.

•[b]Giants: [/b]Personal sentimental favorite. My first mini-plastic helmet, from a Virginia gumball machine in the late sixties, was this classic lower-case "ny." My heart broke when they dumped it for the soulless, bland-lettered "Giants." But as Bruce Springsteen sang in Atlantic City: "Well I guess everything dies baby that's a fact/But maybe everything that dies someday comes back." The Giants reintroduced this beloved logo in 2000.

[b]WINNING? PURE LUCK: [/b]Did you see what New York Jets guard Pete Kendall recently told [i]The Boston Globe[/i]? "I see 16 games that we could win," he said, "and I see 16 games we could lose. That's just the NFL."

But 16 ties? That's out of the question.

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