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firstdown 07-25-2005 01:00 PM

We Won
I just had to share a great experence I had this weekend. Me and my wife joined a golf/tennis club two months ago and this weekend they had their mens member/member golf tounament. I do not know alot of members yet so they pared me with another member who I had never met. Saturday we play three 9 hole tourments with other groups in our flite winning two of them. This was a best score per whole inwhich you can win one point if you win the hole and a half point if you tie the whole. After Saturday we were 2 points behind the leaders in our flight and we were sechulded to play them in our first 9 hole match on Sunday. Sunday they had us down by two points with three holes to play and we won all three to win the match. The best part was one of the players got mad and threw his $300 putter about thirty yards. We won our next 9 hole match making us the leader of our flight and this is where things got though. We went in for lunch and after lunch we were to play in a four hole elmination match with the winners of the other flights.No big deal.I did not think we had much of a chance because there where some low handicappers in the other flights. When I left the clubhouse to my amasment there where 35 to 40 carts full of members who came out to see the play off.When I saw this my nerves realy started kicking in and my mouth got dry realy fast. They all surounded the first tee box and I was in the third flight so I was third to tee off. The two guys infront of me crushed 300 yard drives. I teed up and nailed one right down the middle about twenty yards past them. We pared the hole and one of the teams eliminated was the top flight team. At this point the crowd grew to about 50 carts and now the beer cart. My mouth was even drier and I hit our second shot in the water. At first I thougth we where done than one team hit their third in the water and another team hit theirs into the water. We survived and another two teams where eliminated. We went to the third hole and another team was eliminated and its was down to two teams and somehow we where still playing on the fouth and final how of elmination. Number 18 is a long par four with water on the left and out of bounds on the right. My partner hit a good drive leaving me with about 200 yards to the green. I hit it fat but it was just short of the green and the other teams missed to the right.Now even more people had gathered on the hole making it that much tougher as they surrounded the green. We chiped up and missed our par and ended up with a boggie and the other team had to make a 5 footer and missed making us the winner. This was the most nerve racking thing I think I have ever done in any sport and now I know what the pros must feel on a Sunday afternoon.I just thought I would share because this was an awsome feeling after having no expextations of doing anything in this tournament. We had no idea of how big a deal this was and never knew we would end up playing infront of all those people. This something I will remember for a long time.

BigSKINBauer 07-25-2005 01:45 PM

Re: We Won
very very cool, good job

BDBohnzie 07-25-2005 05:04 PM

Re: We Won
way to go man!

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