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Winskins 04-05-2004 05:53 PM

Salary cap figures?
Does anyone know where I can find the salary cap figures for the entire 'skins roster?

SmootSmack 04-05-2004 05:57 PM


thanks to Matty for originally finding this link on the previous Warpath site

Winskins 04-05-2004 06:12 PM

awesome, thanks smootsmack!

Riggo44 04-05-2004 09:18 PM


CrazyCanuck 04-06-2004 05:06 PM

Buddha's Redskins page is great and has been a valuable resource to me. Unfortunately it only gives base salaries and not true cap hits.

I've been maintaining a "Redskins Cap Spreadsheet" and continue to update it on an ongoing basis.

Would be happy to share my calculations, just not sure how.

Daseal 04-06-2004 05:11 PM

CrazyCanuck should have his own forum on here where he can ramble on about numbers! His work is absolutly amazing and he makes it so easy even I can understand. Cpayne has seen me in math class before, he'll attest to what an amazing feat this really is!

Defensewins 04-06-2004 06:39 PM

Here is a link, although it might be to a competitors web page. It shows the actual 2004 cap hit for each player on the roster. Updated on 4/4/2004:

If anyone has the time to add up the red 2004 cap hit list + the 2004 other cap charges + the $7.419 Million in dead money for 2004....will come up with our latest cap number. Sorry I am at work. I would be interested in what the latest number is? Would let us know how much we have left over to sign our draft picks...and if we would need to do some more cuts or salary restructuring.

SKINSnCANES 04-06-2004 06:55 PM

Damn some of those players have some big numbers coming up...

Winskins 04-06-2004 10:44 PM

Adding up the cap hit for '04 and the other cap charges for '04 already adds up to $83.001 million, that would put the total at 90.42, but this figure must be off since it would put us quite a bit over the cap (the figures were added up correctly though; I double checked them)

Winskins 04-06-2004 10:45 PM

But wait, aren't only the top ?? number of salaries counted against the cap?

CrazyCanuck 04-07-2004 10:13 AM

Only the top 51 count against the cap before the season starts. Once the season starts everyone counts.

Skins fan 44 04-07-2004 04:18 PM

This thread is where I found Bruce Smith salary cap hit for this year.

JoeRedskin 04-07-2004 04:23 PM

[QUOTE=Skins fan 44]JoeRedskin:
This thread is where I found Bruce Smith salary cap hit for this year.[/QUOTE]

Thanks. Wow, I didn't realize waiving Bruce gave us such a hit.

SKINSnCANES 04-07-2004 10:38 PM

Bruce redid his contract last year so that hit wouldnt count for this year didnt he?

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