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Mattyk 04-13-2004 12:22 PM

The official draft poll

backrow 04-13-2004 12:30 PM

I was!
I was going to say Draft Taylor! But I wonder about his single digit Wonderlic! I don't feel we need KWII, so that leaves a trade down to pick up more bodies. Why trade up for Gallery, when the Samuels/Whiney combination works for now.

Mattyk 04-13-2004 12:37 PM

My vote is for Taylor. My hope is the front office doesn't outsmart themselves in the draft. Taylor is a rare kind of player who will define the safety position for the next decade along with Williams in Dallas. I know we have other more pressing needs, but this is the kind of pick where you should take the best available player, and Taylor is argueably the best available player in the entire draft. Pull the trigger on Taylor!

Skins fan 44 04-13-2004 12:42 PM

My pick is Taylor with a top 5 pick you almost have to get the best available. Unless Mike Ditka comes calling with a trade you just cant turn down. But you never know what Coach Gibbs is going to do untill it is time. I think he has a decent poker face on. Regardless of what happens I think we will be pleased. OK maybe some wont.

RedskinRat 04-13-2004 12:42 PM

If he really is a single digit Wonderlic then we should absolutely pick him. How smart should a safety be? He's just going to be knocking people on their asses.

kingerock 04-13-2004 12:50 PM

I know i'm new here, but i'm going to have to disagree. I say take Tommie Harris (DT, Oklahoma). We have a much greater need on the line than we do at saftey, and this kid is the real deal. I know Taylor is a great find, but even if we trade down to get Harris and get another pick/player out of the deal I think that's the best move.

skinsfan46 04-13-2004 12:57 PM

Taylor Is Obviously The Pick We Need.a Monster Safety/lb Is A Rare Find.
His Proven Ability To Read Routes Anticipate Wr Decisions And Hit Like A Ton Of Bricks Is Enough For Me.

SkinsRock 04-13-2004 01:00 PM

Taylor. Like others have said, for a pick this high, take the best player available that will be a force on the team for years. Plus, with Gibbs in charge, who knows when we'll have a pick this high again.....not for a LONG time hopefully!

BrudLee 04-13-2004 01:05 PM

Taylor seems to be the best talent in the draft. With a secondary that will be working together for the first time, improving the talent level can't be a bad thing.

I hope that additional moves are made with the players that have been mentioned here that will allow us to have additional picks, but it won't kill me if they don't - as long as the pick isn't wasted.

skinsfan46 04-13-2004 01:22 PM

What Do Ya'll Think About Our Second Pick In The 5th?

SKINSnCANES 04-13-2004 02:13 PM

For anyone that has any doubts about Taylors ability think about this: in highschool he obvioulsy played both sides of the ball, had over 100 tackles on defense. But, also set records for having over 1300 rushing yards and 44 touchtowns. Also played as a receiver and was known for having great hands...

Thats why he will make the difference on our team, not because hes any safety that makes the tackle to save the long play, but because of his knack for picking the ball and what he can do with it once he has the ball in his hands.

Taylor also blocked a few kicks for Miami last year, I dont know if they would play him on special teams but hes very gifted at seeking out the ball, even if its being punted.

NFLNetwork 04-13-2004 02:43 PM

WHY!! Why in the world are we creating a whole and filling it?!?! If we are going to make a SB run in 3 yrs...its is IMPERATIVE we keep this 5th pick and draft someone! Taylor is the most likely to be a probowler in 2 yrs, so draft him!! Gallery will be a monster, but we have a monster in samuels. We need to do something w/ samuels contract

skinsfan46 04-13-2004 03:00 PM

Samuels seems to be a favorite...but he has yet to impress me for the money he makes.Any o-lineman could fill his shoes.I am not encouraging the trade mentioned earlier , but I don't see any reason not to trade him.Joe Gibbs lineman work because they know the system works.In round 5 we might find a lineman that would work better in Gibbs' systen.

SKINSnCANES 04-13-2004 03:04 PM

I started another thread dissuing replacing Samuels and the impact.

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