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Showtime 04-13-2004 07:01 PM

Say it ain't so: RAMSEY may be on trading block
link: [url]http://proxy.espn.go.com/chat/chatESPN?event_id=5109[/url]

In this ESPN chat - the editor of Pro Football Weekly says that Ramsey, along with Samuels and Gardner, is on the trading block. That's absolutely ludicrous, if true. If we somehow lose our QB of the future along with Samuels for friekin' Gallery, then someone in the front office better find the WMD before I do, b/c there will be hell to pay . . .

Trading the #5 pick AND a player like Samuels/Ramsey just to get Gallery does not make any sense at all. Not when there are gaping holes at the safety and defensive line spots. Ramsey himself is worth more than the #1 pick.

Gmanc711 04-13-2004 07:28 PM

Pro Football Weekley said that? That makes me rest easy, to know that its not true.

jdlea 04-13-2004 07:29 PM

Dealing Samuels and the 5 for the second overall pick is stupid. Why trade our first rounder, which is high and a good tackle for the same player Samuels already is? This is retarded. Outside of Portis the Skins offseason has sucked ass.

SmootSmack 04-13-2004 07:39 PM

[QUOTE=jdlea]Dealing Samuels and the 5 for the second overall pick is stupid. Why trade our first rounder, which is high and a good tackle for the same player Samuels already is? This is retarded. Outside of Portis the Skins offseason has sucked ass.[/QUOTE]

We got Gibbs back!! I agree that Samuels and the 5th for the 2nd overall is a waste of trade but I'd just keep in mind that over the next days we're going to hear a lot of names and rumors, it's only natural come draft time

MTK 04-13-2004 07:51 PM

Ramsey on the block is pure speculation and the rumor is most likely a result of his agent more than anything. I'm not buying it at all.

SKINSnCANES 04-13-2004 08:15 PM

Ive read a few sites that said the Redskins wont trade the 5th and Samuels for 2, think its stupid and would never do it.

Sheriff Gonna Getcha 04-13-2004 08:17 PM

If Gibbs and Snyder intend to trade say Samuels, Gardner, and Ramsey for the #1 overall pick (which I think the Chargers would take in a heartbeat), I wouldn't be surprised or terribly disappointed.

If we traded down from the #1 to get say, a mid-first rounder, a second rounder this year, and a decent player (i.e. a good TE or DT) I'd be happy. We could take a guy like Philip Rivers (who should be available at #10), an LB (Lehman or Boulware), and pick-up a decent veteran. And, I'd like to see us trade down from #5 to #21, 32, and 56 (from New England, which they've offered for #6). We could pick up say Randy Starks, Jake Grove, and Ben Watson.

Of course, these are a lot of ifs, but I think both are VERY possible. If we lost Gardner, Ramsey, Samuels, and our #5 pick for standout center Jake Grove, Pennington-like QB Philip Rivers, DT Randy Starks, TE Ben Watson, and either LBS Teddy Lehman or Michael Boulware, I'd say we had one hell of a draft.

Samuels is going to go soon anyways, Gardner is extraneous given all our WRs, Rivers and Ramsey are a draw, Starks would help the Dline, Watson is a good receiving threat to complement blocking TE Rasby, Jake Grove would definately solidify our interior Oline, and LB Boulware or Lehman would really add depth at LB.

azskinsfan2 04-13-2004 08:19 PM

I think the idea is crazy as well. With the new coaches (and Joe Bugel's foot up his ass) I think Samuels will get back on track this season. And no way in Dallas (oops, Hell) will we trade Ramsey for anything!!!!

SKINSnCANES 04-13-2004 08:24 PM

Hmm, Eli Manning... Ramsey might not even play for the next two years. No one wants to give up Ramsey but if they think they are going to start Brunell for teh next two years mabye Manning isnt a bad idea. Then getting a pick for Ramsey and getting d-line help. The way the scenerio is listed above I dont think its a great idea but there are some intriguing possabilites that could come from it.

SmootSmack 04-13-2004 08:26 PM

Ramseyfan, I'm still stunned that you of all people would say it's a draw between Rivers and Ramsey. Please explain

offiss 04-13-2004 08:26 PM

OK enough of this nonesense! You can't believe everything you hear, break down this rumor's logically, 1 Gibb's has stated time and again how important it is to have two QB's who can lead a team, why then would he give up ramsey? that was the idea behind getting brunell, so we would have 2 QB's capable of leading this team, 2 Samuel's said tonight on comcast that he want's to be a redskin and want's to play for Gibb's, as well as he has said that he and his agent have spoken to cerratto and have been told personally that it's all rumor's, This sound's a lot more like reality then what has been circulating on the rumor mill, giving up Samuel's the #5 and maybe another pick? sound's more like raider propaganda if you ask me!

SKINSnCANES 04-13-2004 08:30 PM

Redo Samuels contract. Keep number five. And trade Trotter, Gardner, Betts, Iffy, next years picks if you want to get other picks this year. And then hope it all works out, that we have depth and that we can make a big run this year with all the talent.

skinsfanthru&thru 04-13-2004 09:02 PM

Ramsey has Rivers beat in arm strength, but Rivers surpasses Ramsey in accuracy (hit receivers on the run constantly) and his mental strength. Rivers can read a defense like it was a practice squad and has somewhat similar drive and determination to what Ramsey showed last year. And I agree, as much as I like Ramsey, if he's not gonna be playing for probably 2 years, why not get a younger QB to mold and possibly another pick or 2.

Shane 04-13-2004 09:03 PM

To me it is a question mark as to whether Ramsey is going to be a good camper about riding the bench for a couple of years - or more. The competition is open but Brunell is likely to win with his experience. Coach Gibbs may well want to keep Ramsey if he is willing to be an apprentice in that event - but may well want to trade Ramsey if he is showing signs of being an unhappy camper who will disrupt team harmony, subtly or openly.

Upshot: I think that Ramsey will not be a happy camper and that the Redskins will look to trade him.

Samuels has an enormous cap figure for this year of course, and the indications are that he is not willing to restructure. I don't know about this business of creating contracts that are really just for PR purposes but whom people don't really think will be paid out. But his contract is huge, and given our salary situation, if we can get Gallery and not give up too much more than Samuels to do it, we may want to make that move.
I think the Redskins will try to trade Samuels.

Rod Gardner:
We have a lot of wide receivers on our team but it would be a risk to go into the season without Gardner. We don't know if Jacobs will hold up or how he will do, and we don't know if McCants will fit comfortably into the #2 WR position. However, if we intend to draft Kellen Winslow, then Gardner is more expendable because we sign a dangerous receiving tight end, and probably one of the other receivers can get the job done in the #2 slot, especially with defenses worried about Coles and Winslow. Also, trading Gardner now means that we will get something for him before he goes to free agency next year.

Gardner is quite possibly going to be traded.

If we trade to San Diego, as in one theory supposedly heard on a NY radio station yesterday, we may give up Samuels, Gardner, and Ramsey and a 5th round pick this year for Drew Brees, the #1 pick this year, and San Diego's #1 pick in 2005. We keep our #5 pick and get the #1 pick. We draft Gallery and possibly Winslow or Taylor.

That is a move I would make.

SKINSnCANES 04-13-2004 09:06 PM

Apparently Samuels has met with Cerrato and said he wants to be a Redskin and to not listen to the rumors. We are going to have a lot of mute point conversation in the next week as the rumors fly. But it should be fun, we'll see what happens.

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