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That Guy 10-08-2005 07:11 AM

Madden 06 Trainer/Cheat (helps with mini camps/franchise etc)
I just spent an hour searching for an easier way to bypass the training camps in franchise without having to save/load 400 times and couldn't find anything to help... so I spent about 30minutes making my own.

Just unrar and run it from anywhere, there's not many options:
*Launch: launches the game instantly, at leat for default installs
*Shift + F1: Next Level (sets score to 9999, attemps left to 1, and time to 0)
*Shift + F2: More assignable points (it doesn't remove the point spending cap, but it lets you spend up to the cap in every attribute)

In QB passing it gives you gold, but you still have to make all the throws... in trench fight, you may need to reset the time more than once while completing it depending on how bad you are ;) also, the display numbers may not update immediately, but the changes happen instantly.

made with cheat engine, feel free to improve it, this version does everything I need it to do.

Official Download at:

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That Guy 10-08-2005 07:15 AM

Re: Madden 06 Trainer (helps with mini camps/franchise etc)
weighs in at 192kb... pro trainers would be about 30-40kb, but I'm not that awesome or that interested.

Anyways, hope you find this useful, feel free to tell your friends etc etc

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