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Shane 04-16-2004 02:48 AM

Could the Redskins be interested in Vince Wilfork?
This is the view of someone writing for Sports Rumor Mill with alleged inside knowledge of many teams' interests. I don't know anything about Wilfork. This gentleman says Arizona is going to draft Sean Taylor, and that we will pass on Winslow:


After spending the majority of my morning awaking at 4:00 a.m. speaking with scouts for at least 20 NFL teams we finally feel we have a handle on the majority of the draft. This is not to say some team will throw a loop by making a trade. It appears that most teams have the there top 5 most wanted players in round #1 listed. I will list what trades appear to have the best chance of occurring. For record Buffalo will trade for Roethlisberger, this was confirmed by Sam Wyche this morning. Additionally, it appears that any trades involving the Giants, Redskins, or Raiders have been eliminated. It appears that San Diego through its own ignorance is stuck with the 1st overall pick. We also have excluded Clarrett and Williams as we feel the NFL will win the case.

#1 San Diego - Eli Manning - Coach Schottenheimer wants Gallery or a trade down. Unfortunately it appears that Mr. Spanos and Smith had another agenda which is to draft Manning to win the popularity contest with the fans. Smith and Schottenheimer disagree on Brees with Smith wanting to trade him for additional picks. This is further self destruction by the Chargers and will lead to Marty resigning after 2004. Without quality threats to throw to Manning has no chance of succeeding in San Diego.

#2 Oakland - Larry Fitzgerald - After speaking with Oakland officials they felt providing Gannon with a deep threat in 2004 was the best move they can make. They feel Fitzgerald can get up to speed within a few months with the help of Rice and Brown. They intend to use Larry as the third receiver and insert into the flanker position in hopes of keeping teams from cheating up on Rice and Porter. The addition of Fitzgerald should open the middle of the field in passing downs for Porter and the multiple tight ends the Raiders use. They will emphasize the pass in 2004 and counter with the run. They are still interested in Dillon or George as feature backs.

#3 Arizona - Sean Taylor - Wth Fitzgerald gone Arizona will take the #2 player on there impact board being Taylor. Green likes the fact that Taylor can bring instant credibility to the safety position intimidating offensive opponents. Taylor's special team attributes will also be put to good use as well. For all these so called experts who feel Green will grab Roethlisberger they have overlooked the aquisition of King. Green didn't just grab King as a backup but as a potnetial starter. Green was the one who has helped King the past years during his struggles and feels King has the traits to be a starter and will let him compete with McNown.

#4 NY Giants - Robert Gallery - Gallery is who they want and who they get. They like Roethlisberger but Gallery fills the need to be competitive in 2004. Coughlin has Robert ranked #1 the same way he had Boscelli #1 when he was with Jacksonville. Gallery will be a solid contribution to the teams turn around in 2004.

#5 Washington - Vince Wilfork - Washington has quielty studied Wilfork and met with him several times. They feel he is the best tackle and will be the starter in 2004. This may be considered s reach by some but those who know the defense Washington will run know that Wilfork will succeed. They have interest in Winslow but his mediocre blocking and choice of the Postons for agents drops him from there consideration.

#6 Detroit - Kellen Winslow - Surprisingly the Lions do have a good relationship with the Postons so the agent issue is not an issue for them. Winslow adds instant offense and another threat for Harrington. Winslow will be solid in a Marriuci offense and will be very productive in 2004.

#7 Cleveland - Wil Smith - Now that Ron Wolf is gone and Policy ahs taken a back seat Davis can focus on who he wants. Wolf and Policy felt that trading down would be the wise move while Davis has focused on Smith and Roethlisberger the hole time. Smith will be an all pro DE in the NFL. He has a motor that keeps fighting every down. He's mature and lacks the problems of past picks. Roethlisberger is considered but is deemed too expensive to sign in the top ten.

#8 Atlanta - Keneche Udez - Roy Williams is available but not quite what Mora is looking for. They need defensive help so they can keep Vick on the field. Udez has enormous potential but will lack great contribution in 2004 as he needs to be developed more. Atlanta unlike what has been reported feels that between Price, Crumpler, and Dunn that they have suitbale receiving threats available. They will add a receiver but no this early.

#9 Jaguars to Buffalo - Ben Roethlisberger - With both defensive ends gone and two of there top three receivers remaining Jacksonville feels a trade down is appropriate. Malarky and Wyche are in awe of Roethlisberger and feel he's the best quarterback in the draft. They make the trade knowing that most holes are filled with the exception of a solid backup quarterback for 2004. They will groom Ben to be the starter in 2005 which is exactly why they brought Sam in as quarterbacks coach. Personally I agree with there assesment of Roethlisberger and I feel he will be the best of this draft class.

#10 Houston - De Angelo Hall - They need help in the secondary and Hall has speed they desire. He has the ability to start in 2004 and will b egiven every oppertunity to do so. His speed and range should assist Houston in defending receivers such as Harrison and Mason. I like this pick a lot.

#11 Pittsburgh - Philip Rivers - They needs DB and OL help but choose to grab there future starting QB. Rivers has a lot of potential and know how since he is experienced in a pro system. He fits Cowher's criteria of a tough minded quarterback who can improvise but remain accurate. They like Robinson here but feel he will not be an immediate contribution in 2004 and they assume to wait for later round DB's as they have in the past.

#12 NY Jets - DJ Williams - The Jets draft for impact and choose Williams who will be an effective OLB in 2004. This is part of the desire to rebuild the defense with youth.

#13 Buffalo to Jaguars - Roy Williams - They trade down and still get the man they covet. Williams is the young receiver they covet to develop alongside a young QB and to be mentored by the all pro Smith.

#14 Chicago - Reggie Wiliams - With no guarantee that Terrell will contribute they add a young receiver to groom with Grossman. Harris is avaliable but lacks the speed that coach Smith desires from hsi defensive tackles.

#15 Tampa Bay - Tommie Harris - By moving Booger McFarland over to Sapp's spot they need help on the other side. The signed Russel for depth and development in hopes he may contribute. Harris gives them insurance inside and will be a run stopper.

#16 San Francisco - Vernon Carey - The loss of Ron Stone is replaced by a future pro bowler. Vernon Carey will be one of the best guard to ever play the game. This man destroys opponents at the point of attack and will add needed help to the rushing game in San Fran. Great pick.

#17 Denver via Cincinnati - Ben Troupe - I assuming the Northcutt deal is done so the need for a wideout has been addressed. They choose the future replacement for Sharpe. Troupe is solid blocker in the running game something Shanahan covets. He also has good hands and speed for his size. He will take a year or two to develop but will become a solid tight end.

#18 Saints - Michael Clayton - They select the hometwon boy who they feel adds the size receiver they covet. Horn is getting older and Stallworth is injury prone leaving them lacking depth. Pathon is a solid backup but not a dynamic receiver. Talman Gardner was added in 2003 and will be a starter in years to come.

#19 Minnesota - Shawn Andrews - The addition of Andrews gives them much additional felxibility on the line. They will move ANdrews inside in 2004 to help at guard but will plan on having him at tackle in 2005.

#20 Miami - Dunta Robinson - Surprised he slipped they don't pass him up. They need depth in the secondary and know he will be a future starter.

#21 Patriots - Marcus Tubbs - Belichick loves this guy. Patriot officials feel he will be star in the league and is a baby Ted Washington. They need depth inside and insurance for a under productive Traylor. Tubbs gets the nod.

#22 Dallas - Stephen Jackson - The type of back who has the build Parcells covets. He's big like a Curtis Martin and is a solid inside runner.

#23 Seattle - Jonathen Vilma - Holgrem likes his backers to be experienced but feels Vilma is too good to pass up. He plays with the intelligence Holgrem covets.

#24 Cincinnati via Denver - Jake Grove - With no experienced backup to Braham and Rich getting oder each year Cincinnati grabs his replacement. I like Jake Grove and feel he will be a solid C for years to come.

#25 Packers - Cris Gamble - The Packers need DB depth and with the McKenzie siutation arising they grab Cris.

#26 Rams - Kevin Jones - Yes that's right a RB. Martz doesn't do anything that makes sense. The Rams feel Faulk has lost a little the last two years and feel they lack anyone in th elineup who posses Faulks skills. Jones fills the need for a back with Faulk like skills. I personally would rather see them grab a DT but Martz never does what he should do.

#27 Tennessee - OT Jacob Rogers - This is a surpise to many I beieve. To most scouts though we are expecting this from the Titans. They have scouted the hell out of Rogers and feel he best fits there need at tackle.

#28 Eagles - Teddy Lehman - They draft Lehman becuase they feel he will vital this year in there attempt to win the big game. Lehman has nice skills and is extremely intelligent. He will nice a addition to the Eagles linebacking core.

#29 Colts - Derrick Straight - They need secondary help and Straight fits the need. He should be a solid contributor as of all the DB's he bets fits Dungy's style.

#30 Chiefs - Michael Jenkins - Dick Vermeil told me yesterday how impressed he was with this young man. They feel Jenkins is the third best receiver on the board. Do you really think they would pass on him if they have him that high?

#31 Panthers - Wil Poole - The need some help in the secondary and feel Poole will be a good compliment to Manning.

#32 Patriots - Chris Perry - They wanted Perry from the get go. His maturity and toughness they felt made him the best suited for there team. He brings a power game back to New England and will be uses in running situations with Faulk being empahsized in the passing game.

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Shane 04-16-2004 02:52 AM

Some links on our possible first round draft pick. He looks like he could be an extremely dominant defensive tackle. He has gone though some tragedy, losing both his parents in 2002. He has gotten into much better shape and has gotten off the junk food and rededicated himself. He seems like a good person and a Redskin kind of player. I think that he very well may be our choice - and I think he would be an excellent pick.

[url]http://proxy.espn.go.com/chat/chatESPN?event_id=5103[/url] (Mel Kiper)

[url]http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/story/7257508[/url] (Pete Prisco)

offiss 04-16-2004 03:49 AM

I wanted the guy last year but he didn't come out, I have felt all along that he's the best out there as far as linemen go, but for us to take him at #5 is really reaching, we should be able to deal down and still get him, it's ironic this guy say's buffalo will trade up and take roethlinsberger, and has us staying pat, go figure, if he's right about what he's talking about then why wouldn't we be the one's to swap with buffalo and draft wilfork right around where he should go, and maximize our pick, does he really think roth. is going to fall to #10? and if he's correct, he doesn't think we will get some serious offer's for Winslow, or roeth.?

Daseal 04-16-2004 07:32 AM

From everything I've heard Oakland is absolutly infatuated with Roy Williams, as they should be. I am not sure about them taking Fitz, I think the cards will get fitz. Raiders could take Taylor, Gallery, Roth, or a WR. They are the one's that could really mix it up for us!

backrow 04-16-2004 07:37 AM

Never believe!
Never believe a rumormill that doesn't edit posts, or utilize spell check! That read was terrible! My 25 year old son could do much better!

MTK 04-16-2004 08:32 AM

If Taylor is gone by #5 things will get really interesting.

hank64 04-16-2004 10:11 AM

If Taylor is gone by #5, we should try to trade down. Wilfork will still be around at picks 10-15.

hank64 04-16-2004 10:22 AM

By the way, I think he would make an excellent pick-up for the D-line. I was advocating getting him until I learned we were picking at 5. If Taylor is still there, get him. If he's not, try to trade down and grab Wilfork. I'd rather have him than Udeze, Smith, or Tommie Harris.

SkinsRock 04-16-2004 12:43 PM

While I still want Taylor, the D-line really does need improvement, so trading down a few spots and picking Wilfork could be very nice, plus it would give us another pick or two later....

.....a "New and Improved Big Daddy"....

SKINSnCANES 04-16-2004 04:09 PM

Vince is a huge presence to say the least. The guy is massive and can move. Id only take him if Taylor is gone though. Ive seen interviews with Wilfork where he even says Taylor is the best player on the team. Some of you might not think that means much, but Miami players always think they are the best, they might say someone is good but to flat out say another player is best is a rare thing.

Id liek to see us get Taylor at five, and trade somethign, mabye next years first, to get Wilfork later in the draft. Him and C.Griffen are both monsters at stuffing the run, wed probably need some depth though to rotate them in and out to keep them fresh.

offiss 04-17-2004 01:35 AM

[QUOTE=SKINSnCANES]Vince is a huge presence to say the least. The guy is massive and can move. Id only take him if Taylor is gone though. Ive seen interviews with Wilfork where he even says Taylor is the best player on the team. Some of you might not think that means much, but Miami players always think they are the best, they might say someone is good but to flat out say another player is best is a rare thing.

Id liek to see us get Taylor at five, and trade somethign, mabye next years first, to get Wilfork later in the draft. Him and C.Griffen are both monsters at stuffing the run, wed probably need some depth though to rotate them in and out to keep them fresh.[/QUOTE]

Im with you on that, if we come out of this draft with just taylor and wilfork it was a major success.

SKINSnCANES 04-17-2004 01:46 AM

Yea it would, that would be a hell of a draft to get Taylor and a stud DT. You cant trust all the rumors but I wouldnt mind us getting those two. Man, our defense would be great if that could happen.

skinsfanthru&thru 04-17-2004 02:13 AM

we aren"t gonna be trading next years early round picks unless its a second or third packaged with a couple players and even then we arent getting back into the first round

SKINSnCANES 04-17-2004 03:10 AM

why do you say that. Baltimore traded a one and a two last year to get into the first round. What makes this year any different. They seemed to have set the bar for getting an extra first round pick. Dont you think?

skinsfanthru&thru 04-17-2004 01:31 PM

i'm just not too keen on selling the future for today when no matter what, we r gonna have holes this year. how do we know the draft won't be better next year with a couple players who'd be perfect for us. only a couple of the deals we've made trading future picks has worked out for us and I honestly don't see us having enough fire power to move up high enough to get someone like wilfork or udeze. that is unless of course we risk too much for one player almost like ditka w/williams. too much to risk losing for one player IMO.

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