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Gmanc711 04-18-2004 03:36 PM

I have a question for anyone in the Philedalphia or New York (City) area. Do you know when the single game Eagles or Giants tickets go on sale? My girlfriend wants to get me tickets to the Skins/Eagles or Skins/Giants for my birthday, so I'm just tryin to get some extra info. If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it, thanks.

SKINSnCANES 04-18-2004 04:44 PM

As far as I know you cant buy single Giants game tickets unless its from someone thast selling their tickets. The Giants and Redskins have the two biggest stadiums and the two biggest waiting lists as far as I know.

It was so funny when I wanted to go to the Dolphins/Skins game last year that I got my tiecket through ticketmaster. lol

sportscurmudgeon 04-19-2004 04:31 PM

As of last year, the Eagles were totally sold out by season ticket subscriptions. Same with the Giants. I don't know if the Giants are still sold out after the egg they laid last season, but I'd be shocked if Philly has any seats for single game purchase.

You can try ticket brokers and you'll find seats there - probably at a premium. Or you can try e-Bay

Skins are at NY in Week 2 as I recall. That is not good for you because enthusiasm for the Giants will still be high in Week 2 and there won't be a flood of tix on the market. Dupply and demand will probably keep prices high. since I think the Giants will be out of it in December, that would be a perfect time to get tix there, but the Skins won't be there then.

The game at Philly is the Sunday before Thanksgiving. In some cases you can get lucky on that weekend as people leave early to go traveling for Thanksgiving. If you go to the game in Philly, I'd be "careful" about wearing a lot of Redskin gear.

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