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TheMalcolmConnection 10-28-2005 08:38 AM

TERRIBLE Lane Stadium Experience
My girlfriend started working at Virginia Tech just over a year ago and last night was the first night I got to make it down to a game. We paid $80 for lower level seats on the 10 yard line about 8 rows back.

That's where the positives end.

Now, Gmanc can attest that both me and my girlfriend are heavy drinkers at football games, but I've never seen anything to the level that it was taken to at Lane. I've been to UT, UVA, and FSU games and have never seen such belligerence. We had people pushing and shoving us to get into the gates, people were throwing up just OUTSIDE the gates and otherwise being completely obnoxious. Once we actually GOT inside, we made our way to our seats which are basically space for one ass cheek a person. Once we finally sat down we were asked numerous times to move because "people had our seats" and each time we had to explain to their stupid drunken asses that these were OUR seats and that they need to read the right ROW next time. This is also one of those stadiums where EVERYONE stands up for the entire game. The man to the left of us continually was pushing and shoving to get to the bathroom, most likely because he and his wife were sharing a bottle of Wild Turkey they smuggled into the stadium. At one point his wife fell across my girlfriend and I's laps. Now I've been to a lot of football games, pro and college and I've never heard so much bitching about one's own "team" than I had in that stadium. The crowd was rude and was definitely not the "team family" type of atmosphere that you get with the Redskins.

Barring someone giving me a completely glowing review of a game they've been to there, I have no intention of ever going to a game there again. I'm not going to pay $80 to have NO place to sit, have people push and shove me and throw up all around me.

Anybody have any GOOD experiences?

itvnetop 10-28-2005 08:56 AM

Re: TERRIBLE Lane Stadium Experience
dude that sucks... i've only been to one game with VT fans and that was last season at FedEx (bca classic). Hokie fans there were pretty cool, I'm guessing b/c it was more families than anything.

the fact that it was on campus thursday night probably didn't help the sobriety levels any at the game. still no excuse though, sounds like a terrible night.

TheMalcolmConnection 10-28-2005 09:05 AM

Re: TERRIBLE Lane Stadium Experience
To Virginia Tech's credit, I ALWAYS have a great time watching the game at Buffalo Wild Wing's with all the fans. The game was just a completely different atmosphere.

I go to Redskins games all the time and people get drunk but FRIENDLY and FUN. At the Tech game, people were STUPID and OBNOXIOUS. From now on, I'm just going to the bar and using what could have been ticket money on beer money.

BDBohnzie 10-28-2005 09:46 AM

Re: TERRIBLE Lane Stadium Experience
sorry to hear about your experience man. but as itvnetop said, a thursday night game, on campus, you have to figure most of the students "missed" class yesterday and won't be showing up today. and, since Blacksburg is out in the boonies, those older folks are doing the same thing, because there isn't much else to do.

also consider the age factor. you'd have to figure the average age of a person in Lane Stadium on any given game day is much lower than the average age of a person in FedEx.

I've been to Byrd several times, and never experienced anything like this. Most of the rowdy fans there keep to themselves...

TheMalcolmConnection 10-28-2005 09:48 AM

Re: TERRIBLE Lane Stadium Experience
Well it's mainly because I've been to games at other huge division one campuses and have never seen anything like that. I've been to a couple weeknight games too. It was pretty unclassy.

I definitely know what you're talking about with the age factor, but at UT people were fun and drunk and it was the family atmosphere I was talking about at FedEx. The good thing is, at least I went and I saw what it's like so I know not to go again. I'll just use my money on SKINS tickets rather than that BS.

Gmanc711 10-30-2005 07:14 PM

Re: TERRIBLE Lane Stadium Experience
Never been, but I would imagine when you get down to the college level you're gonna have alot of things like that happening (not that I know anything about being a drunk college kid lol). That sucks, just keep going to Fedex thats where its at!

BigSKINBauer 10-30-2005 08:17 PM

Re: TERRIBLE Lane Stadium Experience
:( this reminds me of the maryland game. Stupid hokies

mooby 11-16-2005 01:57 AM

Re: TERRIBLE Lane Stadium Experience
I love the hokies, but i don't think i'll be heading to one of their home games anytime soon. I'm not a drinker anyways, but it sounds like a terrible place to be. I've been to at least one redskins home game every year for the five seasons i've been a fan. This year i don't have any tickets though. At fedex the fans are always nice, even when they're drunk.

Warpath 11-16-2005 07:20 PM

Re: TERRIBLE Lane Stadium Experience
My take is that your gonna get Drunken Idiots at all major sporting events, i.e. go see Nascar. I've been to a few games at Fedex where I've definitely seen some drunkards acting stupidly. This however does not make me think that every fan there is wasted and acting like a moron. I think Malcolm might of just been very lucky to come across some of the wannabe hard-core drinkers. I think that if you went back Malcolm, you'd probably be surprised. Remember it was #5 Miami @ #3 VA Tech, which was a[U] [B]huge[/B][/U] game for both teams and that usually adds to the madness. (i.e. find me if we make the playoffs.)

skinsguy 11-16-2005 08:08 PM

Re: TERRIBLE Lane Stadium Experience
I've been to several VA Tech games. First of all, you do know that the odd seats are usually to the left (I think,) and all the even seats are two the right. That means, if you are sitting in Row S, and you have seats 12 & 14, those two seats are side by side. If you have Row S, seats 12 & 13, then those seats are split up. I'm sure you had the right seats, but I wasn't sure if you knew that or not. Secondly, I wouldn't pay out money for lower level seats. Believe me, it is much more enjoyable to sit higher up to watch the games - not necessarily nose bleed sections, but you tend to get a better group of people to sit around, and the view isn't bad either. Thirdly, my first Tech game, we sat on the visitors side. From what I remember, I just didn't enjoy sitting over there nearly as much as sitting on the home side. It just seemed like there was a better group of people on the home side for some reason. We have even sat right beside of the student section. I can honestly say that I have never had a problem at VA Tech. I will say the space is cramped, but if you're used to going to an NFL game - especially some place like FEDEX, it's hard to expect the same type of "comfort" going to Lane Stadium.

As far as the drinking goes, that's par for the course at all colleges. The tailgating prior to the game is just as important as the game itself! Of course there is going to be alot of drinking prior to the game, and I'm sure people will sneak stuff into the game. I remember watching one older couple in front of me put a little something extra into their soft drinks. I have also witnessed the campus police and security arrest people for bringing the alcohol into the game too. I dare say, Tech probably isn't the only place this happens at.

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