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RedskinsFanInTX 04-18-2004 11:29 PM

Power Rankings - Redskins #2
NFL Think Tank - Pretty cool site. Check out the team by team break downs too!

JWsleep 04-18-2004 11:33 PM

Wow! #2. Guess someone thinks as much of Gibbs as we do.

LynzSkins 04-18-2004 11:42 PM

LaVar Arrington will now be the focal point of the defense as he moves to middle linebacker! is that true? i would hate to see that happen. i thought he was moving back to the weakside?

SmootSmack 04-18-2004 11:51 PM

[QUOTE=LynzSkins]LaVar Arrington will now be the focal point of the defense as he moves to middle linebacker! is that true? i would hate to see that happen. i thought he was moving back to the weakside?[/QUOTE]

well they make the assumptoin that the Skins might sign Holdman. We now know that's not happening. So without Holdman it's likely that LaVar won't move inside

SKINSnCANES 04-18-2004 11:55 PM

Thats an interesting powerranking. I love the Skins at 2 but I cant really say I agree with almost any of it.

huntz 04-19-2004 12:47 AM

NFL Think Tank. Well, Arizona trades up and the Chargers move down with two O-line to show, and the Skins get Harris. Taylor drops allllll the way to the Bills. Think Tank. I think not.

saden1 04-19-2004 12:52 AM

Hate to say it but they don't do much thinking if they have the Skins at #2.

huntz 04-19-2004 12:57 AM

And the Iggles at number one. Don't care what anyone says. That team's going to miss those vets in the secondary and miss Staley more than they think.

Daseal 04-19-2004 01:03 AM

Ya, skins at #2 is a bit high, and I think the Eagles will fall instead of rise.

SKINSnCANES 04-19-2004 02:06 AM

The Eagles did go out and get what they have always been missing, with TO. But yea, they lost some people in the secondary. The Eagles do have a good team. But that whole list is just bogus. And Taylor dropping to the Bills pick!?!?!?!? I dont konw what they are thinking with that.

BrudLee 04-19-2004 07:22 AM

The Skins are listed at #3 now - but don't think that that will translate into wins:

[i]Our site has just recently launched and we will continue to expand our content throughout the summer. At the moment, our primary focus will obviously be pre and post-draft coverage. Beginning in June, we will offer comprehensive fantasy coverage that will carry through January. Our team profiles and power rankings are updated on a regular basis, so check back often to read the latest news from around the league. [/i]

We've always had fantasy studs on paper. Now they need to play on the field.

Skins fan 44 04-19-2004 10:06 AM

That great to hear, but without playing a down? I mean my hope are up-just like the past 10 years or so this time of year. It will be just better having the Skins prove it on the field. At least we have our coach back. I am sick and tired of sounding like a Cubs fan by saying "next year." Hopefully next year is this year.

SmootSmack 04-19-2004 10:16 AM

What changed that moved them from 2 to 3? Was there some blockbuster move made in the NFL that I'm unaware of?

Carnage 04-19-2004 10:20 AM

Carnage 04-19-2004 10:21 AM

OOps. As of monday morning he had slipped to 3.

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