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Cush 02-26-2004 09:21 PM

Terrel Owens: Not A Free Agent?

[b]SAN FRANCISCO -- Terrell Owens is still under contract to the San Francisco 49ers after the star receiver apparently missed a deadline for voiding the rest of his contract.

Owens, a four-time Pro Bowl selection, didn't file the necessary paperwork quickly enough this week to become an unrestricted free agent, according to the NFL Management Council. Owens' agent, David Joseph, will file a grievance.[/b]

Oops! :p

Gmanc711 02-26-2004 09:24 PM

Hahaha, I hope hes stuck there now. What a stupid thing to do, I wonder if that one is on TO or his agent.

rome108 02-26-2004 09:26 PM

too funny. Now the Eagles can't get him w/o some type of compensation I would believe, and being how cheap the Eagles are, they may pass.

I sure hope TO's agent has malpractice insurance, and lots of it...

beg8878 02-26-2004 09:27 PM

Is that the same agent he signed the football with the sharpie for? That guy better start looking for a new client real soon...lol

Riggo44 02-26-2004 09:36 PM

Ha Ha Ha!! I would kill my freeking agent!!

redwagonskins 02-26-2004 10:58 PM

Sucker...couldn't happen to a better guy. Maybe he should read things before he signs with the Sharpie!

BrunellFan 02-27-2004 12:52 AM

I guess he couldnt pull the Sharpie out quite fast enough this time...

Moron, now hes the laughing stock of the whole league.

Gmanc711 02-27-2004 06:42 AM

I hope he is forced to stay in S.F. and cant get out, that would be halarious.

Daseal 02-27-2004 06:56 AM

Yes, he's a Pro Athelete with an agent and a contract thats probably 50 pages long. This is on his agent, I'm sure he told him he wanted out. If not he told everyone else!

I still see him being traded. He doesn't want to be there and he is a good receiver, nobody can deny it! Maybe they'll get a 1st rounder or so since they know he doesn't want to be there. Or maybe he wants to give that new coach another chance!

dieselhog 02-27-2004 06:58 AM

The problem is that the original deadline prior to the last collective bargaining agreement was 2nd March. This changed when the CBA was re-worked and it appears that the NFLPA neglected to tell anyone that players wishing to void portions of contracts and therefore activate their right to free agency would need to do so earlier than was originally the case.

Dennis Northcutt at the Browns has had the same problem and there will be plenty of others.

My guess is that if the NFLPA holds it's hands up then TO etc will be able to test free agency anyway as the error is not theirs.


Daseal 02-27-2004 06:59 AM

Thanks for clarifying, Diesel.

jbcjr14 02-27-2004 08:07 AM

Hahaha...what a fricking idiot.

dieselhog 02-27-2004 08:11 AM

you obviously missed the last point..... this is NOT the fault of Owens or his agent.... it is the fault of the NFLPA.


EEich 02-27-2004 08:35 AM

[QUOTE=dieselhog]you obviously missed the last point..... this is NOT the fault of Owens or his agent.... it is the fault of the NFLPA.

So you're telling us that his agent bears no responsibility for knowing what's in his client's contract, the contract that he himself negotiated, yet the NFLPA is responsible for knowing what's in over 1,800 players' contracts?

dieselhog 02-27-2004 10:11 AM

Apparently, that's how it used to work and all players were notified. It's on NFL.com. I agree that they should know but he did nothing wrong in terms of the rules when his contract was negotiated.

Under the old law he would have had to apply for free agency by 2nd March but the NFL are saying that the NFLPA did not inform agents of the rule change and so they were all gearing up for the 2nd March deadline.

I know it all seems a bit weird but I can't believe that all of the agents would've missed it.

How much coin would TOs agent be missing out on? Theres no way he would just LET that happen.


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